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Sólveig Heiða


Comment from Sólveig Heiða:

Bjarki's improving and impressing me more than ever😁 bjarkifrastallwenaas justkeepsgettingbetterandbetter wearegettingstronger nextseasonstartsnow icelandichorse trailride hanimponererstadig tolt trot gallop pace

1 Minutes ago

Shelby Risser


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Bhakti Chavda


Comment from Bhakti Chavda:

Look who I ran into last at trailracingovertexas grand opening party last night! So much fun hanging out with a fellow Skirt Sports skirt sister. If you're in Texas, or are wanting to travel to Texas (because who doesn't!?), check out Trail Racing Over Texas's races! They have the best aid stations and I've met some of my best friends through my races. . . . lonestaryoga skirtsportsambassador skirtluv17 skirtsports TROT lifesbetterinaskirt runningfriends womenwhorun

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Milana Novic


Comment from Milana Novic:

kada_ga_vidim blatnjavog imam_utisak da_je_ukršten sa_svinjom NoNotMe horse trot pig kasač konji

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Goal 100💕❤️


Comment from Goal 100💕❤️:

I got so many good pictures yesterday😍 - Tags horsesofinstagram horse pony cute gelding grey paint painthorse horsebackriding horseriding mypaintmax greypaint greypainthorse apha registeredpaint ride englishriding walk trot canter gallop

23 Minutes ago

daisy_belle Vincent


Comment from daisy_belle Vincent:

Go on thambi 😂 did some free schooling over jumps today, safe to say he's not going to be a show jumper 😂 he's so cute though, and he tried, and found that stopping and knocking the jump down then going over it is mc less effort than jumping it!trotlovecheekyconnemaratemplebreadyfearbui

24 Minutes ago

Lauren And Johnny


Comment from Lauren And Johnny:

Such a pretty trot 🌱 going up to see him soon 🌚comment 😻 if inspired ponymag horse pony horseriding horsefalls horsefails fail fails fall falls failfriday jump jumping showjumping dressage crosscountry walk trot canter gallop whathorsesarethinking whatponiesarethinking ponythoughts horsethoughts 🐎 🐴 🦄

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Comment from nw:

Ich habe heute ein vorgezogenes Geburtstagsgeschenk bekommen!!!! Ich war reiten und Glögg ist einen kompletten Weg lang getöltet!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Die läuft im Moment im Trab komisch und dann habe ich gedacht probierst es einfach mal aus, hab mich reingesetzt, zügel aufgenommen und die töltet einfach los! Das war sooooo geil! Ich kam mega gut zum sitzen, es war richtig bequem, hatte kaum was in der Hand und das wirklich eine recht lange Strecke! Im Schatten sah es auch echt super aus. Meine Mitreiterin hat sich gefragt, warum Glögg so komisch läuft 😂😂 Danach habe ich das grinsen nicht mehr weg bekommen 😜 Es ist so toll sein eigenes Pferd das erste mal so richtig zu tölten. Bisher haben wir nur mal ein paar Meter auf Island und im Roundpen bei einem Lehrgang hinbekommen. tölt firsttime feelslikeflying bestpony notonlythreegaits 4gaits icelandichorses happy birthday cute horsesoficeland cannotbelieveit yoho_post yhpakle123 unitedpferde trot mylove glögg bestpony instahorse horse equestrian pony love europaspferde

29 Minutes ago

Jo Doerbecker


Comment from Jo Doerbecker:

Wynnfield Comet is a young trotting-bred gelding that has had a very good start in harness and under saddle. "Comet" has been on trails of all kinds and has seen all that there is to see while being a trail horse. The past year he has developed a nice smooth racking gait, and due to his very large size he could easily continue on with learning to jump, be taught to canter, etc. If you are looking for a tall, kind and sound gelding that has had over a year of saddle time and trail experience, look no further!! Click the link for more pictures and videos OttbsRock AdoptARacehorse RaisedToRaceRecycledToRide recycledracehorse saveahorse savinghorses horserescue rescue horseadoption adoption standardbred ottb horses trot trailhorse pleasure gelding

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Comment from Alyssa:

We just had our hack and Roy was super good for me, we got 4th out of like 16 and our jumping is soon. • • • samshield rjclassics swedishwarmblood warmblood psj trot canter jump pinto pintowarmblood warmblood hack horsesofinstagram horse hunterjumper hunterjumpers hunterjumpersofinstagram equine equestian equitation equinephotography

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Niina Ahlgren


Comment from Niina Ahlgren:

polework canter trot powerwalking goodboyolle sundayfunday workworkwork ridingsport horsebackriding indoorring wintertraining

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Comment from Horses🐴drawing✏animals🐻books📖:

No kukaj jak sa ľúbia. 😂😍 horse horseriding inis markon gaby trot canter gallop walk love winter bestsaddle almostblackhorse

48 Minutes ago

Lee Hutchinson


Comment from Lee Hutchinson:

When you know you have a fabulous trot naturally:-) equinephotography equine horse lunging canter trot trotting

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Meg & Jaz 🦄


Comment from Meg & Jaz 🦄:

Loved last lesson 🐴💎👑😍❤highland joy happy fun horse beast Fiddy pony sport equestrian equinelife highlandpony canter trot love horseriding riding lesson horselover horselove highlands highlandponies ponies

1 Hours ago

Meg & Jaz 🦄


Comment from Meg & Jaz 🦄:

Did a lesson working on canter last week 😍✌️😊 horse pony horses ponies love canter trot horseriding highland highlandpony sport equestrian Fiddy happy fun joy ponyofinstagram dressage bestfriend lesson diamond horsesareagirlsbestfriend welshpony Dylan gray chestnut

1 Hours ago

Beauty & The Beasts


Comment from Beauty & The Beasts:

My pretty boy. 😍 Best followers this week: moments.ofjoy sausagehansel haley_palmer_27 . Thank you for your support!

1 Hours ago

Alexandra Murphy | Dressage ✨


Comment from Alexandra Murphy | Dressage ✨:

I had one of the best rides ever on Rodi yesterday. She was so light in the mouth and so responsive to my leg. We also practised our flying changes 😁 dressage hanoverian mare dubai training poles trot love grass arena field flyingchanges love myprincess dressur pferd dressurpferd doublebridle palmtree liftthoselegs horse horsesofinstagram warmblood warmbloodsofinstagram work teamwork stretch warmingup equine equestrian f4f

1 Hours ago

Jour de Galop


Comment from Jour de Galop:

Il l'a fait ! bold_eagle_officiel décroche la Triple Couronne. Le champion s'offre le Prix de Paris sur l'hippodrome de vhpofficiel ! letrot crack success victoire trot

1 Hours ago

🐴Dizzie Iz/Dizney & Allie👸🏼


Comment from 🐴Dizzie Iz/Dizney & Allie👸🏼:

Huge shout out to my amazing trainer for having a beautiful ride this morning! 4th level test 1!🤗

1 Hours ago