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If U Give Crap To Her Be Ready To Receive a Ton Of Shit👌👌Handz Up Woman🌺 #TrueWoman

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Comment from Gabriel Thémis:

@emmymakeuppro glamour model, dancer & actress /french "youtubeuse" (~ 1000000 subscribers) aka "Emmy" snapchat: EmmyOff...i love this young girl because she's funny very smart an totally artistic...and... her body is so cute & so "chic" 🌞👍 #mustsee #truewoman #GirlPower

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Comment from jaroslava25:

I love being a woman. There is nothing better than being able to do what you want, face your fears, and overcome obstacles. I stand up for what I believe in and stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. A woman will multiply whatever you give her. Give her love and she will give you her world. True woman doesn't need to scream and shout to prove her worth and power. She will prove it through her actions and let her presence speak for itself. Woman can do anything. I am not a feminist. I am simply a woman who knows her worth and doesn't let others dictate her faith. Call me whatever you like, I know who I am. I am good alone but even better with a good company. Do I need you? No way. Does that mean that I am cold and heartless? No. It just means that I will not tolerate any bullshit. :) She doesn't try to compete with a man as she realizes that they are different and can actually empower one another. She doesn't belive in gender roles or social norms. She is whom she is. Take it or leave it. She doesn't wait for anyones approval and creates her own rules. She refuses to be held back by anyone's limiting beliefs. She realizes that nobody can be fixed and that positive change must be owned. She uses her time wisely because to her it's the most valuable thing that she has. xoxo #female #badasschick #model #fitgirls #male #yingyang #me #justme #muse #inspiration #modeltravel #nobull #power #powergirl #truewoman #strongwoman #entrepreneur #womaninpower #humanitarian #speakyourmind.

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Comment from Magda Kay:

Us, women, struggle to say 'no'. We don't want to hurt others and we fear displeasing them. But if you don't own your 'NO's, your 'YES' means very little. Think of all the people you truly care about. And think of the joy they feel when you say 'yes' to them - be it 'yes' to a date, 'yes' to marry them or even a 'yes' to simply be fully present with them right here in this very moment. Your 'yes' makes them feel special, attracted, wanted and important. Don't take it away by diluting your 'yes' and spreading it thin. Read more on how to say 'no', especially to men you're not interested in, and how to make your 'yes' stronger ==>> #assertiveness #sayingno #boundaries #womanhood #power #confidence #bravebelle #truewoman #womenrising #goddessawakening #tantra #goddess #womanhood #divinewomen

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