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Marcela C


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Kasia Puk


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• carlie in minnesota •


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Comment from Gabriella:

Цей котяра зробив мій вечір...🌜 Сиджу я собі така на пеньку, нікого не трогаю, роблю фото і тут ліниво підповзає до мене цей жирдяй і почитає мило тертися об мою ногу. Ну як тут можна встояти?! 😻Але знаєте Пушок не дуже публічна особа : камери він не любить. Тому на останньому фото я не хочу його з'їсти, не кричу на нього, а просто вмовляю хоча би подивитися в камеру. 📷Але як кажуть "не на то мама квітку ростила". Доречі про маму : так і не вмовила її взяти Пушка з собою, зате він з радістю розділив зі мною мій шашлик🍴🍖 Солодких снів, котики 😽😽😽 постсильнойинезависимой • • • • • • weekend sinjak restforawhile nice👌 meetandvine lovemymummy goodbyeapril girlsjustwannahavefun goodmood girls cat strongandfree truewoman lovecats💟💞💝💛💗💚💞💜💖💕💋❤💙😻😹😸😼💚💛💜💝💘😻😹💋❤💕💖💙💝

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Daniela Galindo


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TrueWoman ! Cristo Gracia

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😈 LADY💎V I V I A N💎J O L I E 😈


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Ana Affi


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EM UM MUNDO FEITO DE APARÊNCIAS, FELIZ É AQUELE QUE É FEITO DE VERDADES! ✌️✨👱🏻‍♀️🥂😎🤗🙏🏼 blindadapordeus abençoada felicidade mulherverdadeira leidoretorno . . IN A WORLD MADE OF APPEARANCES, HAPPY IS THE ONE WHO IS MADE OF TRUTHS! ✌️✨👱🏻‍♀️🥂😎🤗🙏🏼 blessed happiness truewoman womenempowerment . . . . . . . . livecolorfully catchoftheday makemoments beyourself loveyourself selflove livelaughlove maedemenino mommysboy lawyerlife parenting beautyqueen verdadevence mascarascaem healthylife healthymind heartandsoul positividade positivity positivevibes godbless

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Leticia Camacho Dávila

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shoespassionshoesaddict neverenoughhighheelstacchitacchialtitruewomanelegance Metto sempre il tacco 12 perché con le scarpe basse non riesco a concentrarmi. (Victoria Beckham) Passione estrema...

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Amy Cartledge


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Fabia Fragano


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Mirtha diventò la mia compagna di vita, bella, passionale e matta quanto me, era capace di farsi quanto un uomo e amare come una donna. 🎥I 🖤Blow loveblowbestmoviebestmoviesbestmomentjohnnydepppenelopecruzfilmmoviemoviesyoungtrueloveculturacinematograficapassionepassionfilmphotographyfilmforevermyfavoritebestfilmbestloveredwomanstylewomanstruewomankisskissinginstaloveverapassioneveroamoreblowphrases

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Sharidan 'Jeanne' D.


Comment from Sharidan 'Jeanne' D.:

One of my fav articles from desiringgod Repost with repostapp ・・・ "'Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.' (Psalm 126:5–6)⠀ ⠀ There is nothing sad about sowing seed. It takes no more work than reaping. The days can be beautiful. There can be great hope of harvest.⠀ Yet the psalm speaks of sowing 'in tears.' It says that someone 'goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing.' So, why are they weeping?⠀ I think the reason is not that sowing is sad, or that sowing is hard. I think the reason has nothing to do with sowing. Sowing is simply the work that has to be done, even when there are things in life that make us cry.⠀ ⠀ The crops won’t wait while we finish our grief or solve all our problems. If we are going to eat next winter, we must get out in the field and sow the seed, whether we are crying or not.⠀ ⠀ If you do that, the promise of the psalm is that you will 'reap with shouts of joy.' You will 'come home with shouts of joy, bringing [your] sheaves with you.' Not because the tears of sowing produce the joy of reaping, but because the sheer sowing produces the reaping, and you need to remember this even when your tears tempt you to give up sowing.⠀ So, here’s the lesson: When there are simple, straightforward jobs to be done, and you are full of sadness, and tears are flowing easily, go ahead and do the jobs with tears. Be realistic. Say to your tears, 'Tears, I feel you. You make me want to quit life. But there is a field to be sown (dishes to be washed, car to be fixed, sermon to be written).'⠀ ⠀ Then say, on the basis of God’s word, 'Tears, I know that you will not stay forever. The very fact that I just do my work (tears and all) will in the end bring a harvest of blessing. So, go ahead and flow if you must. But I believe — though I do not yet see it or feel it fully — I believe that the simple work of my sowing will bring sheaves of harvest. And my tears will be turned to joy.'" wellwateredwoman truewoman suffering truth jesusisbetter faith tears

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Robert Müllers


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Every strong true woman deserves it to having a true man on her side who never stop giving everything back and always believe in true love that make them holding together. 👫💑🙏🏾 mytext truelove love couplegoals couple truewoman trueman loveisstrong lovequotes lovemeanseverything 💞

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Inspiration For Woman


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Inspiration For Woman


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Inspiration For Woman


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