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Anthony Flynn


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Original Saucy Beagle


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Comment from Videstan:

كتك خوردن ترامپ از پاپ 😂😂 . videstan_ . . ويدستان خنده خنده_دار خنده_های_از_ته_دل ترامپ پاپ خاورميانه سفر كليسا واتيكان vatican trump pope popefrancis church middleeast 2017 lol lol😂 funnyvideos funny

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Marie Greener


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trump makesmepuke

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Comment from WeAreAllSlowingDyingInside:

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Your Daily Dose Of Memes


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Helen Kershaw


Comment from Helen Kershaw:

Reasons to be Catholic: you get to shake hands with the devil. I was raised as a Catholic, but feel zero affiliation with this or any other religion. No disrespect to people who do, but 'kin hell... when Papa welcomes The Trump and shakes his hand, it really is game over...surely? Not sure about you but I'm sick of people of prominence showing face and being 'politically correct' -you'd have hoped that 'God's representative on Earth' would have some mother lovin' integrity for fuck's sake. ffs catholic popetrump popefrancis vatican papa trump shakehandswiththedevil papallunacy norespect

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🔏 Toni B. 🔌 #Unplugged


Comment from 🔏 Toni B. 🔌 #Unplugged:

Another "L" for Donald EL Trump De Dumb.... NoBan NoWall notmypresident🖕🖕

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Waxed Turtle Pubes


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Chris Ashbach


Comment from Chris Ashbach:

Hate Donald Trump? Get a gnome, put it in a topiary like a prison and watch the snap peas entangle it. This way you can turn your hate into something good. trump garden onlyinmn outdoors gardening politics

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👌😄🔥Dank Memes Daily🔥😄👌


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God told me not to

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Undercover meme man


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Comment from Enigma:

Oh the lies!!

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M - EST 12/18/15


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______________________________________________________ QOTD:"If you wish to know how libertarians regard the State and any of its acts, simply think of the State as a criminal band, and all of the libertarian attitudes will logically fall into place." Murray Rothbard ______________________________________________________ laissezfaire clinton triggered molonlabe democrat nra war lgbtq lgbt ronpaul ancap anarchy american america liberty freedom independent trump republican tedcruz liberal conservative classicliberal gun guns politics marines feminism impeach

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Comment from TrumpAdmin.daily.updates:

Our First Lady is simply stunning! Melania wore a black lace gown to meet Queen Mathilde of Belgium at the Royal Castle of Laeken. catholic vatican pray prayers melania melaniatrump firstlady donaldtrump presidenttrump presidentdonaldtrump trump america usa italy italians ivankatrump trumptrain MAGA makeamericagreatagain trumpfamily today smile selfie potus flotus

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Hello, My Name Is Gryphon🐶


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Mittens just wanted to give gryphon some kisses 💋 gryphonthelab did not want anything to do with a cat 😾😾

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Memes so clean


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Comment from Ayylmao:

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