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Dustyn Journigan


Comment from Dustyn Journigan:

Sitting in this sauna before the end of my workout. tryingtogetfit sweating weightloss anniversary almostdone

35 Minutes ago



Comment from Jeremy:

Last 5 weeks I'm down 11lbs. Bout time to start hitting the weights. tryingtogetfit beachbody 21dayfix eatrightandmove

46 Minutes ago



Comment from Karess:

Cobb salad for ketolunch I didn't eat all of it. 🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️ keto ketogenicdiet ketolooksgoodonme lchf ketosis ketoliving ketolife tryingtogetfit ketos ketogoals ketolife ketofam ketogoals ketofoods lchf ketorealness makingahealthychange ketolifestyle

1 Hours ago



Comment from Karess:

ketosnack pork rinds and guacamole 🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️🔴⚫️⚪️ keto ketogenicdiet ketolooksgoodonme lchf ketosis ketoliving ketolife tryingtogetfit ketos ketogoals ketolife ketofam ketogoals ketofoods lchf ketorealness makingahealthychange ketolifestyle

1 Hours ago

Nita Crawford


Comment from Nita Crawford:

I've joined a gym 🤔 time to shed some kilos, build some muscle and get healthy. I want to be 50 and fit come October 😘💪🏼🏋 tryingtogetfit illhaveago betterlatethannever

1 Hours ago

Jennifer Hollar


Comment from Jennifer Hollar:

Post-workout selfie 21dayfix pylofix tryingtogetfit

2 Hours ago



Comment from InkFiend34:

7:1 arms is blasted. Got an awesome pump!! I love this workout and I can't wait to keep getting bigger cannons!

2 Hours ago



Comment from Ashley:

Just in time for Saturday's 34 mile longrun So excited to use the Amino Powder Pre workout nowfoodsofficial NOWfoods NOWAmbassador Runlife motivation tryingtogetfit

2 Hours ago

Eden Veluz


Comment from Eden Veluz:

Post- op Day 11 aclrecovery aclsurgery aclrehab acupuncture physiotherapy imscrewed Listening to Ortho Doc & Physio and making sure I don't screw the healing process! Getting Bored & tryingtogetfit without Cardio and trying to be DISCIPLINED and eatclean!

3 Hours ago



Comment from lipe_leepz_kioa:

Working on conventional and sumo DL's today. Lightweight with more reps. This was my last set. Looks like it's nothin but it was a lil struggle. After this set, I felt like I just got done running.. I sped up the video a lil bit. Great burn out. deadlifts tryingtogetfit vasafitness vasabountiful

3 Hours ago



Comment from nitzas:

Day 7: Called "The Champ" by Jay Kordich thechamp basic juice that doesn't mean it isn't delicious or supernutrient drink. Ingredients: 4 carrots , 2 apples and a piece of fresh turmeric. juicing tryingtogetfit momsgettingfit yesicandoit fit healthier changesaregood carrotjuice carrotapplejuice fresh momathome moreenergy bodyischanging

3 Hours ago

Mette 🍀


Comment from Mette 🍀:

Agri+ med frosne jordbær 🍓🍓🍓👏🏻 agri+ drink jordbær c9 ☺️ fitmom fitfamdk vægttab vægttabsrejse vægttabsforløb vægttabsmotivation vægttabsinspiration vægttabsprocess vægttab2017 foodstagram Food foodblogger foodphotography foodpic foodblog foodspiration weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossprogram healthyeating healthychoices tryingtogetfit healtyfoods sundmad sundlivsstil2017

3 Hours ago

Claudia Reynolds


Comment from Claudia Reynolds:

Pré - localizada, bodypump e rpm porque depois não há condições! 😂😂👊🏻 done gym gymtime workout girlsworkout girlsthatlift doctorsthatlift vaibadoxa burningcalories fartademalharetarsempreigual aintnobodygottimetoquit tryingtogetfit

3 Hours ago

weight watcher girl scotland


Comment from weight watcher girl scotland:

Took my neices to clubbercise with me tonight! Twas good fun and hard work at the same time ! movemore mywwjourney tryingtogetfit ww wwuk

3 Hours ago

Elouise Malin


Comment from Elouise Malin:

Legs are hurting tonight. I climbed to the top of the building I work in on my lunch break. I've climbed 54 floors today, and had a short jog and workout. stairsworkout aching workout tryingtogetfit 😵

4 Hours ago



Comment from Tifa:

Chest and back today!!! Something real quick because my headphones died on me lol and I can't workout without them😞 ____________________________________ fitnessisntperfect fitsporation fitwoman fitspiration gymlife iworkout legday cardio fitspo fitness fitspirationmichiganfit michiganfitness fitnessjourney healthylifestyle fitjourney fit strongnotskinny slimfit blackfitnesswoman ebonyfitness  tryingtogetfit weightlossjourney skinnytofit fittoskinny healthylife

4 Hours ago




Working on getting those gains! 💪🏼🏃🏼🍤🍌🍚🍳🏋🏼💯havingfunwithit lol 😂 I'm dumbtryingtogetfit

4 Hours ago

Søs Cymborski Jensen 👋😘💕


Comment from Søs Cymborski Jensen 👋😘💕:

💪😄 workout workhard justdoit motivation healthy healthyliving betterbodies fitnessmotivation fitfamdk training tryingtogetfit chestday fitness fitfam workoutselfie selfie selfietime

5 Hours ago



Comment from Mrs.Coleman:

tbt to my bachelorette...we need to do this again so much fun and a good workout 👯👯 tryingtogetfit tryingtogetthisbootyright summeriscoming

5 Hours ago



Comment from Stéphanie:

This combo is amazing... 🤔I'm curious though if I'm missing anything else. . . . dispatcher dispatch dispatchlife oldschoollabs keepitoldschool vintageburn vintagebloom vintagebliss love happiness JFT gettinghealthy healthyhabits instafit instagood thingoldline stayhydrated fattofit tryingtogetfit motivation breathe sleep fuel work repeat

5 Hours ago