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Wouter van Munster


Comment from Wouter van Munster:

Omdat het zulk lekker weer is, nóg een salade :) Thaise-biefstuk-bowl! greens & proteins! food tryingtogetfit foodporn foodpics foodlover trainhardeatwell love homemade php energie haguegym goedvoorjezelfzorgen recharge iloveit

14 Minutes ago

Rhiannon|Welsh|27|West Sussex


Comment from Rhiannon|Welsh|27|West Sussex:

Fishy dinner. - - Do not want to go to work tonight 🤦🏻‍♀️ - - tryingtobehealthy tryingtogetfit foodblogger everythingthatpassesmylips weightloss weightlossjourney fitnessblogger healthyeating sw slimmingworld food eatwell diet gym fitness healthychioces weightlossjourney fitnessjourney healthandfitness

26 Minutes ago

Veronica Strømme Tansø


Comment from Veronica Strømme Tansø:

todayshiking hiking brandsøyåsen norefjell florø visitnorway visitflorø clouds norway norwegiannature norwegianscenery utsikt oceanview vestlandet yrbilder firdaposten tryingtogetfit brandsøya norge beautifulview norwegianhiking

33 Minutes ago

weight watcher girl scotland


Comment from weight watcher girl scotland:

Circuits class is cancelled so instead I've put on my trainers and I'm going to go on the treadmill for a wee bit ! Need to push myself to work out at home but I can't just sit on my bum! movemore tryingtogetfit mywwjourney

51 Minutes ago

Svenja 💫


Comment from Svenja 💫:

Push-Training ✔️ Fast vergessen wie anstrengend das ist 🙈 Aber ich weiß ja, dass es von Mal zu Mal leichter fällt und man sich auch bald wieder fitter fühlt. Das ist es halt einfach wert. Ich freu mich jetzt aufs Essen und dann ist Tag 1 auch fast rum. • • • sz sizezero teamalina push getfitagain fitness sport krafttraining abgerechnetwirdamstrand sizezero2punkt0 sizezero2 sizezeroarmy startnow tryingtogetfit rocka rockanutrition whey proteinshake

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Comment from Ashely:

Getting cardio in with the doggies doggies cardio tryingtogetfit sweaty workout dogrun theypushmetomovefaster

1 Hours ago

Deb 😚


Comment from Deb 😚:

Walking home from work.... Getting the steps in. tryingtogetfit everylittlebithelps operationportugal walking beautifulday sunny

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Brooke Ashcraft


Comment from Brooke Ashcraft:

Killer workout this morning tryingtogetfit soexausted workout getfit

2 Hours ago

🌻Sarah Romuar🌻


Comment from 🌻Sarah Romuar🌻:

I was unable to prepare for my week yesterday as I normally do so I made sure I got up extra early today to prepare our menu for the week as well as get my workouts in before work! . . . It's so important to set time aside to prepare for the week. For example this week I have 2 meetings for work and I'm actually taking a few days off work to go to a music festival (yay) so I know I'm going to need to have healthy options prepared and available for me while I'm away from work. It's almost easier to eat well when I'm on a work schedule. While I'm off work is when it's challenging. This is why it's so important to prepare for times like these to not derail from your goals. . . . I struggle all the time with not having enough time in the day. It's really all about prioritizing and being organized with your time. Because I don't get home from work until about 8:00p.m....I have been making it a goal to get up early and get things done before leaving for work. Sure I'm not a morning person but when I get home from work and dinner is simple to whip up and I know I already got a workout in, it's really such a relief. . . . makingfitnesshappen teambbb beautybrawnbrains coach accountability priorities makingpriorities team determination alwaysinahurry myfitstory myfitjourney fitjourney getfit gotfit tryingtogetfit strongnotskinny fit strongisthenewskinny sweatieselfie sweatandsmile sweatforit beautyandsweat fightforit endobesity workforit igotgoals becausegoals crushinggoals goalbetter

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Julie Ann Mlinaric


Comment from Julie Ann Mlinaric:

To finish off our trip we got to get upclose and personal with one of my favourite animals 🐅🐅🐅 bali tiger nightsafari dirtythirty

3 Hours ago

Jazmin Hamilton


Comment from Jazmin Hamilton:

-8 lbs y contando tryingtogetfit sixpackproject happy

3 Hours ago

Myka Offield


Comment from Myka Offield:

5:40ish am veiw on the way to the gym this morning tryingtogetfit ItWorksGreens planetfitnessconway

3 Hours ago

Maiden Grace


Comment from Maiden Grace:

Trying to lose some weight 😅 homebike tryingtogetfit

4 Hours ago

Rachel Rezmer


Comment from Rachel Rezmer:

How we feel after our total body cardio workout this morning😵but day 15/21 is done and I haven't missed a single day yet so I'm committed to getting it done! Who's your favorite workout partner that gets you going in the morning?!

4 Hours ago

Anime, Food & Japanese Culture


Comment from Anime, Food & Japanese Culture:

Had a tortilla pizza but forgot to take a picture 😂 myfitnesspaldiary mfpuk fitness foodpost whatieat lowcalorie bodygoals tryingtogetfit plan tryingtostayontrack healthyfood food keepinghealthy healthyliving foodpost mfp 1200calsaday weightloss losingweight healthier slimmer slimming weightloss 1200caloriediet heathlylifestyle healthylife lowcalorie myfitnesspaldiary myfitnesspaldiet caloriecountingdiet caloriecountinguk pancakes syrup strawberries

4 Hours ago

Rhiannon|Welsh|27|West Sussex


Comment from Rhiannon|Welsh|27|West Sussex:

Went to love_prezzo instead for lunch to celebrate Bens pay raise. - - Had the light goats cheese and aubergine pizza. - Tracked it in my fitness pal to stay within my calories for the day. - - tryingtobehealthy tryingtogetfit foodblogger everythingthatpassesmylips weightloss weightlossjourney fitnessblogger healthyeating sw slimmingworld food eatwell diet gym fitness healthychioces weightlossjourney fitnessjourney healthandfitness

4 Hours ago

Jasmine Stans


Comment from Jasmine Stans:

Inked 💉💉 inkinkedneedmoresleevesidetattooflowertattootattootattooedbikinisungetatantanningbrunettegirlswithtattoosinkedgirlscurvescurvynotthereyettryingtogetfitgirlswithcurves

5 Hours ago



Comment from Ieva:

Its not at all a perfect photo but I mean look at that bicep 💪 a little self love never killed anyone 😁 this is a fun moment from my workout 😊 its also 36 hours down of my attempt No2 at the extended fast, so far I feel good and in the gym it was alright! Its very important to keep exercising during fasts to not loose the muscle so I just had to get over that 'I will be too weak/not enough energy' blah blah blah phobia 🤗 healthyfood healthyeating healthytreat fasting fitnessaddict fatloss fitness fitgirl fitfam workingout exercise protein cleaneating weightloss gymrat weightlossjourney bodybuildingcom motivatedtogetfit 5dayfasttryingtogetfit keto ketodiet ketogenicdiet ketoadaptation ketoadapted ketoforbadassbabes ketotreat extendedfasting stillinit stillinit17

5 Hours ago

Hilda M


Comment from Hilda M:

Starting the week off right 💪🏼👊🏻 letsdoit justdoit fitness exercise tryingtogetfit tryingtobehealthy tryingtoloseweight girlswholift girlsthatlift girlsthatsquat igotthis igotme motivated motivation

5 Hours ago