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Yana Proshkina


Comment from Yana Proshkina:

Un sogno che si realizza 😍 tardis doctorwho blue film dottore tiaspetto vieniaprendermi universe

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Gianluca Vita


Comment from Gianluca Vita:

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Comment from moonchild:

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Comment from kukulcan:

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Sandy Middleton


Comment from Sandy Middleton:

Across the globe millions of people are heartbroken and saddened with the news of the passing away of chester from linkin park. I've been a fan since day one. His musical vibrations kept me strong and allowed me to release so much throughout the years! I gained alot of strength from letting go and entering a world of expressing my inner voice and frustations through bletting out these songs. I ran many a mile with his voice in my ear helping me to keep going! I've read so many similar stories like mine in the last day. Chester you helped save my life and so many! Shine bright up there.. thankyou ! ⭐journeywellchesterthankyousadblessedmusicsleeplegendbeatpeaceuniversewarriorsavedvibritionsearthgoodbyebeatpeacestarcurtaincall

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Comment from m.:

Yu heard!! love meditation consciousness universe spirituality spiritual chakras energy peace enlightenment art pinealgland trippy awakening knowledge namaste yoga psychedelic dmt wisdom chakra truth meditate soul lsd goodvibes higherconsciousness nature wakeup life

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Comment from road2space:

space nature tree stars universe galaxy

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Tarot & Astrology Reader


Comment from Tarot & Astrology Reader:

My spiritguides are like "you're going to get this message " gangster mybad it's gangsta lol crystals astrologyreadings tarotreading healer universe tarot astrology spiritual guidance growth lightworker lightandlove

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Deli Crystalmoon

Comment from Deli Crystalmoon:

Nostalgic sunset ❤️❤️❤️❤️crystalmoon 2017 2k17 sun summer sunset sunlight sunshine summertime happy heart harmony happyday happiness enjoyinglife enjoythelittlethings universe romantic romanticview preciousmoments preciousfeelings goldensky affinity perfectday perfectview luxurylife amazingsky

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Nat Miles- The Psychic Upgrade


Comment from Nat Miles- The Psychic Upgrade:

DAILY UPGRADE: Transformation. We are letting go of aspects in our life right now that we don't need. And ushering in the changes we so truly deserve. Have a watch to find out more! I've really felt the powerful alignment as we approach this Sunday's New Moon in Leo...feels like the pieces of the puzzle are slotting together. Let me know how this reading resonates with you today 💫💫👇 . . . . . dailyupgrade thepsychicupgrade daily spirit spiritual spirituality thirdeye psychic message love light upgrade heart magic energy oracle oraclecards vlog consciousness universe psychicreading psychicmedium universe soul tarot video psychicnatalie psychictarot intuition transformation

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Linda's Favourite


Comment from Linda's Favourite:

Sunset, Moonset sunset moonset amazing planetearth space iaminlove followme like4like fromspace universe space earth follow lovely milkyway igers thespace picoftheday photooftheday sun universe solarsystem instalike love Credits: Nasa

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Comment from road2space:

space galaxy sky nature stars universe

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Comment from OuriGold:

One year ago Francisco and I were working in farms and crossing the amazin country on Australia living in a van . We couldnt imagine we had more than one baby growing in my belly . Today we are living in a little beach town in the south of Portugal and our three babies can already climb on to us (and everything imaginable) lifeiswonderful . . . triplets trigemeos trillizos motherhood momlife naturalparenting parenthood thisisus momoftriplets summertime portugal mommybeachwear motheroftriplets tripletsofinstagram maedetres tripletsfamily 8monthsold 8months multiples prematuro nicu premature healthy strong blessed blessings guerreirosdobem thankyou universe

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Comment from AYIESHA:

"We were the only two people in the entire airport who lost total track of time, for we were consumed by space-time at that present moment. Time was irrelevant to our existence, for we didn’t want to exist outside the tight and glorious knots of each other’s arms. Time is basically an illusion created by the mind to aid in our sense of temporal presence in the vast ocean of space. Without the neurons to create a virtual perception of the past and the future based on all our experiences, there is no actual existence of the past and the future. All that there is, is the present.” ~Abhijit Naskar💬 starseed indigochildPH indigochild lightworker lovefrequency lifeisbeautiful life positivethoughts positiveenergy positivevibes enjoy family embracingwhoiam empath universe light awaken awakening ascend love cosmo universe catalyst oracle esoteric patience duality learn experience

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James Robinson


Comment from James Robinson:

Love: Know thyself, use ya head. Don't dance with devils, don't share ya bed. Necrophilics holding hands. Stop sharing ya heart with the spiritually dead. Universe Creator Source Oneness Meditation Love Light Yoga Orisha Consciousness Vortex Yoruba Oludumare Omooluiwabi 528hz LoveFrequency AncientEgypt PinealGland KnowledgeofSelf Lightworker PoeticJustice SelfLove HigherSELF UnconditionalLove CosmicConnection LawOfAttraction Vibration Energy Peace Asé

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Sacred Rock Stars


Comment from Sacred Rock Stars:

Love this post from two of my favorite IG feeds plus they are simply awesome humans as well 💜 Repost peace_love_light Gorgeous one from the gorgeous astrologyangelmediums 💜💓💜 goodvibes magic peace mindful peaceonearth paradigmshift love lightworker loveandlight metaphysical consciousness awakening happy beautiful soul source spiritual meditation hippie universe cosmos zen indigochild oldsoul ॐ

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Author on a mission!!


Comment from Author on a mission!!:

Contact me for details. Twitter entrepreneur Business Tv spirituality Youtube dj studio Performer talent Poetry Drake Rapper Jayz networking Ascension writers nba motivation universe Poet Meditation

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Mike Rabbiosi


Comment from Mike Rabbiosi:

The soul is the truth of who we are. ✅ ✅ soulpowered soulful innerbeing vibration vibratehigher soul universe harmony unconditionallove accountability appreciation befree loveislove guns weights rottweilers frenchbulldogs

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Ashley Lynn


Comment from Ashley Lynn:

Shout out to the girls who are minding their business, getting to know themselves, and achieving their goals. Don't ever stop taking care of yourself. Stay radiant, ladies. 💖✨

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Nitesh 😎


Comment from Nitesh 😎:

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