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This weeks order closes tomorrow at midnight. If you would like to treat yourself to some lush and 100% natural Tropic Skincare, body care or makeup click to browse and order. Sale items (available to view in 'New' section) will have 25% discount applied at checkout. To save on postage costs don't forget to select the delivery option of Deliver to Ambassador. Orders have already been coming in today. Thank you girls. Your products will be with you during the week #greenbeauty #order #beauty #skincare #makeup #vegan #pamper #naturalproducts #crueltyfree #chemicalfree #makeupaddict #beautyaddict #beautyroutine #skin #body #health #fitness #wellness #girls #lush #treat #browse #shopping #buy #onlineshopping

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Yes!!! I love victories. Today I caught up with a couple who tackled their 3 Day Refreshes with me this week. It's so exciting that they BOTH did great on this plant based cleanse. Wifey dropped 5lbs & Hubby dropped 7lbs. They both feel better in their formal dress for this weekend and have broken their sugar addiction and tapped into their bodies ability to clean up its act. I'm freaking pumped for them! Success is possible for everyone. Message me to start your success story.

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•Steamed rice •Sticky BBQ mushrooms & tofu •Roasted red peppers, garlic and chilli •Home made ranch sauce •Spring onion •pumpkin seeds

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