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Lori Perkovich


Comment from Lori Perkovich:

I woke up this morning daydreaming about South Africa. While there, the places I stayed at insisted on making me something cooked for breakfast & all made versions of tomatoes, greens, and onions accompanied by toasted bread with avocado or preserves. Simple and yummy. Great way to start my Saturday at home. vegan veganbreakfast veganfoodie

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Andrei Evgrafov


Comment from Andrei Evgrafov:

Благодатный молвил ему так: — Махамати, бодхисаттвы, милосердные по сути своей, не едят какого-либо мяса в силу неисчислимых причин, но [всё же] дам тебе некоторые наставления. Здесь, [в этом мире,] Махамати, в длинной цепи смертей и рождений сансары среди чувствующих существ нет такого воплощённого существа, кое [некогда] не было бы [твоим] отцом или матерью, или братом, или сестрой, либо неким иным родственником иль близким. Либо — в другом существовании — они явятся среди диких зверей, домашних животных, птиц либо им подобных, но жаждущих возвратиться к изначальной [пробуждённой] природе всех существ. Так как же бодхисаттва-махасаттва, желающий [постижения всеми существами] Дхармы будд, может использовать в пищу мясо какого-либо чувствующего существа? Ланкаватара-сутра. буддизм веганство govegan vegan vegetarian veganfood veganism buddhism

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Comment from Ton:

Went beast mode at the gym! Power by plants not dead animals 💪😠 vegan vegangains poweredbyplants

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Comment from Lexie:

Pacifica just launched some new vegan beauty products & I'm about to get lost in online ordering!! Can't wait to try them!! Repost from ilovepacifica ❤

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Comment from KC:

Vegetables and more vegetables! Made kale chips yesterday, and going to make some other snacks today so I can have them for the week. Starting 6 meals a day tomorrow. • • bbg bbgchallenge bbg12weekchallenge bbggirls bbgcommunity sweatwithkayla bbgnz kaylaitsines fitness cleaneating healthyfood health fit vegan vegetarian protein leanin15 thebodycoach organic healthy workout weightloss weightlossjourney SBR SBRgirls SweatBelieveRoar RoarWithSinead TheSineadCrusade sineaddisaya

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💁🏽👫wife💍 Happy Married💏


Comment from 💁🏽👫wife💍 Happy Married💏:

Habeen wanaag san 😊I hope inaa lawada ficanyahay 🍃qadadaydi manta 🍛 briis 👌🏽 ‏الحمد لله 😍vegan food 💚lunch lunchtime healtylunch veganlunch vegan veganfoodshare veganfoodporn veganfood veganfood foodporn foodlover food foodblogger foodphoto

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Vegan Community join us!


Comment from Vegan Community join us!:

aviar on Toast by fooddeco 💚 Made with lentils, Avocado, Lime Zest, Baby Basil, Cress, Rose Petals, Balsamic Pearls and Poppy Seeds on a Rice Waffle. Enjoy! . Vegancommunity GoVegan vegetarian animalrights veganrules veganhealth veganpeople CrueltyFree veganfun bestofvegan vegetables veganfoodlovers plantbased vegan vegantipsvegano VeganWarriorveganpower herbivore animalabuse VeganLifestyle veganfoodshare

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Comment from Sofia:

🌱🐄🐑🐷🐓🐟🦀 animalove animalquotes quoteoftheday citaçoes frases govegan bevegetarian vegetarianismo veganismo phrases vegetarianism vegan vegetarian meatless semcarne sempeixe pensamentos thoughts animais veganquotes vegetarianquotes animals typographyinspired typography

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LaToya Davis


Comment from LaToya Davis:

Come join us at Lake Mayer for the Savannah Black Raw Vegan Meetup from 1-3 pm. It is a beautiful day in Savannah. We are at the park now. We are on the side by the dirt race track sitting at a picnic table with a blue cooler facing the lake. Hope to see you here! healthyeating vegan vegans rawvegans rawvegan blackrawvegansofig blackrawvegan blackvegan blackvegans blackvegansofig rawvegansofig veganofig vegansofig veganfood blackvegansofig savannah savannahga savannahgeorgia holistichealth holisticnutrition

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Ana Victoria Esquivel


Comment from Ana Victoria Esquivel:

Simple vegan lunch. Yuca + Brussels sprouts. vegan food lunch plantbased clean panama pty

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Comment from Christinalovesnature:

flaca poodle soulmate garden Saturday blessed grass green heartchakra vegan art amore doggiekisses You know you love someone when their breath smells like shit lol flacas mouth stanks but I don't care I love kissing her!!!🐩

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aquarious ♒


Comment from aquarious ♒:

Ultimate vegan burger 👍🌾 برجر نباتي . . . govagan vegan veggies veganism veganlifestyle veganlife health healthylife healthy plants oneworld realfood burger veganburger greens نباتي نباتية نباتية_وسعيدة نباتيون_عرب فيغن فيغن_اماراتيه صحة صحي صحة_جسمك

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rica martin


Comment from rica martin:

=) Vegan mami doing the Vegan cooking 🍄🌱🌽🌶 "don't you wished you were able to cook like me"?♔💲♪💰

27 Seconds ago

New Mexico Vegan🌱


Comment from New Mexico Vegan🌱:

Snuggles with this guy last weekend. vegan iwishiwereinbednow naptime workworkwork babytutty babybluerussian ilovecats snuggles familytime lovingit

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🌱Vegan Plant Based Oil Free 🌱


Comment from 🌱Vegan Plant Based Oil Free 🌱:

Avacado, organic spring mix, and kumato tomatoes on seeduction bread drizzled with blueberry ginger balsamic. Made by Yours Truly Kale Vegan Lunch Dinner Health Veggie Healthy Organic EatRight EatClean Breakfast VeganLife Vegetarian FoodShare PlantBased VeganFood VegansofIG CrueltyFree CleanEating HealthyFood HealthyEating HealthyHabits HealthyLiving VeganLifestyle EatYourVeggies WhatVegansEat VeganFoodPorn VeganFoodShare VegansofInstagram

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Cesar Samuel Diez Rojas


Comment from Cesar Samuel Diez Rojas:

The trees are my favorite places to think 🤗🤗🤗🤗 vegan veganguy mexico sinaloa veganmexican

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Franz Kohlack


Comment from Franz Kohlack:

Guys I want you to wake up! If you know anybody who has cancer, get informed and ask the doctor about alternatives! There are some! One is the plantbased diet. I don't want people to do of that shit. letsbereal fooledbigtimes savinglives nottreatingwithcancercausingstuff rage cancer nocancer fightcancer realtreatment alternatives vegan govegan ctfu health

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Silvia Alexandra


Comment from Silvia Alexandra:

organic cafe vegan vegetarian old fashion quiet pretty instagram instamood instapic instalove instagood instamoment

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Comment from breakingvegan:

I had my usual toast for breakfast, but Josh's breakfast was on point, so I wanted to show it off! He had oats with chia seeds, flax seeds, brown sugar, berries and banana. 😍

41 Seconds ago

The Manly Vegan


Comment from The Manly Vegan:

Deepest sympathies if your brunch didn't go as well as mine. Biscuits n' gravy with maple sausage, creole grits, and fruit salad from dixie_dharma at marketonsouth. I think it's time for a nap.

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