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Ksenia Satva


Comment from Ksenia Satva:

Храмы Азии очаровывают 😇🙌я💗 SatvaSamui samui satvasamui thailand nature vegitarian vegan yoga love loveit таиланд релакс йога вегетарианство вегетарианский здоровье весело russia небо похудение любовь природа отдых красота красивыеместа отпуск радость выходнойдень море весна пляж

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Julie 🌿


Comment from Julie 🌿:

Two beautiful Buddha bowls indeed! My boyfriend is officially a tiuboyfriend as we are embarking on our second week of the challenge together!!! 👌👍👫 . . . . Our meals have been on point and we are excited to try some fun new recipes this week! Pineapple pico anyone ? 🍍🌶 mealprepsunday was a long adventure but went well! . . . . . tiubikiniseries tiucheckin tiuchallenge toneitup tiu tiunj tiuteam eatclean vegan vegitarian eatcleantraindirty girlswholift fitspo lcg leancleangreen lean healthy fit fresh tiuapproved yummy toneitup perfectfit karenadawn katrinaascott

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William Lee


Comment from William Lee:

Simple yummy food. food vegitarian vegetables

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💄 Mrs Nicolette Dunn 💋


Comment from 💄 Mrs Nicolette Dunn 💋:

Veggie Patty vegitarian

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Thang Nguyen


Comment from Thang Nguyen:

Baked falafel for lunch•••••Thank you to gkstories for amazing green pea falafel recipe. € € € € € foodporn beautifulcuisines falafel green greenpea recipes vegan healthyfood healthylifestyle healthy chickpeas galics bakingpowder shallots mints parsley cinlantro salt pepper lemonjuice cumin groundcumin oil oliveoil vegitarian bakedfalafel Thangskitchen

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Roberto "Tito" Ricci Arballo


Comment from Roberto "Tito" Ricci Arballo:

I was craving Indian food, I had a feeling I would randomly come across a little spot vegitarian

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Comment from Priti:

When you crave some noodles and want to give carbs a miss what do you do?? I make these zoodles🍝that's zucchini noodles with home made satisfying very healthy and delicious.. Recipe for pesto. 1 cup basil leaves, 5-6 walnuts, a tbsp olive oil , sea salt, 3-4 garlic pods.. mix all of this and run in a food processor to get fresh home made pesto .mix with zucchini shavings and blanched veggies of your choice I used some broccoli baby corn and carrots.. add some crushed pepper and chili flakes and olives.. easy peasy😀I make and freeze the pesto for quick salad dressing or weekend pizza party for kids... have a wonderful week ahead everyone👍cleaneating plantbased veganfood feedfeedvegan vegitarian pastasalad

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Ashley Marie


Comment from Ashley Marie:

I mean a girl likes to eat.. girl eat foodporn foodie benihana habachi hungry feedme vegan vegitarian vegitarianfood freckles Bunlife blonde meangirls

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Muhamad Asyraf


Comment from Muhamad Asyraf:

Ya hari ni memang hari cuti pekerja. Tapi saya still pergi ladang sebab nak petik tomato ni untuk awak cust yang disayangi🤗. Terima kasih for keep support us. tomato tomatocherry saudagartomato upmserdang sayajual vegitarian sayursegar

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Comment from blue840513:

Sunday special 😍 instafood instafoodie ilovefood indianfood foodie indianfoodie dinner dinnerideas instagram instapic instagood sunday sundaydinner vegitarian veggiechoice funfood foodporn food veggies cottagecheese foodforthought cheatmeal picofmoment photooftheday picoftheday pictures pic

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Comment from Alanamal:

Leftovers incorporated into taco night, Ground round mexican taco Sunday!!!! . . . . . . . tacos butfirsttacos tacotuesday taco groundround vegitarian dinner freshfood homechef homecook cooking cook easydinner mexicannight mexican freshfood foodfor1 cookingfor1 supper foodie wino food🍴 food foodporn foods

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Vegetarian Pro Meals 🥗🥕🍌🥑🥜


Comment from Vegetarian Pro Meals 🥗🥕🍌🥑🥜:

Quick and easy after work dinner🤷🏻‍♀️ greek salad in a spinach wrap with mandarin orange chick'n veggiewrap vegitarian vegetarian chickn soychicken soy healthy organic healthyeating healthyfood spinach gardein

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Charles Mingus IV


Comment from Charles Mingus IV:

⛩HEALTHY LIFESTYLE | Master Cleanse done ... excellent results ~ BP🔻 health healthyeating healthylifestyle vegan vegitarian self love

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Arsen Aminov


Comment from Arsen Aminov:

Post-Workout Meal!! Veggie wrap & sweet potatoes fries!! healthyfood healthyeating healthy vegitarian vegan nutrition herbalife delicious delish yammy get some

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Comment from Natasha:

Red lentil curry on a bed of cauliflower rice! glutenfree vegan veganfood vegitarian veganottawa veganketosis lowcarb

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Northside Shack


Comment from Northside Shack:

Just What the Dr Ordered !!! northsideshack northside_shack sandiegomagazine youstayhungrysd foodnetwork acai acaibowl pitaya pitayabowl vegan vegitarian paleo glutenfree delicious sandiego pointloma sunsetcliffs beach

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Muhamad Asyraf


Comment from Muhamad Asyraf:

Korang pernah rasa tak kangkung lepas harvest pastu terus masak makan ? Mesti tak pernah kann. Berminatt nak rasaa? Nak rasa petik dengan tangan sendiri di ladang?? Nak rasa 100% nutrient kat kangkung tu? Boleh pm kawan saya ni idlann_ hamimimarwan muzainahzakiyuddin upmserdang vegitarian sayajual bangi sayursegar

1 Hours ago

✨Ally Cat✨


Comment from ✨Ally Cat✨:

Look at this adorable drawing _fucv.girlux_ did of me!! It's so so cute I'm gonna explode!! 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 🥑 kawaii cute peircings alternative feminist pinkhair purplehair lgbt goveg vegan vegitarian pansexual pastel promoter youtuber coloredhair septumpiercing pink adorable veganintraining creepycute animalsarefriendsnotfood dyedhair love respect friendship bluehair greenhair

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Comment from PlantBasedEdu:

Mouth on 🔥

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B&B Rice Fields Terrace


Comment from B&B Rice Fields Terrace:

Tofu and Sake. For Vegetariankunisaki tofu vegitarian vegan ricefield ricefieldsterrace ricefields yudoufu sake

17 Days ago