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Comment from Servos.:

É exatamente isso ☝☝☝ vida nova socomjesus vibe night crer fe amor cristosalva life love

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Cleiton Lopo


Comment from Cleiton Lopo:

THEWEEKONTHEROAD THE WEEK - BELO HORIZONTE! Sábado 08 de Julho de 2017. LINE UP: - VLAD (TWSP) - MAURO MOZART (TWRJ) - LEO BLANCO (ESPANHA) - GUSTAVO MEDRADO (BH) inovacao estreia novidades vibe twbhfestas patriciadimeirelles PRÉ LOTE JÁ DISPONÍVEL NO SITE:

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Dustin Halpern


Comment from Dustin Halpern:

Find your happy place and never leave. . . . . . . . bigdeestonphoto lightninginabottle festivallife musicfestival festivalfashion california lib lib2017 converse concert music live livemusic life friends fun lake lakeside festivals festival family plur happy chill vibe vibes camping camp me

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Comment from 🚺🚺♊GEMINI QUEEN ♊🚺🚺:

Something bout bourbon house though drinks chill vibe relax buzz energy bourbon neworleans festive vaca love beauty selfie selfielover stayblessed

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Comment from Penny:

A wise man listens twice as much as he speaks. I analyze everything about my surroundings especially when I am engaged with people. I intake everything I hear and see and store it as potential content and subject matter in my music. Everything I write is drawn from some type of actual experience or interaction. No 42 fakin over here! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS FOLKS! Catch me live tonight in Sacramento at the bluelampsacramento !! . . 💥CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO FOR MY BRAND NEW SINGLE "In my Face" Ft. blaqtuxedo 💥 . . . msml musicsavedmylife livemusic hiphop hotnewhiphop interscope independentartist unsignedartist undergroundhiphop russ drake dreamchaser drake diddy mercedes sacramento bayarea losangeles ellendegeneres scooterbraun complex vibe complex mozzy diddy

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Tony Tapia


Comment from Tony Tapia:

"From the Westside L-O-V-E" vibe

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Rap's Shaka Zulu


Comment from Rap's Shaka Zulu:

On YouTube link in my bio Repost the_chillionaires (get_repost) ・・・ Video out now LinkinBio TheChillionaires mrflyguy music MusicVideo Subscribe WhoWantsToBeAChillionaire WWTBC mixtape drone 4k cinematic videographybvisual youtube YoutubeChannel worldstar complex vibe xxl

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Pequena flor 🌻🏽


Comment from Pequena flor 🌻🏽:

Olha lá pra cima, e vê o lado bom de cada lugar... 💘☘🌿🌵🍀🌱🌳🌺🌼🌻🥀🌷💐🍄🍁 boanoite photography natureza arvores ceu blue vibe day green

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Versøs Reggae ♥


Comment from Versøs Reggae ♥:

Vocês concordam ? 👉🏻👌🏻 viagem staysmokin staystrong fire fogonabomba weed empadão vibe verdinho ganja goodvibes 420 420girls redeyes olhosvermelhos marijuana maconheiraoriginal trip travel stoned smoking smokingweed f1 cannabis cannabiscommunity keepmoving brisamonstra brisando versosreggae

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Nuno Melo


Comment from Nuno Melo:


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Comment from menta:

Some tropical island vibes 🌴🍍🌺 jewelry beads tropical poppymint iluvpoppymint island vibes summer collections pendants handmade bisuteria cute girly mint bead must shop musthave shopping summer2017 colors vibe

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Homens Lindos 🔵


Comment from Homens Lindos 🔵:

Mais uma do meu gatão miguel_netto992 Sigam meu delicia e minhas duas páginas homenslindos1 e delicias_homens e meus amigos magicmirrorboys instacuerpos deolhonomeuvizinho2 noticias.dosfamosos homemundo homecuerpos famososmala boysdivoos nacho_sexyboys21 aquele1por100 insta_ostopss seja_famosinho boysamazonas g1boys boysgatosoficial seuscrush sex sexy sexyboy hot hotgay boy home homens homens_prazer sexys boy top saradosdobrasil sarado hugogloss gmagazine fitness fit model modelo life modeling tops style estilo dance vibe vibedancers gogodancer blog gogoboys

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Oh Zeen Entertainment


Comment from Oh Zeen Entertainment:

This Summer Smirnoff takes over Negril Jamaica with Smirnoff Tropical Village Weekend 8 Premium Events 8 different experience 5 days 2 Villages Come and unleash the party within 💃🏾🕺🏾 Season Band 150 USD or $18,000 ja Tickets Available online And Select Ambassadors Follow us tropicalvillageweekend stvnegrilweekend stvweekend TropicalVillageweekend FollowUs LikeUs TweetUs Jamaican Photography Party Rave Vibe 90s Otr Follow4Follow Like4Like OhZeen EntertainmentYourWay!

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Flash ⚡


Comment from Flash ⚡:

Welcome to our account, we'll be posting updates about the Flash and just anything Flash related. ❤ Go follow our other accounts~ | everything_grantgustin | xtheflashpostsx | - - - grantgustin sebastiansmythe theflash barryallen iriswest westallen cisco caitlinsnow vibe killerfrost joewest kidflash wallywest flash hr thecw cwtheflash cw glee keiyanlonsdale daniellepanabaker tomcavagnah tomfelton carlosvaldes candicepatton jesselmartin savitar zoom jaygarrick season4

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D.A Live


Comment from D.A Live:

"Fill my cup wit memories and pick my future out the jar" New song! Erykah-D.A Live out now. Go vibe

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Comment from MANTRAS + MIRACLES:

"If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred." - Walt Whitman // Being here in the hospital the last couple weeks is pressing into me a profound realization of the many ways in which I do not care for myself. I'm seeing the behaviors which are unkind, or at the least, habits of ignoring what my body is asking for. That's going to stop. My greatest desire is to live this life as wide open and fully as possible and I cannot possibly do that while harboring some hidden hatred, I can't possibly do that if I don't genuinely love this body I'm in. New explorations in body love coming. ❤️ Image _umagaia_

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Comment from MANTRAS + MIRACLES:

LIMITED EDITION // The Evil Eye in enchanting Opal. Evil Eye talismans go back 3000 years and can be found in Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures as well as Buddhist and Hindu societies. The eye is believed to protect against negative thoughts or words directed towards you, your family, home or business. This includes bad intentions, envy, malice and gossip. // Shop the Evil Eye in Opal online.

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Comment from MANTRAS + MIRACLES:

This is something I've learned to trust implicitly. I used to doubt, I'd get a funny feeling about a person or situation and my head would sometimes override my gut. I don't do that anymore. If the frequency is off, I'm out, no questions asked. Vibes don't lie. erintelford__

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Comment from MANTRAS + MIRACLES:

“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.” - Rilke // I'm so in love with Rilke right now. I put my favorite quotes up on the site for you 👉🏻

19 Hours ago