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Jackie Rafferty ⚓️ PR


Comment from Jackie Rafferty ⚓️ PR:

Have never been happier to welcome this desperately needed rain! ☂️🌧 naples florida letitrain rain drought fire rescue animals homes mothernature sunday swfl floridalife instagood instaphoto photooftheday vibes relief

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Soumadeep Dhar ★


Comment from Soumadeep Dhar ★:

The Moments You Live, Happens only Once. Enjoy As If It's Your Last Chance to Live On. Live BeF!Kre Forever ♥💯 Courtesy : The Flying Saucer SkyBar, Viman Nagar Credits : haldarpranab ♥ weekend aboutlastnight nightlife night goodtimes vibes beardlover flyingsaucerpune

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Comment from Author:

On the way to the last day of the Writer’s Bootcamp in Phoenix, I take a moment to spend with YOU, thinking of you. I wish you could feel the joy I feel thinking of you. That is good energy and a sweet loving soulful vibe. I hope your day is as amazing as YOU and my thoughts of YOU. ~O LOVE vibes vibrations spiritualforce love amazinglove olove thinking author writer publish books sweet touch energy moments feeling soul soulful poets artists writerscommunity fiction nonfiction words speak voice loving you amazing

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Comment from M Y L E S:

*all that I want, is to wake up fine* paramorehardtimesafterlaughter80svibeschillwavyweirdwonderfuledittumblrinstagayindividualityindiepalepastelprettyartpopsweaterweatherf4ffollow4followgaygayukgrungehappykawaiiloveblogifollowback

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Gabriela Porto.


Comment from Gabriela Porto.:

A solidão é a sorte de todos os espíritos excepcionais! bomdia vibes goodmorning happysoul goodvibesonly instagood thanksgod

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Comment from ᴛɪᴍʙᴇᴀᴛ:

Начал работу над новым проектом😎 Как обычно, начал подбирать основную тему! Без нее никак. Такие посиделки могут продолжаться часами, дабы найти ту самую мелодию, которая будет цеплять слушателя☝️😁 На улице весна, поэтому все звучит по-весеннему😉 kygomusic selenagomez timbeat kygo itaintme remix ремикс housemusic housemusiclovers dancemusic summer deephouse live musicstudio homestudio midi online cover dj musicproducer edm club vibes flute bass tashkent ташкент 2017 musicrecording

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Comment from Dre:

👹 Rude boy streets 👹 jamaica streets highway montegobay negril traveller travels travellife travelling adventures adventurer home houses noproblem mon photography photographer lifestyle living happy vibes happyvibes cool weather overcast roads roadtrip roadside roadlife caribbeanlife

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Katarzyna 👸


Comment from Katarzyna 👸:

wesele wedding party friends weekend girls polishgirls polskiedziewczyny beauty smile reddress czerwonasukienka wroclove mood vibes photooftheday instamoment instagramers ig insta instaphoto

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Elayne Cristina ©💀🌻


Comment from Elayne Cristina ©💀🌻:

That overflow to happiness. 🍃😜_________________________________________________ bomdia happiness instatop instalike instame instalife vibes positividade natureza naturelove topless instagood nature beautiful photooftheday photogram photography fashion style stylish love me cute hair instafashion styles cabelomeu cachos follow

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Comment from ale.f:

goodvibes music 💿🎧🎶 mix scratch dance girl outfit home love dress feelingit vibes inspire inspiration fit fitness love nutrition health wellness play fashionlover style fun quote quotes

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Orchid Swimwear


Comment from Orchid Swimwear:

Sunday Vibes ☘️✨🌺 inspo beorchid vibes orchidswimwear venezuela miami

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Chloe Clake


Comment from Chloe Clake:

Rating this weather for once it isn't raining or cold 😂🤗

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Comment from ✖ CALLME DAGGY ✖:

So uhmm this happened last night 🙄❤️ Had the most amazing time last night. Dope concert and got even better partying at VIP with diplo ! Best party of the year! Thank you for setting AddisAbaba on fire majorlazer ! dope vibes goodvibes goodtimes diplo coachellabeba vip partyoftheyear lit 👌🏼❤️

1 Minutes ago

Hairstylist. Happy. Lifestyle


Comment from Hairstylist. Happy. Lifestyle:

Beautiful day in Paris ☀️ paris vibes beautifulday sunny sunshine day parisian moment today mood europe adventure laseine bluesky boyfriend walk goodtimes happylife like4like followforfollow lifestyle lifeisbeautiful enjoylife funtimes yas

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Comment from Monika:

catching sunshine spring vibes polishgirl girl blonde greyeyes blueeyes 💎

1 Minutes ago

Katrin He


Comment from Katrin He:

Die dreisten drei 💥 vibes cousine charly dog potd famlove blackandwhite photography photo lookintoyoureyes sunday family familygoals loveyou cuties great duesseldorf duisburg solingen

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Comment from Instawall:

Vintage vibes ❀ check het blog hoe jij je eigen hippie home kan creëren. Fijne zondag

2 Minutes ago

j e s s i e | s o p h i a ⚓️💕


Comment from j e s s i e | s o p h i a ⚓️💕:

Palm trees & 90 degrees 🐚❤️

2 Minutes ago



Comment from KELLY BABY PROMO:

Morning and Give Thanks Inna Real Life🙏🙏 sundaylovedaybobmarleylovepeace unityformatiobblackbeautiful empowermentwomendreamsjamaica toronto6ixtdotstylevibesreggae conciousvershoninnarealifeserenity spiritualmeditationrelaxenjoy

4 Minutes ago

Christopher Ginty


Comment from Christopher Ginty:

She gave you everything you needed. She fed you when you were hungry. She handed you fresh water to clean and drink from. She healed you when you were sick or injured. She gave you warmth when you were cold. She showed you incomparable beauty. She taught you how to survive and beyond that she taught you how to thrive. She's the perfect mother. Over time she was abandoned, unwanted, forgotten, desecrated, left for dead Her food was replaced by chemicals and engineered food particles Her water replaced by oil Her medicine replaced by toxic pills Her beauty covered up by our waste Her teachings of survival and thriving became an endless and monotonous game for chasing a piece of paper But she remained strong, she didn't flinch, her love remained purely unconditional. One day you returned home, you found her barely hanging on. She didn't ask you where you've been. She knew you've fallen with the rest of your kind. It was at this moment you remembered her and saw how far you too have fallen without her. It was at this moment you remembered her fresh food and water, you remembered her medicine, her warmth, her beauty, and her inspiration. At this moment you hugged her and made a promise to protect her, the same way she's always protected you. 🌎🌎🌎 A day late, but happy Earth Day. A reminder that every day is a day to honor, give thanks and stand up for your mother. Thank you Mother Earth and gracias Pachamama for all that you are and all that you've given us!!! 💚💚💚 Artwork by Mamani Mamani pachamamagaiaearthdaymotherearthmamanimamanisacredevolutionconsciousnessspiritualityearthhealingplantmedicineawakeningnaturewildlifefreedomayahuascapeyotesanpedroganjaherbalismgraciaspachamamashamanismhealingwateraguagratitudepoetryflowvibes

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