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Oh Man Holy Shit!


Comment from Oh Man Holy Shit!:

; stop misunderstanding me, when I say that a member is rude I DONT ACTUALLY MEAN IT UGH LIKE JIMIN IS RUDE AF FOR BEING SUCH A TEASE YK _______________________ BTS bangtan bangtanboys hobi 방탄 방탄소년단 정국 jungkook 태형 뷔 taehyung v jhope taehyungie kimtaehyung rapmonster jin jimin 진 지민 suga 슈가 yoongi vkook kpop jeonjungkook bangtansonyeondan jungkookie goldenmaknae kookie

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Comment from bts_suga:

Cute😆minyoongie minsugabts minsuga minyoongi Bts bangtansonyeondan yoonmin vkook suga sugabts yoongi yoonmin namjinisreal jungkook v jimin❤ rapmonster jin army AGUSTD agustd sope bangtanboys bulletproofboys kpop kfashion happysugaday kpopfff

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💫your bias dream💫


Comment from 💫your bias dream💫:

RUN BTS EPISODE 16 WILL BE ON 28 MARCH, IN V LIVE APP!!!!!!! • • • 🔥😻😎 bts bangtanboys bangtan bangtansonyeondan btsarmy army v taehyung jungkook jeonjungkook jimin parkjimin jin seokjin suga yoongi rapmonster namjoon jhope hoseok vkook vmin jikook jiminie kookie btsv btsjungkook btsjimin btsjin btssuga

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Ayo kukinya mau pilih siapa? - "IU noona aja."-kuki- "tega kamu kuk"-chim&tae- - - Yang mau ditag ayo silahkan komen. Aku ntaar ditag kok. - - vkook jikook vmin Kuki kookie jungkook jeonjungkook kimtaehyung taetae v taehyung parkjimin jimin chimchim btsmeme kpopmeme bangtanmeme

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방탄소년단 Taetae's Wifey


Comment from 방탄소년단 Taetae's Wifey:

Haters always exist in this world. They will try to bring us down and break us. But we are called ARMYs, who will protect, support & love the 7 Bangtan members and our fellow ARMYs around the globe. If we spread positivity and send huge love to Bangtan, we can defeat all those antis & haters. Don't give them too much attention because that's what they wanted. BigHit and our Bang PD-nim will handle these situations legally. And our ROLE this time is to report acvnts, send POSITIVE messages to Bangtan and most especially love every member. When I say every member, it means ALL OF THEM. NAMJOON, SEOKJIN, YOONGI, TAEHYUNG, JIMIN, HOSEOK & JUNGKOOK. 💗 ARMYs we can surpass all of these, stay strong ❄💕 love ya! 🍰 -- btsalways7 admin DENICE 🐾 . . bangtanboys bts bangtansonyeondan btsv btssuga jimin taehyung jungkook jin jhope rapmon v vkook taegi namjin jikook vmin vhope 방탄소년단 kimtaehyung parkjimin jeonjungkook junghoseok minyoongi kimnamjoon kimseokjin

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e s h i 🌊•°


Comment from e s h i 🌊•°:

Taetae😍😍 * * Credits : to owner * * bts kpop kpopworld v tae taehyung vkook bangtan jimin rapmon namjoon jin jhope hoseok kookie jungkook suga yoongi

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Comment from taetae💘:

Tae was seen at MoMa(The Museum of Modern Art) in NYC💘💕 . Okey then whoever took this pict,U R SO LUCKY😭😭 this is too close omg🔥 - - - taehyung bts v jungkook jin jimin suga namjoon jhope btssaranghae vkook kimtaehyung Springday YouNeverWalkAlone WINGS WINGSTOUR

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Comment from BTS JUNGKOOK:

's ♣ ; [ 170327 ] • [ 정국 ] 전정국 방탄소년단에서 — “ I can't be your only 1 ” — I'm listening to jungkooks playlist on Spotify, and I got to say now that our Taste is completely different, I don't Usually listen to those type of songs rip But its similar a bit somehow ,, q |` Date of birth? '| a |` 09th December '| — { ♣ } —turn on my notification so you can up to date!~ ❤ - • ❤ • 🐰 • ❤ • - { ♣ } —follow for more jungkookie pics, videos, and updates — ♞ • 32K kookies ! • ♞ — ▷jungkook jeonjungkook v bts jungkookie army jin jimin jhope suga rapmonster kpopmeme kpop kpopl4l bangtansonyeondan bangtanarmy bangtanbomb 전정국 fff taehyung minyoongi kimtaehyung junghoseok parkjimin taekook namjin vkook◁

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Comment from BTS💕:

Jin's laugh❤😂 kimtaehyung taehyung jeonjungkook jungkook vkook taekook kimseokjin Jin parkjimin jimin hoseok jhope yoongi suga namjoon rapmonster bts bangtanboys btsarmy

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Comment from -🌸-:

; 🌸 Miss Spring Day era so much, and this is my fav pic xD ; - - - ___ 뷔 정국

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Exo ❤️ Monsta X 💙 Got7 💛 Bts


Comment from Exo ❤️ Monsta X 💙 Got7 💛 Bts:

taehyung v vkook bts

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Comment from shap2🍭:

Keluarga.y Vkook -> Baekhyun vkook baekhyun exo bts

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Comment from BANGTAN BOYS:

TAEKOOK.TV Follow this acc __ Daily, cute , sexy videos obout vkook💋❤ keep supporting 🙏🏻❤️ — TAEKOOK.TV ☜✔👬 TAEKOOK.TV ☜✔❤ TAEKOOK.TV ☜✔👬 TAEKOOK.TV ☜✔❤ TAEKOOK.TV ☜✔👬 — You won't regret following! 💎😉👌 kpopshoutout kpop bts bangtanboys vkook ❤

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Andi Tamara Rosa


Comment from Andi Tamara Rosa:

Need Oxygen 🔥 탸형 taehyung jungkook kimtaehyung 태태 vmin 뷔 v 방탄소년단 vkook army foreveryoung btsv bangtansonyeondan suga jimin bangtan followforfollow jhope bangtanboys kpopshoutout dope jin f4f rapmon bts taetaebighitentertainmentbighitArmysWillProtectJimin

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Comment from rapmonamjoon_:

Day 23 ●◇● Favourite MV ((Not Today)) . SWIPE ! Hey guys , please follow and support my friend blurbangtan ~ ofc she's friendly and nice ♥ you can call her Motchi (but I call her green tea lol) come on , guys !! blurbangtan blurbangtan blurbangtan blurbangtan . . bts bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan btsarmy btsfunny btsmemes rapmonster jin suga jimin jhope v jungkook namjin yoonmin yoonseok jikook vkook maknae goldenmaknae

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Comment from ohhojfjjacky:

Slowly close to you😍vkook

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Namjoon's hoe 🔥 Bts hell 2.1k🌸


Comment from Namjoon's hoe 🔥 Bts hell 2.1k🌸:

Look at his face he looks so done I'm crying . . . . . . . . . bts kpop bangtanboys bangtan kpopmemes btsmemes exo suga minyoongi yoongi rapmonster kimnamjoon bangtansonyeondan chimchim jhope hoseok jungkook taehyung taehyungkim 방탄소년단 bangtanbombs vkook got7 blackpink bigbang bangtanmemes yoonmin youneverwalkalone kimseokjin

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Comment from Jhen:

OMYGOSSSSH!! TAEHYUNG, STOB IT! I CANNOT HANDLE THIS. YOU'LL BE THE DEATH OF ME. STOB IT. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 kimtaehyung taehyung jeonjungkook jungkook vkook taekook kimseokjin Jin parkjimin jimin hoseok Hobi jhope yoongi suga namjoon rapmonster bts bangtanboys btsarmy

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Comment from vkook.g:

Tae💕Kook. In advertising for Samsung Galaxy A8.

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Comment from 방탄소년단:

Kylie jenner is shaking right now.😆 -yeorin 방탄소년단bangtanboys bangtansonyeondan btsrapmonsterkimnamjoonjinkimseokjin suga minyoongijhopejunghoseokvkimtaehyung jiminparkjiminjungkookjeonjungkookyoonminvkookvminnamjinvhopejinminyoonseokjihopegot7blackpinknctulike4like

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