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Winston Churchill, visiting the Tactical Headquarters of the 9th Australian Division near El Alamein. He was accompanied by General Sir Claude Auchinleck, Commander-in-Chief Middle East, and other high ranking officers. Churchill is seen in this photo alighting from his car on arrival and being welcomed by Lieutenant-General W.H.C. Ramsden, Commander of XXX Corps, August 5th, 1942. Churchill's visit from August 3rd to August 10th, was in response to the 'stalemate' situation in the Middle East, he needed to deliver a 'victory' to the British people, and a change of command was necessary. He had General Ramsden, Corbett and Dorman-Smith relieved of their commands. _________________________________ worldwar2 worldwartwo worldwar2history worldwar2historyandinstagram war history warhistory axis allied warphotography soldiers generals ww2dailyhistory military militaryhistory follow wwii ww2 worldwar2incolor tanks planes ww2daily combat combathistory axishistory alliedhistory

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Not far from where we're staying is the resort of Kupari. Amongst the beauty and charm of Croatia, the remnants of a bloody conflict are still apparent after war in the Balkans. This is Kupari Hotel, one of seven hotels at Kupari that were for the exclusive use of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA). President Tito's house is just along the coast. The Croatian War of Independence – the ‘Homeland War,’ as they called it – broke out in 1991, a backlash against the increasingly Serb-nationalist leadership of Yugoslavia. In the summer of 1991 the Yugoslav People’s Army moved on Dubrovnik; they sent ships and ground troops along the Dalmatian Coast, and here at Kupari a small unit of Croatian fighters took shelter in the JNA’s former holiday camp The first shots were fired on 4th October. For 20 days the JNA shelled their own resort from the bay: by the time they recaptured Kupari, it was a ruin. After that the looting began. Fittings and furniture, marble, copper and steel were salvaged from the wreckage, stripped out and loaded onto Yugoslav warships. Once these valuable materials were removed, Yugoslav soldiers burned the buildings, floor by floor, with phosphorus bombs. Dubrovnik itself was next. The old city was bombarded from the sea: more than 11,000 buildings were damaged, 16,000 refugees displaced and with hundreds of casualties. Eventually the Yugoslav Navy blockade was broken, and the siege lifted on the last day of May 1992. In time, Dubrovnik would be rebuilt… but Kupari never recovered. To walk round these crumbling is eerie but serve as a reminder of the devastation of war that is remember watching on TV as a teenager. But the grandeur and splendour can still be imagined if you close your eyes and see the ghosts of a bygone age . . kupari war deserted bombed war independence victory devastation hotel resort dubrovnik croatia

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23.08.1942 "Die Kessel" A date which will live in infamy. The start of the Battle of Stalingrad. Two million plus casualties and the decisive shift in momentum on the Eastern Front. Never again would the Wehrmacht fight with the cloak of invulnerability, the Red Army broke its back. Friedrich von Paulus, Field Marshal and commander of the Sixth Army became the first Field Marshal of the Prussian school to have surrendered/been captured alive along with the loss of 300,000 crack veterans of the 6th. Fall Blau had failed and the slow hammering back to the Reich began. A savage meat grinder.[Pictured: forward elements of 6.Panzerarmee readying to assault the suburbs of Stalingrad day of the start of the battle.] battleofstalingrad diekessel thecauldron easternfront worldwartwo war history greatergermanreich sovietunion germansovietwar 1942

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Perdieron a sus padres, ahora viven en un lugar que les deja olvidar que afuera la guerra sigue... "La guerra es mala", dicen los niños huérfanos de Afganistán. CulturaColectivaNoticias CulturaColectiva afghanistan guerra niños war life peace ruptly noticias

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Just Another War Memorial ⚔️ . . Vietnam Friendship Monument Kampot, Cambodia August 2017.

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