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Torben Eriksen


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The War-King drawing angry sketch dark war skull revenant powerful god legend father

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Battlefield 1 cuenta primaria por 25.000 batlefield ea gaming game juegos juego digital ps4 psn sony online war guerra playstation4 play estadoplay playstation

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land of pomerania


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American soldier waiting for the proper moment. worldwar2 ww2 uniform usa secondworldwar war usarmy army reenacment rifle weapon gun garand 34th redbull 34infdiv

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Comment from RuckRadio:

Avant - Apres … u2 war / le jeu et kdo page fb RuckRadio

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Comment from the_thing_about_america_is:

mainstreammedialies Regrann from muffled_democracy - Get your fake news here. Come get your fake news. Read all about it. Where is Trump and his supporters? They got a fake actor to pretend to be something he wasn't, so where is the uproar? Will Trump ignore Fox like he ignores CNN? Nope, because Fox pushes the agenda of the right. This is ridiculous for a news station to employ someone to lie and pretend to be something he isn't just to push an agenda that's false. It's far from the first time Fox news got caught lying. Unfortunately we all know that fake news isn't about authenticity. Instead its only fake if it doesn't match Trumps agenda. Please re-share! Feel free to ask for source!! congress liberal war political equality lgbt civilrights corrupt corruption peace progressive conservative liberty humanrights poverty poor justice politics America vote democracy

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Paul / x3no


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you are the reason I still fight · · · · · · · · · · picsart illgrammers surreal edited weededit pr0ject_uno igworldclub_edits rsa_graphics art thegraphicspr0ject dramatic clouds nature landscape impress fantasy fantastic art war statue drama fight

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Comment from DROP DEAD:

What's killing me Is that I'm killing you! askingalexandria aafamily war Rock thedeathofme torntopieces ugly oldbutgold Peace seether suicidial depressed freak failure follow4follow f4f givemelove l4l like4like likecobain burningdownalaska baao nobodyprayingforme metalcore mrsmalia

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AbilityBoxing Cprice


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This sport isn't for everyone! Put my client freddy_ries76 through a physical and mental test yesterday during our session. We both got in the ring, not timer, no water break, no rounds, and no rest! We went at it for the entire session. This is what separates the men from the boys! Proud of freddy_ries76 for showing me he has what it takes not only physically but more importantly he has the mentality to keep going! He had plenty of reasons to not get or and quit but didn't! Hour session by the way. boxing traindifferent ufc mma war combat film fightchoreography cinematography dogpound sparring ufcspringfield respect. notorious

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Camille G.


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The arc - Arras 🏛. . photography landscape nature architecture panorama blackandwhite memorial war uk arras france instagood instadaily like4like picoftheday igers igersfrance igersnantes igersworldwide travel voyage lifestyle blogger french nantes topfrancephoto arc pasdecalais tourisme

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Comment from Todd:

Just more black and white. Don't mind me. Thanks. . . . blackandwhite vintage war civilwar valleyforge photography cannon

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Максим Гриневич


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WorkingClass⚒ sportgymtrainingtrainingdaytraininghardmotivationwarwarriorworkingclass

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Karabakh OF THE WORLD clashofclans klan game trailer label top barbar magic boom beach attack world tanks transformers forze car neavy flight airplain game gamer🎮 games video way tactics war supercell baki azerbaijan azerbaycan

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Comment from Todd💦:

the Earth I know LubingtheEntry man god jesus apocalypse missile end smoke war sky cloud laugh cry apostle now save planet earth virus collage mixedmedia cutandpaste design storm movie end sexy

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Liviu A. B. Herman


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Good music & wine Amy Winehouse-Some Unholy War music wine🍷 wine some unholy war amywinehouse relax

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AMV'S Of Any Kind......


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Naruto first kiss lol Tags⬇➡ naruto kyubi war minato sage pervysage hokage leafvillage sakura sasuke uzumaki uchiha amv shikamaru kushina obito madara uchiha sensei suicideboys itachi pain nagato tailedbeast goku dbz vegeta gods obito sai

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Panzers Are Kinda My Thing


Comment from Panzers Are Kinda My Thing:

Thought I would share a cool experience I had recently. Last weekend I took part in an upcoming film called Wunderland. This was a photo taken of me(closes to the camera) at the shoot standing close to the Hetzer which is original by the way. That day we brought out the Hetzer, Opel Blitz truck and a Sd Kfz 251 however the Sd Kfz 251 broke down before we could even get it in place for the movie. Typical...😂 Also shortly I will be live streaming showing off the original Panther tank track I got recently.

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Comment from Ali.R.N:

Where there islovethere is pain😍 * * warandloveare as full of trouble as pleasure.😤😠☠

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Comment from Warinfo:

Senegalese soldiers serving in the French army rest near Alsace-Loraine , France WW1 Tags (ignore) France French frencharmy army soldier ww1 ww2 vietnam rifle gun war like follow

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Giuseppina Licata


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war distruction nopeace nolife rubble

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Talent Almon


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The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together. — Bill Gates. fighterpilot womeninaviation flyingbeauty jet war soldierlife warriorlife greatness royalty hope vision flyhigh airforce aviators

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