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Danielle Glenholmes


Comment from Danielle Glenholmes:

Slight hiccup at the end of the test but he did well today ❤️ dressage crowwood summerextravaganza irishdraught warmblood

3 Minutes ago

Amy Nelson Eventer Official


Comment from Amy Nelson Eventer Official:

We've been approved!! Meet our new member of the show team: Hummingbird's Mendacium "Dacey." A 16.1hh 2010 hanoverian who was rescue by the ASPCA and then we adopted her from crosswindsequinerescue . Aiming for her first mini event to be Oct 30th! adoptdontshop hanoverian eventer fosterfail warmblood areaiveventing areaiv hummingbirdsmendacium

4 Minutes ago

Amy Dickson


Comment from Amy Dickson:

Apparently Basils got a taste for irnbru! specialboy irnbru nomoresugar fizzypop horse equestrian warmblood yardlife horseofinstagram horsesofinstagram

6 Minutes ago

❥ Sophia ❥


Comment from ❥ Sophia ❥:

Ren from our lesson yesterday 💛 - Wasn't my best ride but we definitely learned a lot and I know what I have to work on☺️✨ - Having a photoshoot today and showing soon 😘 • equine equestrian horses jumpers dressage xc instadaily pony equitation instagood horseshowvibes horsesofinstagram love hanoverian warmblood likeforlike hunters chestnut bay forever grey grooming manes comment horseshow hunters hunterjumper featuremehorze jumpers beach beachriding beachhorses

6 Minutes ago

The East Coast Equestrian


Comment from The East Coast Equestrian:

So... I didn't fall off today! Woo hoo! I keep forgetting that D is still a baby and pretty green - the fact I can now trailer him to a one day, jump on & have a couple of schooling fences and go right into the ring is HUGE progress for us. It's easy to lose sight of those achievements when you start focusing on points and ribbons, which I admit has happened since the success we've had at the past couple of shows. Never lose sight of even the smallest of achievements, they are all something to be proud of. I used the Pelham in the eq to warm up and he was getting really balled up underneath me so we switched to the snaffle for the hunters and wound up 6th 5th and 6th which I am so happy with! We're having the chiro that works on Ned take a look at him this week because he was having a hard time swapping his lead R to L which is not like him - it feels like he tweaked a muscle because he's moving and jumping great but having trouble shifting his weight over behind. So we'll see! After my fall two days ago I feel like I could use an adjustment too. 😂

9 Minutes ago



Comment from LAURA 🌸:

Love being back in the saddle 🐴💕riding hacking warmblood showjumper eric horsesofinstagram

10 Minutes ago



Comment from KATHRYN ROAN - Realtor:

Atlas Warmblood BigChestnutElephant

15 Minutes ago



Comment from Rebecca:

So gorgeous 😍Moved yards today so gonna get some new hacking which will be good for him. Going to ride a new horse tomorrow - hopefully you guys will see some photos in time 😜 horse horseriding horserider horseride riding rider ride gelding bay warmblood eventer showjumper jumper equestrian equine horsesofinstagram

16 Minutes ago

Lunia the Holsteiner


Comment from Lunia the Holsteiner:

Lunia was soooo good for me this morning! We had a great ride and then cooled down by taking a walk around the barn! 💕😊🦄💕 • • • lifewithlunia horses horse horsesofinsta horsesofinstagram horsestagram holsteiner holsteinerhorse warmblood warmbloodhorse greyhorse mare equine equinesofinsta equestrian equestriansofinstagram equestrianphoto equestrianphotography equestriansofinsta dressage dressagehorse f4f photography animalphoto animal animalphotography cute follow4follow animalvideo

17 Minutes ago

Susanna Tuominen


Comment from Susanna Tuominen:

What an amazing animal. photography photographer photographing horsephoto photoshoot beautiful horse studiokuva valokuvaus hevoskuvaus hevoskuva lämminverinen photoshooting canoneos canonfinland eosfinland canoneos700d eos700d sexchasseur 220717 warmblood stunning

19 Minutes ago

Lorna Madden


Comment from Lorna Madden:

Big bird rita warmup easy playing warmblood showjunper hollinsstud cinaretta

20 Minutes ago



Comment from KATHRYN ROAN - Realtor:

Had a very nice ride on this handsome elephant today. Atlas southerncrosseventing BigGuy Warmblood OctoberHill SoFancy WorkedOnImplusionBecauseWeHaveNone Transitions TrotTrotPumpkin

20 Minutes ago

Abby AKA Impact System 💖


Comment from Abby AKA Impact System 💖:

So excited- got some new photos yesterday and I'm going to equifest in a week! / ottb hunter jumper horse warmblood pony pinto paint jumping hunterjumper eventing thoroughbred tb wednesdayhorsebackriding horses thoroughbredottbsofinstagram horseofinstagram f4f l4l

22 Minutes ago

Lorna Madden


Comment from Lorna Madden:

rita cinaretta bay mare showjumper warmblood

23 Minutes ago

Lorna Madden


Comment from Lorna Madden:

Rita cinaretta rita bay mare warmblood showjumper hollinsstud

24 Minutes ago

Daisy Dunn


Comment from Daisy Dunn:

Fin is just the cutest thing ever 🤤😍 she was following me round loads when I put her out in the field hehe, we had a great jumping lesson today testing out some bigger jumps to see how we both reacted. I definitely got a little nervous and it showed! Once I stopped overthinking we finished with a fab course with jumps up to 1.20m!! Very proud Mum 😁 shessocute horsesofinstagram equestrian equine warmblood younghorse 5yearold britishshowjumping showjumping sunny

26 Minutes ago

Lorna Madden


Comment from Lorna Madden:

New stallion, cant wait until he arrives stallion warmblood biglad unbroken baby exciting.

31 Minutes ago

Giant Teddy Bear


Comment from Giant Teddy Bear:

Rhubarb 😌 • • • horse horses horselife horselove horseriding ridinghorse ridingschool equestrian horsephotography equestrianlife pony horsesofinstagram equestrians equestriansofinstagram equine horsestagram canon powershot roux warmblood thoroughbred bay baygelding gelding walleye 17hh

34 Minutes ago



Comment from ᎫᏬᏓᎨᎪ:

Mercie was absolutely amazing for me today and always did his lead change when I asked❤️ and also! We jumped a 3'3 oxer(the standards at my barn make jumps larger than what they actually say so it was a few inches over 3'3) which is the highest oxer I've ever jumped! So yeah, a pretty amazing day 💕 horsesofinstagram horselove horses horse warmblood warmbloodsofinstagram hunterjumper equestrian equitation equestrianlife

39 Minutes ago

Lythrum farm


Comment from Lythrum farm:

Jock Ewing once said “Any man can win when things go his way, it’s the man who overcomes adversity that is the true champion”, and that has never been more telling of Dressage competition. The horses that truly make great riders and teach us the most about competing and training are often the most challenging. This week Lara represented Region 8 at the North American Junior Young Rider competition, and demonstrated her true character and skill as a rider. Their first day of competition, Duke panicked mid-test when he fully realized how terrifying the ring and environment was, and attempted to gallop him and Lara away to safety. Yesterday, Duke tried the same antics again- but Lara was ready for it, and demonstrated what an incredible rider she truly is, by repeatedly correcting his urge to flee. I could not have been more proud of how Lara did this week if she walked away with a gold medal, and I can not wait to see the incredible things her and Duke will go on to accomplish.

40 Minutes ago