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In honor of the new wonderwoman corset that I picked up today. fbf flashbackfriday cosplay cosplaysofinstagram cosplayer cosplayersofinstagram instacosplay dianaprince amazon warrior amazonwarrior winterconny wintercon lassooftruth dc dcheroine justiceleague womenofcosplay pre52

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Echo Summer Hill


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"It's easier to be impressive to strangers than it is to be consistently kind behind the scenes. It's easier to show up and be a hit for an hour than it is to get down on the floor with your kids when you're so tired your eyes are screaming and bone-dry. It's easier to be charming on a conference call than it is to traverse the distance between you and your spouse, the distance you created. Sometimes being brave is being quiet. Being brave is getting off the drug of performance. For me, being brave is trusting that what my God is asking of me, what my family and community is asking of me, is totally different than what our culture says I should do... Sometimes, brave looks boring, and that's totally, absolutely, okay." -Present Over Perfect

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Everyone in the cincinnati area should check out the samurai exhibition going on through mid-May at the cincinnatiartmuseum . Pieces on display are incredible and tell some amazing stories ❤️ arthistory history warrior dressedtokill japanesearmor

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My son is part of the demo team at his Tekwondo dojo. He is demonstrating to other kids different aspects of the martial art. He's currently going for his green belt. martialarts warrior athlete

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ゼロヨガ 銀座


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ヨガ 英雄のポーズII warrior足腰強化 下半身引き締め二の腕引き締め 体幹軸yogayogiyoginilovefunginza

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Talento : vedo come un incanalarsi di tanta energia, scorrere nelle vene e nei muscoli, la vedo sprigionarsi al primo movimento della macchina, rimbalzare e tuonare al primo salto, energia cinetica, energia artistica, energia musicale, la vedo che colpisce senza sosta come l'onda del mare che si abbatte sullo scoglio, esce dallo schermo e ci avvolge, si inietta nella pelle e inizia a circolare, travolge l'intelletto e arriva dritta al cuore, si sospende nello sguardo creando un contatto magnetico. Non importa se non ne siete intenditori, vi innamorerete della danza senza mai averla praticata. Il fiore si sta aprendo nella sua totale pienezza art dance dancer ichbin dreaming power energy warrior tattoo bellator

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Gracie Barra North Orlando


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Congratulations to Ramzi for earning your 4th Stripe! Impressive work Dr.! You are on the mark and doing great things. We will see you preparing for the next level! 🔺"Jiu-Jitsu for everyone!"🔺 graciebarra muaythai bjj boom love gbnorthorlando graciebarra jiujitsu graciebarranorthorlando brazilianjiujitsu oss orlando warrior mills50 mills50district team training motivation fitnessmotivation winterpark florida fitness cardio kickbox kickboxing selfdefense family team guttybjj 🔺 gbnorthorlando _themachine_ smilesdmd

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warrior esosicuenta unpocomasautentico

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Guardian art artwork artist arts art🎨 artworks artoftheday art🌎 art🖌 artlovers color colorfull colors samurai sword kungfu warrior

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Marie working those footwork drills..... footwork drills alwaysimproving learning moretocome lefthookgym lefthookabc shadwell london eastlondon boxing thisgirlcan warrior mynextmatch

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E quel sorriso messo come scudo Bocca dipinta Prendo e rifiuto Scossa di quinta magnitudo! me forza sorrisi staystrong leonessa queen kiss love fashion warrior istacam istaday photoedit photography istaphoto istafollower istalike like4like follwme follow4follow sogood nigth diamond

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Credit to warriorswealth : You are stronger now, what nearly killed you before just made you into the warrior you are today! strength passion life strong hard motivation inspiration goals truth mindset healthymindhealthybody fittness health workout workhard hustle grind vision focus battle fight warrior wealth happiness millionaire millionairemindset billionaire money dreams

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Meghan Gilbert


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Find something that makes you happy 🌺💚 sorry for the lack of posts, I've been so busy with the move to Cali. Finally settling in, can't wait to build my YouTube and page to help y'all stay motivated and inspired to love yourselves and stay healthy ❤

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I've been told I have a cute smile; too bad it never lasts long. ❄~•~ImHuman SceneGirl Scene PunkRockChick PunkRock RockerChick Rock PunkChick Punk BadAss Warrior DayDreamer IDontExist MentalDisorder Disorder Nightmares LGBT Bisexual Bi

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meditation 365daychallenge red 365daysofdrawing 365 focus linework dreams abstract surreal warrior dailypic drawingoftheday

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My mom is always doing some sort of charity work. Right now she is not only helping to raise money for girls who can't afford prom dresses this year in my town, but she is helping raise money for warriorshelpingwarriors 😊👍👏 I made this donation box to help her out tomorrow night. donations donationbox art artwork project vets supportourvets support charity awesome beautiful amazing mymom birthday hardwork helping donate warrior charitywork travel instagood instahub instagramhub charities charitiesofinstagram veterans

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Evolution Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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Love our X-training days with the beast at vermelhobjj ! Thanks to everyone who came down to play, see you killers in 4 weeks

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Pablo Espinosa


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Tecuan warrior inktober

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