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Bored . . . . art artist artsy artfair artistsoninstagram art🎨 draw drawing sketch sketching sketchbook moleskine pencil graphite ink pen copic abstract illustration igdaily instagood igers instaart warrior sword alien gypsy creatures forest

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Comment from Dane:

Shoulder day action 🔥 _ Check the link in my bio for a FREE guide to getting the ripped abs of your dreams! ⬆️

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Tove Ahlander


Comment from Tove Ahlander:

Beauty ❤ perch warrior redfin fishing catchandrelease

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Comment from Q-I-R:

On continue dans la lignée~ peut-être que ça fera une histoire à force😮 . . . . viking vikings runestone stone runes fantasy ink drawing art blankandwhite warrior travel monster magie magic night sword epic strange artistoninstagram

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Ten Kicks


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Few things are more empowering than operating outside your comfort zone. Thank you mailenloggio for the powerful photo! teamtenkicks team4more womanpower womanwarrior warriorwomen femalefighter womenswrestling muaythai thaiboxing seattle team4more pacificnorthwest kickboxing boxing warrior smash fight power fighteducation fightiq ufc bellator k1 comfortzone thai4more fightlife fighter joannajedrzejczyk

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Walter Wys


Comment from Walter Wys:

Walt TWO days post amputation surgery. Look at him go! goldens goldensofinstagram goldenretrieversofinstagram goldenretriever warrior tripawd

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Michela🌻 Ti Porto Con Me🦋


Comment from Michela🌻 Ti Porto Con Me🦋:

Vivere di emozioni 💫🖤 emotions vivere befree libera pensierieparole frasitumblr frasiitaliane thinking lifestyle lifeincolor vivereacolori carpediem sentimental truewords bestrong girlpower semplicità warrior riflessioni keepsmiling details coraggio vivielasciavivere lamoreconta rischia nessunrimpianto

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Foreseeing Primate


Comment from Foreseeing Primate:

Jas: how do you keep going? Stef: JUST FUCKING PUSH!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself! ProudTrainer JFP

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Comment from Emberpelt:

got the shoes for my new Cos *o* I LOVE them :D so well... The new (bigger) Plan I have is Ivypool from the Warriors series. I love her character and how she reacted to the dark forest thing and with her sister being the cat of the prophecy :3 all the struggle... all the pain either physical or psychological... the double-face you have to be sometimes to do the best... not all of you.. nearly Noone knows how it's going to look like and I'll show you WIPs, but not the character itself... :D IvyWip warriorcats cosplay cos cats ivypool thunderclan darkforest dark forest shoes love costume play ivy pool ivypoolofthunderclan warrior cats erin erinhunter hunter vicky vickyholmes holmes love books black

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Sam Wang


Comment from Sam Wang:

Expert at Archery Archery archer bowman bow arrow sport expert combat skill hitecharchery hitech sharp warrior experience deadly LA

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tracey hickson


Comment from tracey hickson:

💖 TEA 💖 Salmon stir fry, sour cream and chive dip. Flapjack. ☺ Rum and coke....can only taste the coke. 😐 thegoddessrevolution workingontheinside livinglife smile selflove awesome traineegoddess workingonme iamworthy iamagoddess warrior comfortableinmyskin intuitiveeating mindfuleating nopoints nosyns nocalories happyhealthy

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Comment from ggismygodness:

U are so cute!!! gal_gadot 😍😍😍 galgadot galgadotfan galgadotfans wonderwoman 盖尔·加朵 盖尔加朵 welovegalgadotcn wondergal amazing amazon amazonwarrior amazonprincess warrior warriorgodess dianaprince princessdiana batmanvsuperman batmanvsupermandawnofjustice womenempowerment גלגדות

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Chris Hobrath


Comment from Chris Hobrath:

Happy f*cking friday! Last day of my week off, and back to the real world tomorrow. Day 2 back from taking a week off from working out too. Felt good, but time to keep pushing! beastorbitch redfriday athlete gym gymlife fitness fitfam crossfit weighttraining weightlifting powerlifting olympiclifting strongman beastmode thetolltobeswole mindsetiseverything crusheverything tattooedandfit inkedandfit getfitordie hardtokillfitness warrior spartan viking savage combatironapparel baldisbeautiful iamthemachine iammymotivation ledbyiron

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Fit Camp Portsmouth


Comment from Fit Camp Portsmouth:

Fridays I love you because I turn on that weekend warrior button on! I'm hiring and looking for new people to help!

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محمد بهشتی راد | M.BeheshtiRad


Comment from محمد بهشتی راد | M.BeheshtiRad:

. There are things that go bump in the night, don't mistake about that And we are the ones who bump back. HellBoy sketchoftheday sketching sketch sketchy sketchbook illustration artwork art artist instaart warrior drawing figurative figuredrawing fighter pencildrawing ماژیک

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Warrior 12


Comment from Warrior 12:

It may be a 40...but that's not by choice, when your issued a firearm, you take it and learn to master it, even if it's not your first choice. It's not pretty because it's used for its intended purpose. . Help support a great cause by purchasing any of our officially licensed Blue Lives Matter gear . . . . . warrior12 warrior bluelivesmatter lawenforecment usa america maga livefreeordie veteran pew backthebadge backtheblue thinblueline thinbluelinefamily unitedstatesofamerica glock glockfeed glockfanatics secondamendment 2a liberty freedom pewpew

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Flynn Von Roretz


Comment from Flynn Von Roretz:

Got to visit a few good friends this week. . marines military usmc grunt arlington 0311 warrior lifestyle ultimatesacrifice warfighter

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Andrew Hyatt


Comment from Andrew Hyatt:

Mom is doing her 2nd chemo treatment today. I am so amazed by how strong she is! A couple of months ago she didnt think she could fight this but look at her now. She is the strongest woman i know! She is fighting cancer and winning. I love you so much mom! ❤️❤️ kickingcancer4kerri kickingcancersbutt warrior

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