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My wcw goes out to this girl right here. Through hunting I have met so many awesome people, but sometimes you meet people who really inspire you. For me, that's brittneyglaze . I have been volunteering for an organization that works with endangered and orphaned kids and teens for several years now. It is something that I am very passionate about. When I told Brittney about the organization, she sent boxes upon boxes (of clothes, bathing suits, shampoos, soaps, body lotions, etc) in order for me to give them to the teenage girls who came to this organization with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Their stories of survival are far beyond any that most of us have experienced. The smiles on these girls` faces y'all. There are no words. I can't share pictures of the girls showing off their new clothes (due to privacy laws since they are underage and some of them are under protection at the moment), but I wanted to share how something that seems so small to one person can change an entire outlook on life for another. These girls went from borrowed clothes to owning their very own sets of outfits. Outfits that made them feel special, beautiful and normal. Normal is something they all desire so much. If you haven't checked out Brittney's page, please do and give it a follow. She is truly one of the sweetest hearts I have been able to meet through the hunting industry and I am honored to call someone like her a friend. ❤ . . . hunting deer bowhunting deerseason archery whitetail accubow outdoors hunter shehunts turkeyhunting warriorfuelhunt yuduoutdoors buck fishing bowhunter whitetaildeer camo huntingseason fishing healthyhunters bigbuck waterfowl worldclassartistry fivestararchery rockstarletteoutdoors

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Not the best photo but these are the newest arrivals here at Mill Pond. Flower Farm. Six cygnets hatched last week & they're already causing mayhem. The parents brought them off the pond and as far from it as they can go. Then they sat at the gate & hissed at us. 😲 troublemakers biggerthanyoueaverageduck cygnets swans waterfowl wildlife

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Man's best friend 🐶 - - - -📷 tylerjlake

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Ursula McClintock Photography


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Who says geese are aggressive? ⠀ ⠀ The town I was born in in New Brunswick had a large water fowl park that is at the center of my oldest memories. This photo was taken when the Rouge Park was flooded and we all had to wade through shin-high water to get to this little boardwalk beside the pond. ⠀ This goose came up super close to me, clearly interested in food. It passed by and began hunting underwater, and wiggling it's butt in the air! ⠀ ⠀ Do you have any memories of birds from your childhood?⠀

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Tara Hensley


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Growing so fast :( knobs are starting to come in now. backyardflock geeseofinstagram waterfowl chinesegeese featherpups sillygoose GizmoandGus

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This flock come in, who's getting it first? 📷 offbeatcreativellc clucaslark billsaunderscalls mallard pintail ducks hunting takeem ez7 ezdoesit waterfowl waterfowlhunting duckcall limits

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WAH Refuge Centre


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For this wildlifeWednesday, we're highlighting our baby gull. When waterfowl are first born, they have fluff instead of feathers. The fluff is not waterproof, but as the gull grows, its feathers come in. We give it larger and larger pools as it grows so it learns to fish, swim, and its feathers waterproof. seagull gull bird birdsofinstagram baby orphan growingbaby orphanedwildlife babywildlife wildanimal fluffy potd WAH WildatHeart Sudbury YSB Lively northernOntario weliveuphere Ontario Canada charity nonprofit volunteers

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widgeon waterfowl wildlife lake

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Repost ducks_nbucks (get_repost) ・・・ It's tough.......but this just might be my favorite waterfowl species...sickforit! ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇birddogwaterfowl waterfowl pintail waterfowllife gundog banded marshlife birddog duckhunting

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So close you can almost feel the ice in your beard • • • tanglefreewaterfowl thisiswhy waterfowl waterfowlhunting sickforit sitkagear duck duckhunting duckdecoys mallard huntwashington huntwa pnw publicland benelli pacificflyway outdoors conservation wildlife hunt hunting nature risekilleat 1013outdoors

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Happy Waterfowl Wednesday! bluewingteal waterfowlwednesday ducks ducksunlimited ducksofinstagram waterfowl wednesdayhashtags wetlands wildlifephotography wildlife birding birdnerd igbirds birds_adored

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WATERFOWL WEDNESDAY rhuntk Last season Early teal hunt, in northern Oklahoma. waterfowlwednesday flatriveroutdoors hunter hunting waterfowl fowl teal bwt oklahoma waterfowler . . Give him a follow show a fellow some love follow like followforfollow

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Check out yuduoutdoors new app! Repost yuduoutdoors (get_repost) ・・・ Have you downloaded the YUDU Outdoors app and made a profile yet?! We want to hear all about your outdoor adventures! Download today in the App Store and Google Play! 🎬 first_light_productions tanglefreewaterfowl thisiswhy waterfowl waterfowlhunting sickforit sitkagear duck duckhunting duckdecoys mallard huntwashington huntwa pnw publicland benelli pacificflyway outdoors conservation wildlife hunt hunting nature risekilleat 1013outdoors

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Big Honk in the decoys. honker honkers waterfowlhunting goosehunting inthedecoys realdecoys higdondecoys whiterockdecoys waterfowl canadageese avianxdecoys avian hardcoredecoys wedfootdecoys bigfootdecoys sickforit

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That's some serious bling. . . . PC=goose_creek_sika waterfowl waterfowlhunting snowgeese snows blingbling fowlrealityoutdoors

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