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American Defense MFG


Comment from American Defense MFG:

AR Height mounts for your Vortex Venom, Viper and Burris FastFire are now available! admmfg vortexoptics vortexnation burrisoptics mountingsolutions igmilitia weaponsdaily

1 Minutes ago

Fonzo Valenzuela


Comment from Fonzo Valenzuela:

Don't be a dummy weaponsdaily rangeday triggerfiend triggerpuller truckgun thegunlife tacticalbeard operaterasfuck igmilitia pistol ammosexual gunsdaily fiocchi gunchannels killdaclowns leadslinger zombies carryeveryday molonlabe beardgunner beardedoperator boogerhookbangswitch 2ndamendment 45acp FNX45

2 Minutes ago

Atlanta Arms


Comment from Atlanta Arms:

When only the best will do...Premium ammo through the Kimber Custom II. AtlantaArms ATLammo AtlArmsAmmo pewpewlife gunsdaily 45acp weaponsdaily pewpew 1911

4 Minutes ago

Sheepdog Targets


Comment from Sheepdog Targets:

Be on the lookout for our new Auto-Resetting Poppers 🙀🎯 . . sheepdog sheepdogtargets guns firearms 2a pewpew gunsdaily tactical selfdefense rangeday gunrange targets steeltargets ar500 shooter sendit police military lawenforcement firstresponders arizona sickguns weaponsdaily rangeday

5 Minutes ago

Anton Beukes / CT South Africa


Comment from Anton Beukes / CT South Africa:

Keep SD training simple, nothing fancy because thats what the street is. And thats how you win.... a video like this will never get millions of views because of the simplicity. But what works will never get the views....

5 Minutes ago

William H.


Comment from William H.:

Complete HK416 parts kit are back in stock with us at ModernOutfitters!

5 Minutes ago

Guns Firearms Weapons Tactical


Comment from Guns Firearms Weapons Tactical:

smo216 with that sub 10lbs beast! ----------------------------------------------------------- weaponsdaily igmilitia mk18 beastmode america aimpoint sr15 knightsarmament kac operator tacticalshit assault 556 guns gunporn dbal nv badass oaf surefire cqbr cqb cqc downrange

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Comment from "Toad":

Monday's Murse. Protect yourself 🇱🇷🏋️‍♀️fnx45 fnx45tactical knifeaddiction righttobeararms edcdaily edc knifeaholics dailybadass knifecommunity knifeporn knifenut weaponsdaily weaponsfanatics weaponsreloaded knifestagram everydaycarry bestknivesofig knifefanatics knifelife coldsteelknives

7 Minutes ago

House of Guns 💀


Comment from House of Guns 💀:

Tag HouseOfGuns for a feature!💥 Repost aaronsizzle ・・・ Sunday Gunday . glockinc Glock 19 Gen4 trijicon RMR rm01 inforce01 APL s3fsolutions Black Nitride barrel tarantactical +5/6 Basepad agencyarms Magwell federalpremium 124gr HST's boker_knives Ridgeback aaronsizzle left hand . glock glock19 glockinc glocklife glocksdaily glockfanatics glockporn glockfeed glockperfection glockteam thegunlife gunlife gunporn gunsdaily gunstagram gunfanatics gunchannels gunsallowed shooters shootergram thepewpewlife pewpew weaponsdaily weaponsreloaded weaponsfanatics sundaygunday staystrapped edc

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S&W M&P9 FDE SAI TEIR ONE PACKAGE. What do you think? sai salientarmsinternational smithandwesson mp9 9mm teirone fde gun guns pistol firearm selfdefense everydaycarry igmilitia pewpewlife weaponsdaily gunsdaily gunporn edc ccw texas dallas American America 2a gunchannels usa

8 Minutes ago

Cameron Quan


Comment from Cameron Quan:

Heb 4:12- For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any double edged sword . . . crkt czusa czp01 bibleverse blade blackandwhite knife guns gunsofinstagram thegunlife everybladeofgrass igmilitia hashtagtical pewpew gun sickguns gunspictures dailygundose 2a gunfreaks secondamendment molonlabe donttreadonme sickguns concealedcarry everydaycarry gunsdaily weaponsdaily thesheepdogdefenseproject dailygundose

8 Minutes ago

FightLite Industries

Comment from FightLite Industries:

Happy Monday!!! Here to get you rolling for the week is video of our select-fire Dual-Feed MCR! Weighing 50% less that the current issue M249 SAW, the MCR/AMG-2 is the lightest and most portable belt-fed in the world! Key features include ultra reliable gas-piston operation, a true quick-change barrel and a patented dual-feed system that permits operators to immediately and seamlessly switch between belt or magazine feed at their discretion and as field conditions require! 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . igmilitia gunporn gunsdaily gunspictures gunfanatics defensemk ar15 ar15news weaponsdaily gunslifestyle bestgunsdaily firearmphotography gunsdailyusa dailybadass gunfreaks feed freedom feedyourfreedom usa sickguns ngsar mcr amg2 aresdefense polymerammo usaforever

11 Minutes ago

Wes Jones


Comment from Wes Jones:

When there is no where to shoot and nothing to shoot at, the best we can do is admire. And of course racking the bolt, dry firing, making fake recoil motions, and fake gun blast noises, as well as running through a small apartment "clearing rooms"; all while annoying the ever loving sh*t out of barbellsandblush guns gun gunsandammo weapon weaponsdaily shooters rifle 223 pewpew pewpewlife magpul ar15 223 opscore wilcox nvg nightvision nods pvs14 aimpoint dbal bcm streamlight secondamendment 2ndamendment gear gearporn gearwhore gearlife gunporn merica

11 Minutes ago

Jon "Mochabear" Dufresne


Comment from Jon "Mochabear" Dufresne:

I get very excited everything I get to the range and it shows! 😆 merica | RLTW | alwaystraining | violentwhennecessary | gunsdaily | weaponsdaily | igmilitia | gunchannels | igdaily | t1ammo | spotterup | 2a | wotg | sagedynamics | gunslifestyle | weaponspromo | edc | ArmordilloConcealment | carryeveryday | sunnysouthflorida | sunsoutgunsout | traintowin

12 Minutes ago

Yankee Hill Machine


Comment from Yankee Hill Machine:

gearsofguns Spends some quiet time with the 5.56 Phantom check out the video - Today we worked the the windhamproject and added a yankee_hill_machine 5.56 phantom suppressor to the review. See why this is more than just another piece of gear in my review in the bio. ******** Use code "GOG5" for 5% off your entire order! ________________________________ gun | shooting | igmilitia | rifle | 2ndamendment | gunporn firearms | texas | tacticool | testandevaluation | igdaily | instagood | pewpew | photooftheday | atticusjames | dailybadass | defendthe2nd | gearsofguns| gunlife weaponsdaily | molonlabe

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Comment from ACTION 2 RECOIL™:

Blasting through Monday courtesy of guns_n_at 🤘🏻🔫🇺🇸 . . . . . Action2Recoil 2a 2ndamendment 2ndamendmentrights 2ndamendmentsupporter ar15 ar15porn molanlabe comeandtakeit gunlife joinordie glock glockteam pro2a pewpew pewpewlife weaponsdaily gunsdaily sbr ccw revolver wheelgun donttreadonme guns gun gunnut gunfreaks gunfanatics tactical tacticallife

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Comment from DoomsdayInd:

Deciding which one to carry today. 9mm or 40? -- smithandwessoncorp doomsdayindustries gunporn mpshield weapons weaponsdaily pewdiepie pewpew pewpewlife recoilmagazine tactical tacticalweapons hicapmag highcapacitymag gunsandammo shield9mm mandp mandpaholics smithandwesson_fanatics merica merica🇺🇸 pewpewpew smithandwesson shotshow nra nrashow secondamendment

13 Minutes ago

Mike Zingali


Comment from Mike Zingali:

Leveled✔️torqued✔️laser bore sighted✔️ ready to be zeroed and some load development. spr dmr vortexpstgen2 223wylde 556 precisionrifle wethepeople weaponsdaily WeaponsReloaded righttobeararms tacital thepewpewlife takebackcalifornia igguns IWillNeverDisarm overwatchapparel pewpew AR15 sickguns surefire defendCA donttreadonme dtom freedom gunporn gunrights calguns

14 Minutes ago

Alex & Ryan Design LLC


Comment from Alex & Ryan Design LLC:

The ONE and only. veritas_tactical VT15 MG gemtechsilencer ONE anrdesign

14 Minutes ago



Comment from SharkTac:

This is my everyday, I need a custom just like it🙂from you sinkevichdesign edc ztknives sinkevich knivesdaily knifecommunity knifepics knivesofinstagram knifeclub weaponsdaily bladecommunity itwillcut zerotolerance sharktac

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