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馃嚘馃嚥远缘諉諗缘諓 源员諉员钥諉缘諓馃嚘馃嚥


Comment from 馃嚘馃嚥远缘諉諗缘諓 源员諉员钥諉缘諓馃嚘馃嚥:

Repost from knockoutlights: "So proud of these two, jamie_villamor and charissa_littlejohn. Both did an excellent job executing this reload drill. This was performed at 15 yards on steel and was not a speed drill. Learning objectives: movement off the X, presentation, accuracy, workspace reload, followup shot and proper recovery. Jamie did a good job of resolving the slide lock failure during reload and Charissa is cross eye dominate and brought the weapon up to her dominate eye rather then moving her head to acquire sight picture . shooting range training guns merica 2a pewpew girlswithguns edc reload tactical Gunsdaily Weaponsdaily GunFanatics DailyBadass Sickguns GlockFanatics GunPorn GunsBadassery ConcealCarryNation EveryBladeOfGrass FirearmsPhotography Hashtagtical GunChannels GunDose weaponspromo GlockPorn Glock" (via InstaRepost

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Safe Haven Dynamics LLC


Comment from Safe Haven Dynamics LLC:

Two new agencyarms options came in today. Just have to snag a few different parts for the battlefield green one and it will be good to go. customglock glock19 9mm weaponsdaily gunsdaily gunfanatics welcometothebrotherhood edc everydaycarry 2a pewpew thepewpewlife

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Mark Wagner


Comment from Mark Wagner:

Repost from jonesarms) using RepostRegramApp - If you haven't been following along.... the Kronos 9mm Carbine is in production now. We have a limited quantity on this first run. That means you need to jump in on the preorder! There is an item on our online store for the deposit! -- -- firearms firearmsdaily sickguns sickgunsdaily gunsofinstagram gunchannels gunfeed gatfeed badassguns dailybadass weaponsdaily igmilitia gunporn guns glock glockporn 9mm pcc mericamonday merica 2a 2ndamendment pistol molonlabe weaponsfanatics gunlife pewpew

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Featured NRA Firearms for Freedom Auction: Chinese AKS Side-Folder 7.63x39mm Auction ends March 02 egunner auction auctions gunauction gunauctions firearms guns nra nrafff 2A 2amendment gunpics guncollector ak47 ak tactical weapon weapons weaponsdaily weaponry weaponsfanatics weapons

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螠螣螞惟螡 螞螒螔螘


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What's better than hanging out with good friends is the motivation you get from them. thebeardedmale / blackwolf_inc and theguncollective

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Thordsen Customs


Comment from Thordsen Customs:

Great looking build featuring our Thordsen Customs Cheek Rest Kit! 鉅 鉅 www.ThordsenCustoms.com鉅 鉅 Photo by TracerXphoto 鉅 鉅 igmilitia gunporn gunsdaily gunspictures gunfanatics defensemk ar15news weaponsdaily gunslifestyle bestgunsdaily firearmphotography gunsdailyusa

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Tactical Link


Comment from Tactical Link:

Tactical Link Convertible AR Sling in this photo from TracerXphoto along with ArmaspecUSA, Bobro_Engineering, CMCTriggers, FortisMfg, RainierArms and Hexmag鉅 鉅 igmilitia gunporn gunsdaily gunspictures gunfanatics defensemk ar15news weaponsdaily gunslifestyle bestgunsdaily firearmphotography gunsdailyusa

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Jack Stottlemire


Comment from Jack Stottlemire:

Today's EDC with with a Vandal. 1911 45acp streamlight edc everdaycarry vandal aeb-l americanmade knives knivesofig knivesdaily knife knifesale knifenut knifeporn weaponsdaily gunsandknives

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Brian Lohman


Comment from Brian Lohman:

Bluing parts today the old school way by slow rust bluing. 11875 West Little York, Suite 701 Houston TX 77041 phone 832 849 0009 lohmangunsmith lohman_gunsmith gunsmith daily_badass dail4ybadass weaponsdaily weaponsfanatics worldofweapons weaponsreloaded gundose gunlife gunporn sickgunsallday bossweapons gunsmithhouston cerakotehouston houstongunsmith bestgunsmithhouston firearmrestoration houstonbestgunsmith gunsmithsinhoustontx gunsmithsinhouston followme like4like instadaily 365hou tagsforlikes gunbluing slowrustblue

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Brad Louis


Comment from Brad Louis:

Dat hot brass doe He learned his lesson RangeTime RangeDay 2a Glock GlockLife GroupTherapy RangeTime GroupTherapy igmilitia gunsofinstagram instaguns thepewpewlife pewpew gunchannels gunsdaily dailypistol dailyrifle hashtagtical concealedcarrynation weaponspromo weaponsdaily weaponsreloaded sickguns gun SpringfieldArmory Glocks 2ndAdmendment Tactical GlockFeed Police police馃懏 PoliceTraining gun gunsdaily thegunlife police_pics police_videos policeposts reds_and_blues usa_cops 2a_life

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Comment from Lifestyle_Gear:

Repost daily_gun_dose 銉汇兓銉 Tag DailyGunDose for a feature! 馃挜鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺鈻傗杺 Repost 馃摳leaspeed6 銉汇兓銉 What's on Lea's dining table? Well the Gremlin is back and I'm figuring out how to mount a red dot on it without a side rail... I got an MRO but most likely it'll be one of the RMRs I already have that will go on there. My dangerclosearmament rolandspecial approves of the RMR suggestion as well. 馃馃敟馃嚭馃嚫 finedining reddotsonallthethings war weapons weapon weaponsdaily edc tactical usa igguns igmilitia pewpew pewpewpew america army shooting shoot followme firearms firearm guns molonlabe merica military

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Area 53 Manufacturing


Comment from Area 53 Manufacturing:

How about some FDE .308 Area 53 El Capitan today!!鉅 鉅 Photo by Down_Range_Photography 鉅 鉅 igmilitia gunporn gunsdaily gunspictures gunfanatics defensemk ar15news weaponsdaily gunslifestyle bestgunsdaily firearmphotography gunsdailyusa

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Comment from weapon_badass:

鈿笍black or red馃敶 - weapon weaponbadass weapons weaponsdaily badass badasses badassery black red knifecollection knifecommunity knifelife knifepics epic awesome amazing cool

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Faxon Firearms


Comment from Faxon Firearms:

Rain, Snow or Shine, the range is calling!!鉅 -鉅 www.FaxonFirearms.com鉅 -鉅 Photo by GregSkazPhotography鉅 -鉅 igmilitia gunporn gunsdaily gunspictures gunfanatics defensemk ar15news weaponsdaily gunslifestyle bestgunsdaily firearmphotography gunsdailyusa

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RTSP - Range鈥irearms鈥raining


Comment from RTSP - Range鈥irearms鈥raining:

Gun of the day: carolinaarmsgroup Trenton Tactical 1911! This beautiful, handcrafted 1911 features a forged frame and slide, matched barrel and bushings, 4lb trigger, and CZ grips to name a few! Stop in, check them out and be sure try one of our rentals! guns weapon 1911 rifle pistol shotgun firearms america merica freedom all_shots rtsp 2ndamendment 2a defendthesecond pewpew defense girlswithguns girlswhoshoot shooting shootingrange gunrights molonlabe gunlife nj weaponsdaily weapon nyc

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Ballistic Advantage


Comment from Ballistic Advantage:

Close up shot of our Ballistic Advantage Premium Series 6.5 Creedmoor 416R SS barrel and its 11 degree recessed target crown. Accuracy is all in the details!!鉅 鉅 www.ballisticadvantage.com鉅 鉅 Photo by GregSkazPhotography 鉅 鉅 igmilitia gunporn gunsdaily gunspictures gunfanatics defensemk ar15news weaponsdaily gunslifestyle bestgunsdaily firearmphotography gunsdailyusa

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Fire 4 Effect


Comment from Fire 4 Effect:

justchaseofficial giving us another great shot of our Stingray 2 cut. We are about to reveal a 2.2 version /upgrade of this cut. We always try to refine and improve our products.

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Comment from Guntology.:

馃挜馃挜Tag Guntology for a feature! [馃摳:darrin_2a] 銉汇兓銉 If you havin gun problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but pew ain't one 馃帶 pewpewlife gunfreaks 2a 3p united2a gunchannels guns gunsdaily gunfanatics weaponsfeed DailyGunDose gunhaven weaponsdaily hashtagtical gatfeed slingersclub gunsbadassery guns_gear_knives gunsdailyusa guntology gunsfanatics just_pistols dailypistol handdumps ak47 kalashlife

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Yagenrok Rifleworks Co.


Comment from Yagenrok Rifleworks Co.:

Repost americansuppressor 銉汇兓銉 Whatever you call it, they are all the same to us. suppressallthethings morninghairdontcareslashthrowback 馃槤馃槝 sigsauerinc whenitcounts asa hearingprotectionact hearingprotectionactof2017 makehearingsafeagain silence gunsofinstagram sickguns pewpew suppressor suppressors silencer silencers fightthenoise 2a 2ndamendment secondamendment nfa pewpewlife weapons weaponsdaily (馃摲 hashtagtical via latermedia)

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Comment from Inquiries

And another sigsauerinc mpx chopped and ready for test fire. Customer bought a carbine but decided he wanted the SD look. gunhub gunporn dailyguns 2nd custom weaponsfanatics weaponsdaily nfafanatics nfa sbr stampcollector merica badass beastmode pewlife ringreticle igmilitia cwgunwerks gunsoninstagram gunsdaily gunchannels gunophilia

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