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Getting Healthier Aint Easy


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Ashley Padfield


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You can't just talk about it, you have to BE about it!! Yes prepping for things in a key part of success. However, the only way to become successful it to DO IT, FAIL, TWEAK IT and DO IT AGAIN!! You never going to get anywhere just planning and thinking! You have to take action!! This morning I was listening to a church service on the radio. He said that people miss out on some of God's blessings because they are always just waiting on God to do it. Well HE PLAYS A HUGE role in that, but God wants to see you take action first!! Don't pray the same old prayer! Speak to Him with the belief and the faith that it's coming! Then, TAKE ACTION!! Stop wasting time and let the outpouring of blessings and God's plan spill over in your life!! #mindset #inspire #loveyourself #action #success #push #determination #mentor #leader #move #doit #start #growth #goals #goaldigger #hustle #grind #godsblessings #plans #achieve #entrepreneur #weightloss #weightlossjourney #single #singlemom #listen

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Thanks for the tag @sophie___sw ❤️ 1) I just turned 30 in December ! 💁🏼 2) Hometown is Cumbernauld (near Glasgow) 3)I have one little angel Violet💜 and one little earthling Parker 💙 4) I work for an energy company 5) to be happy, skinny and healthy! 6) I always hear my cereal in the microwave 😂 7) nachos with guacamole 😍 I have other faces but this is what I'm craving right now 😂😂 8) I have 1 on my wrist, 1 on my forearm, 1 on my back, and 1 on my ribs 9) I did have a gorgeous little cat Maia, but she lives with H's twin brother now 10) Downfall? Diet wise, it's Sugar, without a doubt! Anything sweet and I'm lost! 😂 I tag anyone who wants to play!• . . . . #lifewithababy #mumlife #motherhood #dailyparenting #weaning #healthy #slimmingworld #swmamas #maternityleave #rainbowbaby #swsupport #weightloss #sheddingforthewedding #babyledweaning

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Rachel Gerson


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Seriously having the best "me" weekend. Yesterday I went to @lululemon. Today I went grocery shopping & bought myself flowers. I don't know where @marianosmarket is buying them from, but their flowers today were breathtaking 🌹🌺🌸 How is everyone's weekend going? When was the last time you bought yourself flowers? ❤️

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Alaska Parker-White


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That face you make when you are about to go eat brunch with your girls 🙊💗😁 ... and of course pics to come xx

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Try the Spartn, Veinz, and Burnz Stack to: •Build Lean Muscle Mass •Gain Strength •Burn Fat •Enhance Blood Flow & Muscle Pump💪🏼

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Weight Loss Tips


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