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Comment from GYM⭐️LIFE:

Just touched down in L.A. .... i changed my entire workout schd. just to shock my body but also concentrate alot more on growing my chest and my legs, i know your prolly like wtf but i need bigger tits and thicker legs for this shoot were trying to put together lol 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 Today is an all Core & Ab day tho, kinda excited becauss i havnt had a day just for abs in a long ass time so i know ima be hurin tomorrow but it'll be a good sore feel me. LETS GET THIS MONEY 🙏🏾⭐️💵💵💵 #GymLife #ItsTheKid #Elite #LaFitness #NoDaysOff #Training #CompressionTights #Vlog #WeightLifting #Muscle #Money #Change #BodyBuilding #Top #Me #Spandex #SocialMedia #PopularPic #WeightLoss #MensFashion #Focus #Famous #WeightLifting #Gym #Powerful #Entertainment #Transformation #PopularPhoto #InstaGram #FilmPhotography #LivingTheDream @50Cent @UnderAmour @Nike @Reebok @Layer8Official @ProCompression @CompressionTightsMen @XXL @MensMagazine @Ethicka @Hind

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Comment from Patrick Staller:

Simple and Sinister on Sunday afternoon. 100 KB Swings and 5 Turkish Get-Ups on each side. My form still needs a lot of work. Starting out with 35lb/16kg kettlebell to work my way up. I'll also work up to one-handed swings. Never mind the constant state of minor renovations happening in my basement. #weightloss #simpleandsinister #strongfirst #kettlebell @obese_to_beast is inspiration.

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Comment from Scott Ryan Fitness:

This Shakeology recipe looks amazing, and I will have to try it soon! It looks too unhealthy to be my healthiest and most dense meal of the day, but looks can be deceiving! Want the free recipe? If so, here it is➡ #Sunday #SundayFunday #HappySunday

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Comment from Christina Carlyle:

Just got done prepping my contribution to family game day dinner. Isn't my salad pretty? The easiest and best way to ensure you're going to have a healthy option when you're invited to a party is to bring one. Need some inspiration? I got you. This post has 14 recipes that have a healthy twist on classic party faves. They all taste great and you can eat them guilt free. Check them out here:

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New Year diet resolutions? There is no better time than now! ✨ Try us this January with 50% OFF our pay per month online diet coaching subscription using code 'SALE50' #newyearnewyou

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