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Emilyy Kate


Comment from Emilyy Kate:

6 weeks till I'm jobless 😰 fuck nothappy hopefullyifindsomething iwill positive selfie snapchat blondie babe smile pout jobless damnnnn whattodo 😋😌

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Sambil teman tokki jual ayam..sambil breakfast.. Meh la beli ayam tokki kita jual..fresh dari ladang ni :p myclingybaby nakibuje bunyiloripontakut whattodo

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Acme Lounge


Comment from Acme Lounge:

pizza slingin' cocktail sippin' soul soothin' sundays.....coming your way....jointheclub

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Kayla Jansen


Comment from Kayla Jansen:

thoughts truths liquidcourage maybe whattodo honestly thinkiknow cantfeelthishurtanymore trust gone love stillthere but is it worthit

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Liseth Rodriguez


Comment from Liseth Rodriguez:

Emergency meeting at the sliding door. Topic to discuss "What to do about the lizard 🦎 on the screen door. kittymeetingwhattodolizard

43 Minutes ago

lindsay cene'


Comment from lindsay cene':

Our house is a constant work in progress. This is a bookshelf my husband and I have been carrying around since college. I want to throw some grey chalk pant on it to give it that "farmhouse" feel and I'm working on the decor part too. . I bought the antler letter wood art at a huge flea market here in east Texas called "First Monday" in Canton for $20. Painted it myself... just need to find the perfect home for it! . Any ideas? Where would you put it in your house? Help! lol . homedecor rusticdecor diydecor helpmeplease whattodo home farmhousestyle farmhousedecor bookshelf dallasblogger

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Comment from RoZzy:

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Rebekah Sue


Comment from Rebekah Sue:

Newest addition to the Wiggins household. Social media world, meet mIkea the Dragon Tree from Ikea. 😜Originally adopted to hang out with me on my desk at work, but now I'm sorta liking having him in my living room... whattodo? struggling iloveplants iwantagiantgardenalltomyselfok?

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Stella Estrella


Comment from Stella Estrella:

Why must you be so amazing? Cookies or abs? Ugh the choice is hard! girlscouts girlscoutcookies cookies foodporn foodproblem girlscoutsrock choices whattodo lifeproblems food toffee toffeetastic glutenfree

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Comment from Sally:

New post is up!!! On the blog today I'm talking about a relevant phrase in my life: living water 💕

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Brent Folan


Comment from Brent Folan:

Day 87: Philippine sunsets are works of art. Bittersweet this is my last one in El Nido. We rented motorbikes and explored all over the city. If you have never ridden a motorbike before, this is not the place for you to start. The main roads are fine, but the roads to the beaches are another story. The gravel and dirt roads mixed with the hills can be a dangerous combination. Just want to make sure everyone stays safe when they visit here. With that being said, the beaches we found all belonged on magazine covers. One of the beaches we were the only ones on it. I've really enjoyed my time here with the friends I've been traveling with. We all enjoyed our last dinner together at the Greenview Point, a must see for sunsets when you make it to El Nido. Going on one more island tour tomorrow before catching a bus back to Puerto Princesa. whattodo elnido puertoprincesa motorbikes folantravels findfolan folanfinds philippines alwayslearning youtube youtuber

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Karin Elise Fossen


Comment from Karin Elise Fossen:

Just sitting here.. waiting for the season to start..🚘 life motorsport passion dreams ready season2017 whattodo workhard nevergiveup followyourdreams rallykarin

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Inkwell Agency


Comment from Inkwell Agency:

My secret to running a great business and starting up a second is lists. I start every week with a good coffee and a good to do list. It lets me plan and prioritize. Plus it puts everything into perspective and keeps stress and anxiety at bay (okay for the most part).

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Comment from De365dagenvanJul:

27.02.2017 ✨ De lat ligt zo hoog, dat ik er nog zo moeilijk aan kan.... dat het zelfs nog amper aan mij is, om deze te verschuiven... Ik word verstikt door de drang om het goed te doen, het is nooit goed genoeg.... Zo kan het niet verder.... Vandaag heel veel gestudeerd. Het geeft een goed gevoel als ik een groot stuk kan afwerken, maar morgen komt er gewoon weer een nieuw stuk bij.... ✨ learning studying study law lawschool ethics mac room kot Leuven phychological suffering fear neverenough neverending notsogood whattodo dontgiveup help gewooneerlijk

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My Little Bubsy


Comment from My Little Bubsy:

So this is happening right now... 👀👣 whattodo shouldiriskmovinghim atleasttheydontsmell shouldimovehim cosleeping

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Justyna Grygiel


Comment from Justyna Grygiel:

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Ida Bruvik Hella

Comment from Ida Bruvik Hella:

Kveldens prosjekt,og langt ifra ferdig😂😂 så det blir nok månedsprosjekt😉 painting wolf moon acrylicpainting black white måne ulv akrylmaling lerret norway diy whattodo training

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Krystal Kay


Comment from Krystal Kay:

Eyes poppin thathair midlifecrisis maybe thoseeyes howboutdat almostmybirthday whattodo

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Comment from Melissa:

sad bored snapchatfilter favorite funny hurryhubby lastdayoff whattodo eat shop nap napitis

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Comment from Duska:

... “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” – Albert Einstein muzejiluzij visitljubljana visitslovenia kongresnitrg whattodo

23 Days ago