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Comment from yoga_obeh57:

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Comment from vita_noura:

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Christina Thømpsøn


Comment from Christina Thømpsøn:

Can this be enough? There are so many bright moments in life that I want to tell you in instagram, in twitter or in a bar with friends over a glass of beer, and I have to write this shit again. I'm not living the best of times now. No, I do not ask anyone for help. I myself am capable of this. And few people will immediately come to the rescue, only if I ask someone. Hmm. Anyway. Everything is so fucked up that ... I almost lost my source of inspiration. I realized this yesterday. Unexpectedly, the truth? And I went to this for a year, even had to part with a loved one (a year ago) And for the sake of what was, with my frivolity, could I just quit it all? What about my goals? I really do not understand what's really going on? We live in a modern, it would seem, society, but not here it was. Yes, I'm talking about the terrorist attack in Barcelona. You know ... This will never stop. All that was, it is and will be. And it will only get worse. Let's take a random person. If he's so shit, even if his flowers grow in an ass, he will not be good. A good person can spoil, but from such a shit the flower will not. Yeah, what am I talking about, you yourself all know. 08/18/17 august18 photo edit black white blackandwhite brentashley combichrist truestory story life thoughts world human people shit fuck fuckyou fuckthatshit whathefuck

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Comment from Majli:

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HollandGreen Architecture


Comment from HollandGreen Architecture:

The client’s needs are at the heart of every great design. The client desired maximum privacy in their home that is adjacent to a busy street. The curvature of the external walls allowed for the indoor spaces to capture most natural light while remaining private. . . . Photography: Doublespace Photography Architect: Mohamed Amine Siana hollandgreenarchitecture wonderfullivingspaces architecture contemporary newbuild house inspiration residential residentialhome Morocco curve white light sun exterior design modern creative instagood casablanca

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Comment from Taigarman:

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Comment from Victoria:

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Comment from 🎨:

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Comment from 🇺🇦📷:

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Comment from ゆうみ:

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Gospođica Maćka


Comment from Gospođica Maćka:

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Fabio Mancini 1995


Comment from Fabio Mancini 1995:

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Comment from caroline.amelie:

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Alexandra O'Rourke


Comment from Alexandra O'Rourke:

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PaNi meri Jaan 😍😘


Comment from PaNi meri Jaan 😍😘:

Regrann from parthxxniti - "Main PaNi dalu?" 😂😍😭😍 Babiesssssss 😍😭😭 Come back pls 😭 nititaylor 😘 the_parthsamthaan 😘 PC- shapeofyou_pani 💕 MaNan PaNi Love Holi Throwback KYY Memories Red White - regrann

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seeyouinhell 🔥


Comment from seeyouinhell 🔥:

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Ahmad Jbara


Comment from Ahmad Jbara:

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Wang Jia Yun


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Comment from Connectwithadi:

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Hana Stilson


Comment from Hana Stilson:

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