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I had a recruiter call me today asking me if I was in the market for an opportunity. I let her know that I did a Mic Drop 🎤on corporate life back in July after 20+ years and I was health and fitness coaching full time. She asked me what other opportunities I had looked at. I had to laugh a little again. . I'm a Full Time Health and Fitness Coach, I'm good!❤️ . She pressed me that it was a 6 figure opportunity with benefits close to home-- didn't I carry the benefits for my family?😳 . Yes I did, and we do have coverage and are doing just fine. We have ENOUGH that's what counts.❤️ . But regardless the point is MONEY doesn't define us! It doesn't give us worth or significance in life! . What we have and how we are doing is our personal business but we are just fine! Beachbody has provided but the most important part is we are RICH in love, in family, in meaningful friendships, we are here to make a difference in someone's life! 🌟 . You don't need to be rich to make a difference you just need to CARE and be a GOOD PERSON!! 💕 . I know for FACT that you can have a big fat bank💰💰 account and be EMPTY inside, trust me I know! How do you measure your worth? . We are a family just like everyone else, messing up, getting it right, raising our kids, trying not to screw 'em up too bad. Maintaining our farm of roughly THIRTY pets🐹🐓🐎🐕🦎! (Yep it gets crazy around here!) sorting thru mountains of endless laundry. With a mom of 2 kids who happens to have a PASSION for health and fitness and decided that it was time to make it her business ;) . I am going to keep going, laughing, blogging, helping, caring, contributing and SWEARING my way thru, making y'all laugh at my expense😂🤣😂 - and I LEGIT EFFIN' love ❤️every moment of it! . So yeah, I'm good, I'll pass on the job opportunity to my friends! I LOVE this life I've created too, too much to give it up! . Let's hear it for being FILTHY RICH in Knowledge, Experience, Horse Manure ( U need it? We have it), Experience, Laughter, Health, Family (its not just blood people) and LOVE!💕 . I'm all Good! :) #CoachLife #MyLife #NoBullShitLife 💩

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Не знаю как они это делают, но после общения с этими большими, теплыми животными, #мир с высоты его седла кажется лучше. #horse #winterhorse #наконе моя #подруга Хрюня

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Tijdens deze fotoshoot hebben we alle weersomstandigheden gehad. Het begon met dikke sneeuwvlokken, we konden amper zien. Daarna regende het even, daarna was het droog, Op het laatste scheen de zon ook nog even, daar hebben we ook gebruik van gemaakt Michelle & haar lieve paard in de sneeuw ---------------------------------------------------- www.elianevanschaikphotography. wil je ook een shoot? stuur een PB voor meer info #snow #winter #blondehair #love #snow #winterhorse #blackhorse #horse #equine #equinephotography #paard #paarden #paardenfotografie #pferdefotografie #instahorse #bestofhorses #fotografie #photography #horses #horsephoto #featurehorse #paardenfotograaf #equinephotographer #cheval #bestofequines #bestofequinephotography #eqwtdshh4 #mhwtdwinte #pferd #pferdefotografie

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