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Monique Leitão


Comment from Monique Leitão:

Sobre uma imagem que fala mais do que mil palavras! Monstar Games desse final de semana me mostrou que é preciso muito além de força e técnica. Acima de tudo é preciso ter controle sobre a mente!Ter calma, controlar os impulsos e emoções! Achei que dominava tudo isso, mas essa experiência me mostrou que ainda tenho muitooooo que aprender. Não se pode criar experiência, é preciso passar por ela. E eu passei! Foto 🔝 do boxinsideme nutricionista monstargames workout wod nutricaoesportiva heathy crossfitgirls crossfitter reebokcrossfit arujacrossfit crossfitpictures reebokbrasil nutriatleta

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G7 CrossFit


Comment from G7 CrossFit:

WOD 22/02/17 brwood burpees crossfit crossfitbrasil crossfitgames crossfitgirl crossfitter crossfitters determinação esporte fit fitness foconadieta g7crossfit gymnastic health indaiatuba lift lpo monstermuscle myboxmag NutricionistaBernardoMaia open2017 revistacf rxelite saude weightlifting wod workout

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Comment from TheXBands:

Great move from il0vejlin using thexbands love love this band! i highly recommend it!☺️ i do this workout after i train legs...usually last, for burnout🔥🔥🔥 try this workout 👉🏼3 sets -15 reps (each leg) 😉   resistancebands bootygoals bootybands exercisebands lunges wod fitness awesome glutegoals gluteguide bootyexercises motivational howtogetabooty bootybuilding exercisevideo xbands

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Invictus Strength&Conditioning


Comment from Invictus Strength&Conditioning:

FACEBOOK PAGE giveaway!!! Hey guys! Don't miss out on our first GIVEAWAY!!! 💪 We are giving away one (1) bag of new 'Optimum Nutrition Protein Energy' protein powder! Start your days with a delicious serve of this Mocha Cappuccino flavoured protein powder, packed with protein, vitamins and caffeine for that morning boost! 😍 To enter the comp simply like this post, share it on your timeline and tag three (3) of your gym mates! 🏋 Winner announced on Saturday 25th of Feb 2017! Tag away! 💪 invictusstrengthandconditioning squatsandpancakesmethods powerliftingaustralia powerlifting weightlifting lift train squat benchpress deadlift kettlebells legs frontsquat wod crossfit snatch meetprep gym strengthandconditioning strong coaching hardworkpaysoffs inspiration dedication motivation iS&C strongwomen womenwhopowerlift

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Comment from thiagobmesca:

PR clean 325lbs! Agora encarar o open e o Binho. Prepara o vestido bear fluffy🐻❤️ auahahha crossfit crossfitbauru crossfitbauruteam juniorcarvalhoteam crowfitnessteam crowteam crowfitness paleo crossfitbrasil canalwod myboxmag brwod crossviciado reebok reebokbrasil reebokcrossfit wod motivation fun cfrepost cfbroficial intheopen

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Anytime Fitness Eltham


Comment from Anytime Fitness Eltham:

Pop into the club today, we will be set up here until 9pm, signing up new members for a $0 joining fee. Members who have a friend sign up - you can both enjoy a free 45 min PT session!

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Bear Grips® ☑


Comment from Bear Grips® ☑:

Tag someone who needs to see this. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow 👉 bear_grips Follow 👉 bear_grips ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💡 Like 10 Posts & Follow 💡 Check out 💡 Turn On Post Notifications To See New Content ASAP ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📷 All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s) Repost squat_university . . . . Ioving crossfitter workoutoftheday wod squats beastmode fitnessphysique raw front goals strong deadlift positivity gymmotivation bodygoals gymrat bestrong fitnessmotivation gymlover fitnessmodel gains muscles determination getfit active training fitspo exercise shredz

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Contatos: 992530123/998817880


Comment from Contatos: 992530123/998817880:

Up and down 🤸🏻‍♂️💪🏼👊🏼 cerradocrossfit crossfit crossfitter crossfitfamily crossfitgirls crossfitlifestyle crossfitlife crossfitcommunity crossfitbrasil crossfitbrasilia crossfitlovers cfbroficial crossviciado crossfitdiario beldadesdocf meubox mybox wod coachleobarros familiacerradocrossfit up down handstand nosetothewall

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Go For Broke


Comment from Go For Broke:

2.22.17 G4B goforbroke crossfit wod 1day

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CrossFit Lubbock


Comment from CrossFit Lubbock:

Wednesday's prescription AMRAP 12: 10 Thrusters (95/65) 10 Ring Dips 10 Box Jumps (24/20) For additional competitors programming, follow gfbfitness cflbk crossfit wod G4B

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CrossFit Chelsea


Comment from CrossFit Chelsea:

Who's ready to climb that rope?⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ crossfitcommunity crossfitchelsea wod fitlife crossfit community gymlife rep Bromance pr wodgear health fitness lifestyle active strong train training setthebar wodify ProjectVigilante programming squattalotta FitFamily gymnastics bettereveryday

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Jeh Rojas


Comment from Jeh Rojas:

Meu parceiro pra todas as horas... casalfitness jjfitnesscorpore vemproaulaodajjfitnesscorpore crossfit crossfuncional crossfitgirls treinofuncional funcional gym muscle bodymodification bodybuilding tmj l4l f4f tbt sdv curta siguemeytesigo nutricao saude bemestar wod

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Daniel Crisfe


Comment from Daniel Crisfe:

Arranco pelo atleta gustavoteodoro06 76kg, 171lbs... Posição de saida - cabeça olhando para frente, ombros a frente da linha da barra, costas selada, dorsal ativo, cotovelos em extensão e pé posicionados entre os quadris e ombros. Primeira puxada - saida lenta mantendo o alinhamento das costas, quadris e tórax sobem juntos, ângulos de joelho e quadril se mantem. Transição - passagem da barra pelos joelhos. Segunda puxada - aceleração e explosão do movimento, tripla extensão, quadril, joelho e tornozelo e encolhimento dos ombros empurrando a barra o máximo de distância do chão. Recepção - se puxar para debaixo da barra em um agachamento profundo e receber ela acima da cabeça com os cotovelos estendidos. Recuperação - estabilização da barra acima da cabeça em posição de agachamento e realizar extensao do corpo finalizando em pé com a barra acima da cabeça. Mágica 🏋🏿 CrossFitPassos crossfit fitness fitfan revistagrip revistacf brwod mybox lpo oly fastlift slowlift gymnastic endurance metcon metabolic segueoplano weightlifting powerlifting wod workout cfgymnastic cfcoach afiliated vemprobox toggo sejativo reebok tcb butecodoatleta

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CrossFit Grant Street


Comment from CrossFit Grant Street:

Say good bye to old Matt... Meet Matt RX!!! crossftgrantstreet

5 Minutes ago

Reservas 3143124032


Comment from Reservas 3143124032:

Entrenando con buenos resultados vidasana enforma abs motivacion personaltrainer electroestimulacion entrenamientopersonal rumba zumba fitness workout fitnessaddicted electrofitness bogota dieta abd fit electrofit gym gimnasio crossfit wod training chicasfitness modelia studiofit20

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Sir Wilkins


Comment from Sir Wilkins:

Coach Dew coachdew and I are teaming up to give you the best fitness class in New York City. On February 25 we are throwing a free class so you can get a taste of what 2017 is going to bring. Sign up today! The link is in my Bio. When: Feb 25 2017 Time: 2:15 Where: Ripely Grier Studios 520 8th Ave Room 16 L getfit justdoit bodybuilding bringingthecultureback weworking ripped superherotraining sirwilkins crossfit beachbody exercise weightraining training shredded abs sixpacks muscle strong lift weights Getfit weightloss wod aesthetic squad shreadding personaltrainer youcandoittoo

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Marco Quadros


Comment from Marco Quadros:

Run Base 6km no quintal de casa. Brotherhood domfranco247 👊 . Brotherhoods 👊 . outrafe atleta athletic treino training workout run running runner wod treinofuncional functionaltraining força core abs fitness calistenia calisthenic streetworkout healthy lifestyle iridiumlabsbrasil feitodeiridium

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Bear Grips® ☑


Comment from Bear Grips® ☑:

Tag a beast. 😂 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow 👉 bear_grips Follow 👉 bear_grips ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💡 Like 10 Posts & Follow 💡 Check out 💡 Turn On Post Notifications To See New Content ASAP ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📷 All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner(s) Repost gymmemesbrah . . . . fitjourney crossfitgames crossfitlife paleolifestyle paleofriendly paleoish crosfiter crossfitbox crossfitmen fitnessadicted gymaddicted fitwoman gymspo liftheavyshit idontgettired onthegrind justgettingstarted puttinginwork gettingitdone fit crossfitopen Ioving coreworkout beastmode crossfitlifestyle myfitsquad fitnesslover progenex roguefitness wannahelpigd31

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Crossfit Village Berwyn


Comment from Crossfit Village Berwyn:

Triceps and Tacos, on a Tuesday. 💪🏼🌮crossfit tacotuesday swolemates

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Comment from Charlie:

It's big leg Tuesday! It's open season ladies. • • • • • croasfitopen crossfit gains gainz headband abs fitness legsfordays wheels dead squats comosichiam doesanyonereadthese hashtag fitness fitstagram chicagofitness model fitnessmodel wod weightlifting physique

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