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Martin Jansson


Comment from Martin Jansson:

trainingday getinshape calisthenics improvement wod

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Last Man Standing


Comment from Last Man Standing:

rebelelitefitness feature is the Concept2 Rowers. For the office gym, garage or box - Concept2 Rowers will get you sweating in no time! Visit lastmanstanding lms360 jukwaagroup crossfit row calories store box wod fitness sport rowing workout training train fitfam weights weightlifting

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Comment from justfeelitfitness:

It's a party day. (Big M 6!!) So in order to fight partymode a quick efficient training session was called for this am. (Like if you know about party mode!!) Warm up: JacksX20 Push ups X10 Repeat 3X Round 1 Renegade Row X20 Squat Thrust X15 Mountain Climber X30seconds (these better be ALL OUT) Repeat 3X (Minimal rest!!) Round 2 Reverse Lunges (heavy weights) X12 each leg Tricep Extension X12 each arm Burpees X30seconds (all out!!) Repeat 3X Any questions, please ask. Enjoy your Saturday! WOD fitness endorphins fitfam boymom

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MB Personal Training


Comment from MB Personal Training:

Good to be back rcfni with the buggers gwfitnesspt captainneil_fitness iron_dillon ... Two weeks off celebrating made this a tough tough team wod! But good to get a sweat on and get back into training. Can't wait to get back to full training on Monday! ... workout crossfit reebok bemorehuman wod buggers training getfit fitfam irishfitfam allthecardio movedammit beastmode gains smashedit belfast mbpersonaltraining2017

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Justin Hutton


Comment from Justin Hutton:

Box battle day!

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Comment from 🇫🇷🏋🏼CrossfitBessieres🏋🏼🇫🇷:

La reprise des training après 3 semaines de vacances mattczs ! asbessieres Ça fait du bien de retrouver la salle 😁💪🏻 paris workoutmotivation workout wod crossfit crossfitter reebok reebokcrossfit muscu fit fitness musculation sport roguefitness bulkpowders_fr nike underarmour motivation workoutoftheday fitfam fitfrenchies crossfitbessieres nopainnogain fitfamily nike nikemetcon

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Comment from Jamal:

These guys were bringing everything this morning! Two Strength and conditioning WODS followed by hip hop yoga onestudioldn . The perfect match every Saturday morning! What are you waiting for?!💪🏻💪🏻 Tag yourself and your mate below and come and try two classes for the price of one 🙌🏻 london oneldnstudio hiit wod strengthandconditioning metabolic-training yoga hotyoga hiphop

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Comment from CrossFitRho:

wod 170729 crossfit crossfitrho family community wod workoutoftheday swimmingpool swimming snatch cleanandjerk burpees pullups solodanoi maipiusecchi solobagnati

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Comment from FMRowing:

WOW Beat that.... Repost samblythe (get_repost) ・・・ Look at who is at the top of the pile now. If having the very best in the world as a team mate doesn't inspire you to get faster then I don't know what will. Scorching time thank you uwolnij_moc and a real statement of intent from fmrowing. teamFM loveblue erg ergo exercise health crossfit lift row training exeter athlete fitnessmatters trainingprogramme concept2rower fitness personaltraining rowing weights indoorrowing concept2 coach concept2rowing coaching WOW WOD performance gym

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Eduardo Pigozzi Silveira


Comment from Eduardo Pigozzi Silveira:

Smile! 😁 . . . . . . . . crossfit crossfitmud mudpelobrasil crossviciado crossfitbrasil crossfitrepost crossfitter crossfitcommunity crossfitlife reebok reebokcrossfit revistagripbrasil revistacf cfbroficial cfnuttela wod workout toestobar ttb pullup pushup squats

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Esa Paukku


Comment from Esa Paukku:

Mr murph ja painoliivi! Uhhuh crossfit lauantai huominenonhuomenna murph 10kgrxd61minwod

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Christy Johnson-Brown


Comment from Christy Johnson-Brown:

75 burpees for shits and gigs 😬😩... crossfit :: burpees :: 75 :: jump :: fitness :: bodyweight :: cardio

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Comment from Lauw:

quand tu as trop chargé ta barre et que t'es au bout de ta vie 😅😅😅 when your bar is too heavy and the wod is hell 😂 crossfit crossfitter weightlifting powerlifting fitness fitnessmotivation fitfam nopainnogain squat crossfitgirl wod carribbean fwi

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Ester Sin Hache.


Comment from Ester Sin Hache.:

Empieza la segunda restweek en la costa brava. 🌴 A la vuelta, no habrá más excusas. 💪🏼 crossfitgirls crossfitbetulo

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Melanie Dings


Comment from Melanie Dings:

-10 x 95 kilo - 5 x 110 kilo - 3 x 122.5 kiko - 1 x 135 kilo - 1 x 140 kilo pr'tje 😈 crossfitbox weightlifting deadlift killing strongnotskinny girlsofweightlifting girlswithmuscle crossfit girlsofcrossfit strong crossfitgirl training workout wod crossfitvenlo passion motivation progress

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Comment from BulsinkP:

Wall push-ups, keep pressing your feet against the wall while doing push-ups. It's extra challenging, I can guarantee you that! 😉 BeMoreHuman GymIsEveryWhere PersonalTrainer ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ Reebok ToughIsBeautiful Toughspartans Running personaltraining Triathlon triathlete wod workout training reebokcrossfit crossfit pushups spartanup spartan spartantrain fitlifestyle fitfam fitdutchies fitnesslifestyle ocr obstaclerace RedBull givesyouwings potentialislimitless

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Revolution Personal Training


Comment from Revolution Personal Training:

REVOLUTIONS LATEST 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION!!! We work miracles. omarithept 😂😂😂

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CrossFit Fuengirola


Comment from CrossFit Fuengirola:

Beach workout! beach playa entrenamiento wod workout fitness fuengirola sabado saturday health costadelsol swim natacion

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Comment from 1raptor2:

emesser98 works through 5x3 pause front squats💪🏋🏻‍♀️ crossfitnashua ...... 💪💪 crossfitnashua -------------------------- crossfitgirls crossfit wod crossfitter crossfitlife frontsquat getfit gymlife fitnessmotivation fitness justdoit neverquit fitfam nikeshoes crossfitteens puttinginwork trainhard strongnotskinny girlstrong girlsthatlift instadaily instafit shelifts wcw fitspo buildabetteryou betterfasterstronger betterthanyesterday strongwomen

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Joseph Terrell


Comment from Joseph Terrell:

Repost ricardinhoprudente (get_repost) ・・・ Galera não percam! E me ajudem a divulgar pro 🇧🇷 inteiro assistir no Esporte Espetacular a partir das 10h da manhã... Vamos popularizar o CrossFit e levar esse estilo de vida pra muito mais pessoas! crossfit crossfititstime SantosCity ZeroTreze calisteniabrasil calistenia treino wod burpee

14 Minutes ago