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Miguel Leite


Comment from Miguel Leite:

Keep the bar close! ➡️🏋️ . crossfitoxen teamoxen fitness motivacao crossfit vidasaudavel health wod treino exercicio forca fit coach crossfitcoach fearthebull style picoftheday aula saude condicionamento bemestar academia box funcional snatch

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Dauntless America


Comment from Dauntless America:

This Dauntless America office is still under renovation, but it's coming along. fitaid underconstruction renovations office officedecor officebuilding hq smallbusiness startups startup fitlife fitness wod workout motivationmonday motivation awesome monday military marines army navy airforce pow merica america guns lifeaid crossfit crossfitter crosstraining

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Ian ajimine


Comment from Ian ajimine:

When you feel weak and slow, you gotta make things fun and just move. The road to more explosiveness continues. Kneeling jump to 30in, then 44in. Fun times

2 Minutes ago

Joshua Case

Comment from Joshua Case:

Just could see running in the cold rain on a Monday. So I modified and took a straight beat down! 💣☠️😵🔫 crossfitlinchpin wod peoplesgym garagegym

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Maicky Smoczyk


Comment from Maicky Smoczyk:

New week started😁 10'Amrap 6xDL 100kg / 20 HR pushup 😝 traincrossfitdeadliftweightliftingpolandsportgympoznanpolandmosinafitwodmylove

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Little emo bean :3


Comment from Little emo bean :3:

I was sitting in a random place in Dalaran and then that demon hunter sat next to me and we talked a little bit {WoW WorldofWarcraft WoD BlizzardEntertainment BlizzardGames MMO RPG MMORPG Horde Alliance Nerd Geek Gamer GirlGamer GamerGirl Gaming PcGaming Screenshot Battlenet HotS HeroesoftheStorm HeartStone}

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Carolina Santos


Comment from Carolina Santos:

Encontro com as monstrinhas 😍💪👸 no bluebox 💙 Foi balaa !! Amanhã tem mais !! crossfit crossfitter crossfitbarra blackbox bluebox cfbateam titelasteam wod crossfitsalvador crossfitbahia crossfitbrasil crossfitaddict crossfitgirls fitness workhard bepround behumble gymnastics muscleup grownstrong

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Kevin Baird


Comment from Kevin Baird:

Stay a student forever. Stay humble. Enjoy the process. axiomsc station515 gymjones strongfirst kettlebell wod mgc 📷: sarahp.hoto

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Mark Beckham


Comment from Mark Beckham:

I know that people can be better than they are. We are capable of bearing a great burden, once we discover that the burden is reality and arrive where reality is. ♥️♠️♥️♠️♥️♠️♥️♠️ coachbecks fitfam instafitness beastmode gym fitnessaddict active fitnessfreak health healthylife crossfit fitspo lifestyle instahealth wellness getmoving wod wodrocker motivation strength beardgang lovelife fatloss fitspiration fitness fitnessjourney fitlife inspire

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John Doe


Comment from John Doe:

Complex day... 3x4x70kg 3+2 🤣🤣💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻😅😅😅 weightlifting wod crossfit blonyx box motivation fitness crossfitmasters hardtraining fit paleo paleodiet roadtogames2019 healthlife entrenarduro training potajitoprogram compexusa compex compexinfo fitaid fitness sportlife superacion strengthinmasters crossfitfamily viejosstrong instalike caffeineandkilos potajitomethod

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LifTNG Aloha


Comment from LifTNG Aloha:

We are in New Zealand for the wmg2017 and the sunsets here are just as beautiful as Hawaii!! 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 LuckyWeLift LifTNGaloha TNGgym TakenNotGivenWeightlifting takennotgiven fitnessretreat fitnessvacation beachwod wod crossfit xfit lifting oly snatch islandlife islandstyle liftheavyshit wodoutside hawaii oahu honolulu luckywelive luckywelivehi liftaloha aloha shaka newzealand auckland

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Vince Lee


Comment from Vince Lee:

A lil backday work with lady killer fitlinkage Still pushin even with his injury 💯 Lat pulldowns, land mine rows, seated rows, rear delt flys and close grip db curls to cap off the pull workout. - - - - - - - - fitness wod motivation ripped fitspo fitspiration fitlife lifting lift workout fitfam asianswholift bestself healthy workout perth seoul

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Vida Ativa


Comment from Vida Ativa:

Treino pré-feriado! 💪🏼 por aqui já está pago e por aí? 🙋🏼 | catia_morgado_ vidaativapt vidaativa treininho treinododia wod workoutoftheday tapago treinopreferiado vamoscomtudo instafit fitfam fitlife fitness

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Danny Rust GYM-BOX


Comment from Danny Rust GYM-BOX:

MONDAY....I'VE BEAT YOU! 48 DU 36 SIT UPS 24 FRONT RACK LUNGES 3 RNDS 5 HSPU 1 ROPECLIMB 10 RNDS training hiit strength barbell lifting weights lunges doubleunders situps handstandpushups ropeclimb crossfit wod athlete fitdad fitdutchie

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My Daily EMOM


Comment from My Daily EMOM:

240417 dailyemom mydailyemom emomoftheday emomeveryday crossfit crossfiteveryday crossfitgames emom training trainingday crossfitlifestyle crossfittraining wod dailywod

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Comment from CrossPunch:

CrossPunch WOD Time!! CrossPunch WOD

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Comment from CF ETB:

Soaking up some Vitamin D 💪😃 etbstrong etbfitfam Boulder colorado

4 Minutes ago

Lu Capellotto


Comment from Lu Capellotto:

Treino de hoje 💪🏻 🏋🏻‍♀️Front squat + wall ball As mudanças no corpo são consequência, mas o principal benefício de qualquer atividade física é a melhora na qualidade de vida, no rendimento, no humor! Vem ser Feliz 😄😄😄 tribofitnesscongonhas niketraining treinododia wod qualidadedevida crossfitter fitnessmotivation fitness altaintensidade metcon nikemetcon

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Raza CrossFit


Comment from Raza CrossFit:

Repost benbergeron ・・・ What kind of an athlete are you aspiring to be? We look to build tough, efficient and smart athletes •••• Tough: ability to work hard when the effort gets hard, challenging, or uncomfortable. •••• Efficient: Moves well. Good technique. •••• Smart: Competes with excellence and maturity. •••• 📷 jordansamuelphoto // builtbybergeron comptrain comptrainmasters crossfit crossfitgames crossfitmasters competitorstraining comptrainmasters katrintanja ➖➖➖ razacrossfitlollevamosenlasangrerazastrongcrossfitcrossfitgirlsfitnessfitnessaddictfitnessmotivationfitspofitnesslifestylegymgymmotivationexerciseworkoutworkoutmotivationwodwodlifetrainingfitnessfreakstrongertogethergetintheboxrazaesraza

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Comment from Cavan:

Week 5 Day 1 Slow start to your Monday? Just get moving. No need to crush yourself to start the week. High heart rate and holds. willbfit willybcrossfit 1stphorm lululemonmen niketraining jsteinfit stephgabrielle

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