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Comment from Christophe Estrada:

#morning #wod #session #snatchbalance #tooslow J2: Oly : Snatch balance 5x1 Snatch ladder for time: (SQUAT SNATCH) 10 65% 8 70% 6 75% 4 80% 2 85% Squat Cycle (derniere semaine) 3x 7 front squat + 13 back squat Try to go a bit heavier than last week. Use 60-67.5% of front squat max. Do 7 front squat, rack barbell and immediately take barbell to your back and do 13 back squat. Rest 3-4 min btw sets. THIS IS LAST WEEK OF 7/13 SQUATS. Finisher/metcon 5 RFT 50 DU 10 Stoh 60/40kg 10 t2b

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Comment from Win:

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I'm feeling like a million bucks!!! I woke up super motivated. I'm so determined!! By this post work out.... is fire!!! 👌🏽😋😋 Let's get it! #goals #crossfit #wod #day7 #chilizgetsfit

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Comment from Jen 🖤:

Today is my first day back to working out with my husband. He's usually out of the house for a little over 12 hours so we work out early in the morning. Today was a late start so we skipped the warm up. NEVER AGAIN! I strained my lower back about 3 exercises in and had to modify most of the moves the rest of the time. Hoping this doesn't last too long as babies will be up any minute! #neverskipawarmup #lessonlearned

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Comment from Yvonne Caliao:

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