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Comment from tanner_evans15:

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Comment from Jnf_Herbalover:

When your Sunday is all about read, eat and rest 😌❤️ SundayNight Book SelfEducation HomeSweetHome BusinessBook HotTea Work

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Comment from GP:

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Comment from Centurion_labz:

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Shelby Payne


Comment from Shelby Payne:

One trait that all successful and happy people have in common is their ability to know when and how to sweep aside excuses and negative self-talk. You don't become your best selves by feeding the very thoughts that fill you with self-pity, disdain, and hopelessness. You don't foster growth and prosperity by feeding into your excuses and "I'll try's". Your very best selves are hidden on the other side of these thoughts that you constantly allow to DISTRACT you from what you truly want and are capable of. Don't you think it's silly that the only thing standing in your way of those goals and dreams are the thoughts and feelings you nourish? You're cutting yourself off from the very things that you want for your lives! Change those thoughts, and you change your circumstances! That's IT! If you are looking to change your circumstances, reach your goals, or just gain a better state of mind, shoot me a message and learn how to join our April challenge group. We are already addressing the mental obstacles that prevent us from reaching our potential, and I'd LOVE to have you be a part of this perspective-changing journey. We only have ONE WEEK left before we kick off! Take the initiative now to discover your best self! In one month you'll look back on today and be glad you didn't keep scrolling <3 food health wellness fitfam catlady edrecovery eatingdisorder talk infp navy work tired beauty fit fitspo instagood

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< T H E R A B B I >


Comment from < T H E R A B B I >:

I ' M R E A D Y . photographyworkactorhbodtlaentertainmentmusicmoviesfilmfilmmakingactorslife

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Fitness | Business


Comment from Fitness | Business:

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Bogdan Lupescu


Comment from Bogdan Lupescu:

459. "I rarely use oxygen myself, sir. It promotes rust." sneakpeek artistatwork illustration drawing bogdanlupescu dayofdrawing steampunk BD scketch ink lineart copicmarkers pigmamicron work illustratorlife art watercolor brush handdrawn

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Comment from Frito's:

Ya probaste nuestros tenders? Visitanos de Lunes a Domingos desde las 11:30am hasta las 8:00pm Frito's como te gusta.! me gusto comer fritos pollo work kids ninos hambre hamburguesa

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Sabrina De Vincenti


Comment from Sabrina De Vincenti:

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Fabito Gomez - Protographer


Comment from Fabito Gomez - Protographer:

ANGELA LANDAZABAL Model: Angela Landazabal - angelandazabal Photographer: Fabito Gómez - fabitoph - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2017 
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Callie Karbaliotis


Comment from Callie Karbaliotis:

my 15 minute homework break turned into this... im too broke to buy a ring light so i used my bro's phone flashlight instead lifehack anyways when i DO have more time & money my makeup looks will stop being basic just wait on it✨👍🏼 makeup makeupart makeupartist fleek glow glo beauty health beyonce bored back to work peace

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💲Road 2 Rich💲


Comment from 💲Road 2 Rich💲:

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Edson Martins


Comment from Edson Martins:

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Comment from Nicolas:

Working on facets icon app. A fantastic wallpapers app. work adobeillustrator android iconpack design developer lovethiswork

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Rachel S 🐢


Comment from Rachel S 🐢:

How I feel about cyclone Debbie today 😱. zombie monday horror work weather travel cancellations cyclone doodle

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Lulù Makeup

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Comment from 2.14r:

박작가 출근 ~~~ !💃🏾퇴근하면 규언이랑 장보러 갔다가 자막써야지 (야근🖕🏿) 월요일이 젤 싫은 이유 ...

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Comment from Alden:

View from my office. viewfromthetop

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