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From the heart


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Some things can't be explained with logic or science. They can only be understood with our heart 💗 heartshaped heart balloons sky clouds understood qouteaboutlove love quote qouteoftheday writer words womansheart written writing

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• shorter version • love letters. to you. and despite the ending. I'll be ok. • • • • • • • • love poetry poetsofig poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram bookstagram instagood spilledink spokenword poet womenwriters writing writers writerscommunity empower lovepoems everywhere creativewriting sanantonioartist woc words once writersofig creative artist artistsoninstagram selflove poetrycommunity relationships

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Jena Schwartz


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"This is my happy place," she said. And it shows. Inside the magical studio space of mindytsonas. writing mixedmedia teaching creativity creativeprocess studiofemme artist arts artmaking freewriting poetry maps storymapping community

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Nial Mosharrafa


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Here's a snippet from my spoken word piece 'Faith'. Faith. Faith is one of those things that you can't actually see. You'll only ever see the consequences if you're willing to believe. They say if you can conceive it, you can achieve it. But if you don't really believe it, then you'll never receive it. Faith. There's a few different levels out there. Most of us have gotten to the stage where we at least say we have faith, we tell the world around us that we believe we will receive what we set out to achieve but... Don't be deceived Because on the inside, a very different drama plays out, One where the main characters are fear, disbelief and self - doubt, For years there are many who tried to figure it out, Studying the science of belief, Looking for that golden elixir of relief, That would cure all the grief, And ensure that the net will appear when we leap. But the thing about faith is... You have to leap first. You have to just trust, In the universe cause.. there's no reverse. travel memories mountains minca colombia poetry creative writing poem spokenword writingcommunity writersofinstagram instaword poetsofinstagram poetic nature life love faith

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brenna the beginner


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To all the new graduates out there, congratulations on getting through a big step, now onto another! 🎉🎊🎓 Here is a card I'm working on right now. Not completely finished, but the main part is done 💚💙💜💛 Also I accidentally posted this on my personal account so that's really good. ________________________ calligraphy lettering watercolor writing color ink inking pen cursive calligraphymasters TYxCA hand.lettering.and.more SurelySimple surelysimpleart surelysimplechallenge surelysimpleblog green purple blue gold blackcalligraphy crayola graduation congrats card

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Rosy Endean


Comment from Rosy Endean:

Cocktails with friends before being a full time writer for a week! Getting inspiration for book 2 of SavingDeath! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Brighton Brightonfringe cocktails LGBT writing writerslife authorslife

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castiel hurt


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Writing Tips and Memes


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What weird things have you googled for research? . . . writer writing writingadvice writingtips writingtipsandmemes writingcommunity writersofinstagram writingmemes writingquotes google writerthings writerproblems quote quotes books

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little jenn.


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The Amazing Art


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AMAZING DAY 2017 MEETS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL! SABATO 3 GIUGNO dalle ore 14.00: POSCA ART CONTEST - BBOY CONTEST - PROIEZIONE DELLA FINALE DI CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - FREESTYLE CONTEST - MUSIC PARTY - MAIN CONCERT - tutto questo presso il BQ de Nott! GET READY! ad2017 amazingday2017 10thanniversary streetart writing letters hiphop awriterknows hiphopevent ironlak poscacoloring redbull redbullitalia badbrewer killerkiccen artkademy wagmilano fattodayo rollart rollartpaint theamazingartdotcom mrwany MCing DJing Bboying breaking scratching spraypaint murderwalls

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Hi I might seem like a really serious person but I'm actually a living meme who occasionally has a way with words. Please feel free to talk to me :'D

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Go where the sun glows.

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We Are Thomasse US-UK comedy


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Saturday's are for the Boys bros gossipspies

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"En son hangi din adamını duydunuz, 'İhtiyacınla yetin, reklamcılara kanma' diyen?" Gündüz Vassaf

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