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poetry by tia cassidy


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Impact News


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One lonely light shining on an empty burgundy table. A wide, table surrounded by lifeless chairs that yearn to have someone sit in them. The door closed with a glimmer of light shining through into the class. The black threaded chairs aimlessly staring out the window watching the people walk by and just hoping someone will use them.  The door finally squeaks open and a person peeks their head into the classroom, they see it is open and alone. The person sits on one of the empty alone chairs.  Now there is one less chair that is lonely and desperate for someone to be in the classroom with them. theimpactnews mercycollege journalism freewriting writing writer writersofinstagram digital media newyork

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Kaeli Mitchell


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Yeaaaah 😅, pretty much. Can't help it though. Always going. Last post for the night. Night guys! pisces pisceswoman activeminds creativeideas writing playinggames whoiam gladtobeme

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Pikachu dando su veredicto sobre el capítulo 12 :D pika pikachu escribiendo writing

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you and me we're bumper cars. the more I try to get to you, the more we crash apart. 🥀🖤 • • • writersofinstagram writing writersofig writingcommunity wordsofwisdom wordporn wordstoliveby poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity poetsofig poetry poetryisnotdead positivevibes quotestoliveby potd qotd quoteoftheday lifequotes lovequotes sadquotes tumblr relationshipquotes tumblrquotes blogger spilledink instaquote literature wordsofthetigress

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No more chances. love writing thoughts feelings mood outofchances nolovelost women life relationships writings letgo moveon ladies true truth goodnight

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Tiffany Rose


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🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Hmmm.. 🌹🌹🌹👑🌹🌹🌹Queens Adventures 😜😜😜queentiffanyrose queen king TiffanysNewYorkAdventures tiffanysadventures queensadventures motivate inspiration inspire inspirational positive positivethinking positivity respect loyalty loyal honest honesty peace atpeace love positive positivethinking youareimportant loveyourself follow4follow writers writing pray

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Our 403 is Awesome


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Today in the morning, we were sleepily doing My Favorite Mistake. My Favorite Mistake is when Ms. Jade gives us a piece of paper with writing from an anonymous classmate, and we would fix the grammar mistakes. This was writing about our two days in Bago. There were a few mistakes, but it was really good writing! myfavoritemistake bago feildtrip writing mia403

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Nicole Naomi


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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." -Benjamin Franklin Quotes BenjaminFranklin Books Reading Writing Bookshelf Art Words Inspiration ThenSheWrote NicoleNaomiPoetry

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When was the last time you sent someone an old school letter? If it's been a while then why not surprise someone special with a letter on beautiful lifestationery paper using a pen from kaweco.germany Pop it all into a "Quoi de neuf" envelope and send it on its way. We're open until 6pm _ yoke yokeastore writing quoideneuf shopsmall shoplocal inglewood design stationary

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Michele Partridge


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Yes! you can register for our summer drama camps now. kids tweens teens acting writing plays performance surrey whiterock

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Happy Birthday my Chino, my partner in crime, my silly other half, my hubby, my friend! Finally you step into the 30s where I've been waiting impatiently for you 😂 are you any less silly, any less zany, any less of a mad hatter, less likely to jump before looking, try death defying acts and think later, dress up, make a fool of yourself, wear women's clothing, build and make rather than buy from ikea in a fraction of the time .... Nah but I wouldn't have it any other way 😉 Are you any less compassionate, kind, caring, accepting of others, sensitive to the world around you? No thank goodness ... "changed", maybe, grown, yes but only for the better, even more better. Leaving your 20s behind and entering not only into your 30s but fatherhood and an amazing amazing dad you are going to make! Thank you for all the gifts you bring by just being you into my life and the greatest gift you have helped to make. 7 years younger than me but an old heart and a deep soul. "watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" .... you seemed the most unlikely place at first but then the magic happened xx happybirthdaybaby happybirthdayhubby 30s marriedlife proudwife proudofmyhubby biracialcouples swirl beardedhubby beardstyle beardlover beardgang beardsofinstagram marriagerocks marriageworks birthdayboy adventurer photocollage longhairedmen words writing thoughts

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Tiffany Rose


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🌹🌹🌹👑🌹🌹🌹Queens Adventures 😜😜😜queentiffanyrose queen king TiffanysNewYorkAdventures tiffanysadventures queensadventures motivate inspiration inspire inspirational positive positivethinking positivity respect loyalty loyal honest honesty peace atpeace love positive positivethinking youareimportant loveyourself follow4follow writers writing pray

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Tuesday Cross


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🔥New Chapter Published 🔥 All hail the Queen! 👑 • • • •

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Kimanzi Constable


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**Last call** Just a couple hours left to get the early bird price for Success through Large Publications. The price jumps $800 and the class will be double the price the next time I run it (consulting work has me all over the world this year and doing fewer classes/coaching). Private message to lock in your spot.

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When I was a child, everything was black and white. You need not be told what is wrong and what is right. You just know it. Growing up, I have realized that there are certain things which lies in the threshold of these two colour. The indefinite grey. Right now I am at the most crucial point of my life and everything is grey. It's hard to make a decision when your choices include, where you should be and where you want to be. I hope that I don't end up making the biggest mistake of my life... writing thought thoughts confused writingprompts Twangmo13

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Winter Soulstice❄️


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I have no time for myself I've been sharing my mind and my body with someone else and I never once asked for help but I lost my mind between yes and well as I settled for all right and smoothly rode straight into hell elusiveellipsemyellipsesthemediamwritingeditingpoempoetpoetspoetryweblitwipwordcountwritegoalwriterwriterswritingartlitcreativitywrotetodayoriginalherheartpoetry

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Yele Digital


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