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ॐ Paige | ® Act⚡ve Fitness


Comment from ॐ Paige | ® Act⚡ve Fitness:

Need to work on my splits anyway, super excited for this challenge. Anyone else want to join? __________ Regrann from tunaapari - I know.. The true beauty is in your eyes.. True love is in your heart.. And the true spirit is in your moves.. I know the truth and cant wait to see yours.. . . We are so excited to present you our lovely splitsforlove yoga challenge. The challenge will be about splits and feel the chakras in poses. March 7 - March 13 ▪ ▪ ▪ 7 days.. 7 gorgeous poses.. . . Spirit of love💚.. Splits for love💚.. . . Hosts🍀 julia_veganlove tunaapari . . . Sponsors🍀 dragonflybrand iamvibes re3life shivamalas . . . . 🍃To join this LOVE🍃: 1. Repost this flyer 2. Tag 3 or more friends to join you 3. Show us and our sponsors some love and please follow 💚 4. Check in daily with Hosts to see the posture and post your variation 5. Use the hashtag splitsforlove in your caption, and tag all hosts and sponsors . . . 💚Line up💚: Day1 baddha konasana Day2 upavistha konasana Day 3 eka pada adho mukha svanasana Day 4 anjaneyasana Day 5 eka pada rajakapotasana Day 6 hanumanasana Day 7 utthita pada sirsasana - regrann _________________ yogi yogini yoga yogainspiration yogaeveryday yogapractice yogapose yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogagirl yogalife namaste

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Comment from OMGI Yoga:

woodspine is such a poser 😉😘 We absolutely adore you! 💕 encloudleggings blueleggings clouds asana armbalance omgiyoga yogaeverydamnday strength yoga yogapants

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Comment from Yogawh0res:

jacuzzipose vkrsasana yogawhores yogawhore yogawh0res yogawhoring palmtrees yogaoutside yogatanks ... Thank you Christiancorsi for sharing 💪🏼🌴🌞🌈 .. Repost christiancorsi with repostapp ・・・ Make your best yoga pose anywhere!! 🙌🏼 Follow 👉🏼 yogawh0res and let them know that you are a yogawh0re too 🙏🏼 yoga yogachallenge yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogalover yogaaddict miami miamilife miamivibes miamibeach venetianislands southbeach 🏝🏝🏝🏝

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Comment from Megan:

"Let's go somewhere where the stars kiss the ocean." _____ yoga yogi igyoga yogapose yogafit fitness fitfam fitchick bbg bbggirl bbgcommunity clarksville tennessee yogacommunity yogachallenge yogajourney yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogaeverywhere yogapractice yogamat myyogalife worldyoga worldofyoga_feature borntobeyogi flexibility

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Enjoy Vacationing


Comment from Enjoy Vacationing:

Is your favorite vacation an active vacation? How about morning yoga over the ocean or on the beach? EnjoyVacationing luxurytravel travel vacation mexico luxurylifestyle yoga yogaeverydamnday yogajourney yogainspiration active healthylifestyle healthy sunrise beach playa rivieramaya luxurylife luxury love cocktail wedding beautiful ocean sand bluesky cancun

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Comment from OMNI:

Wednesday 2/22 Teacher change! "All 26" and "Advanced Flow" willl be taught by Ms. Brittany Ayers ~ see ya there 🤘🏾|| omnitahoe omni omniyoga yoga all26 flow laketahoe communityevent morning winter 2017 tahoe yogachallenge yogaeverydamnday fitness befit active

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Comment from jennifer:

💜💚💙 good morning my bog brother ... how was my night? oh it was magical I twirled in confetti rainbows danced until my feet collapsed and don't remember who I kissed last ... did you bring me a gift? of course blue, green, purple and orange pearls from the heavens 💜 happy tututuesdayasana Mardi Gras my tututribe loves and gorgeous chiefs mermaidfit_ alicia.cakes sashprime lettuce_eat_bananas 💚 treeposetuesday with tiffgreeno so we can have more woodnymph magic thanks to ilovegurus who plants a tree for every yoga tree we strike! 💜 💙 💚 Yoga faerie yogi yogini yogagirl yogalove benddontbreak namaste meditate flexible veganyogi love beautiful yogalife yogapractice yogaeveryday yogapractice yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration loveandlight igyogafam balance outdooryoga yogaoutside yogaeverywhere swamp muddyfeet

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Amrita Yennemadi


Comment from Amrita Yennemadi:

ashtangayoga yogajourney yogadaily yogaliving yogagram yogafit yogavibes yogatime yoga yogastyle yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere yogainspiration yogapose yogaoutside yogaeverydamnday yogafitness

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Karly Lou Philips


Comment from Karly Lou Philips:

Leggings by inversionjunkieapparel!!! Logo is right side up on the right leg, and upsidedown on the left leg!!! Check out all color options at!! *Use code FREESHIPPING to get free shipping!! _______________________________________________________ yogalove yogalife yogaplay instayoga yogisofinstagram outdooryoga outdooryogis chickasawyoga chickasawnation yogaaddict ayearofyoga2017 thegratitudechallenge onebreathatatime benddontbreak bendlikeaboss practiceandalliscoming invertyoself yogaeverydamnday blissbandits yogapants yogaleggings

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Paulina Popek || SFM


Comment from Paulina Popek || SFM:

Your desire to change your circumstances has to be greater than your acceptance to stay in the same place! 💋One of the most powerful Mantras. And I want this mug in my collection. 🙏🏻 ☕️✨👯 mantra divinetruth yogaeverydamnday fuckit lifebydesign justdoit tuesdayvibes create

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Comment from Abbey:

yogaeverydamnday runstreaker balance motherrunner yogastrong yogamom myfitnessjourney youbeyouandillbeme yogarunnergirl 😘

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Comment from Yogi.Lizzie:

Let life turn you upside down so you can live right side up! 🌴 handstand . . . . yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday fitness journey namaste headstand inversion inversionjunkie asana balance bahamas beach bikini

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Love Is A Lifestyle 💕✨🙌🏽


Comment from Love Is A Lifestyle 💕✨🙌🏽:

When I dig my messy post-yoga-goddess hair 💁🏻✨💕 . . . . . . . goddess yoga nakedyoga bare yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogajourney selflove selfie loveyourself loveyourbody messyhair divine light l4l boomerang photooftheday breath ujjayibreath warrior lovewarrior

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Ade Guili


Comment from Ade Guili:

Yes i did it!! Day 19 catching up wallcall with cyogalab palomahuner emma.rhiannon haramichinyc yoga yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogachallenge yogapractice inversion headstand fitgirl yogagirl yogini fitlifestyle gym yogainspiration yogaathome acroyoga yogafun yogaguadeloupe folllow4follow followforfollowbackalways picoftheday photooftheday

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Phillip - The VeganYogiGamer


Comment from Phillip - The VeganYogiGamer:

Yogistentics calthisthenics treepose yoga yogaeveryday yoga365 yogi yogisofig menofyoga asana yogivegan veganyogi vegan veganfitness veganbodybuilder veganbodybuilding fitspo fitspiration fitness no supplements yogapratice yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday carbthefuckup yogapose

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Elise Chretien💋


Comment from Elise Chretien💋:

Weeeee 😝 life is better upside down 💫 charmfitnessworks daphnafitstory flying sexyflexy addicted

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Erika Eddington


Comment from Erika Eddington:

Two weeks ago I was thinking to myself "how the hell does anyone bind in Parivritta Parsvakonasana?" Literally the next day I surprised myself in class and was able to do it. 🙌🏻Flexibility is something I have to work really hard at, so even the smallest progress is pretty exciting for me.

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Megan Welz


Comment from Megan Welz:

The hottest new Mewali Boutique Aromatherapy Package!! This "Introduction to Essential Oils Delux Starter Kit" includes: •A Bali Buddha Ceramic Diffuser •Third Eye Awakening Oil •Frankincense Essential Oil •Bergamot Essential Oil •Patchouli Essential Oil •Lavender Essential Oil •Tea Tree Essential Oil •Rosemary Essential Oil •Mint Essential Oil •An Aromatherapy Guide Book Features below is the Brand New Lulur Aromatherapy Package from Mewali Boutique!! Enjoy an Aromatherapy Bath Salt Blend, Balinese Body Scrub, and a Green Leaf Face Mask Follow up your scrubs with "Liquid Gold" Argan Oil and a nutrient-rich moisturizing Face Serum made with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and a blend of Essential Oils! Buy the whole Lulur Package or Introduction to Essential Oils THIS WEEK ONLY for 20% off!! Message me for details or visit Brand new package celebrating the brand new Aromatherapy products! ON SALE THIS WEEK ONLY at Mewali Boutique!! Message me for details or to order yours today!!

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Megan Welz


Comment from Megan Welz:

Spiced up yoga Spiced up Valentines Day themed class Spiced up Cupid Shuffle Jumps, squats, high kicks, you name it!! Won't be busting any of those moves at the next wedding that's played at...!

3 Days ago

Megan Welz


Comment from Megan Welz:

6-PACK YOGA ONLY ONE CLASS LEFT!! Wednesday, 2/22, 6pm, Rocky Reef Brewing Co. Let's max out this fermentation room and cheers some brewskis afterwards!!

4 Days ago