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Comment from Kath:

Day 4 of HappyHipsAndHammies is Half bound lotus standing forward fold . . . yoga yogaeverydamnday yogachallenge yogalife yogagirl yogalove yogadaily yogapractice yogastrength yogainspiration yogapose yogi yogaaddict yogaeveryday igyoga practiceandalliscoming

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Gaby Poy


Comment from Gaby Poy:

Come flow with me this week burn off the BS. 🔥🙏🏽 Tuesday-12:30pm Wednesday-5:30pm Friday-12:30pm rinoyogasocial . . . . currentmood yoga wellness yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday denver sweat tapas heat fire yastroyoga breathe fitness love RiNo powerflow flow surrendertotheflow milehigh yogahigh

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Yoga & Fitness Photographer


Comment from Yoga & Fitness Photographer:

Fun with laraliam in Seattle! --------------------------------------------yoga yogaphotos yogagram yogaeverydamnday yogachallenge yogaforeveryone yogalife namaste yogadaily yogalove yogainspiration yogajournal yogaeveryday practicemakesprogress iloveyoga yogapose yogapractice instayoga yogatime doyourpractice yogasequence heartopener inversions

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Anne Liljedahl


Comment from Anne Liljedahl:

🌺💃🏻🌹 Day 2️⃣4️⃣ of HipImmersion with cyogalab ➡️Today is supposed to be yogidandasana and baddhakonasana combination but I went with trying to hold the foot in the armpit. That's my focused face 😔 🌹💃🏻🌺 ➡️ Sponsors: cyogalab, daughtersofculture and brissobracelets. 🌺🌹 ➡️ Photo: 📷 🌹 yoga yogagirl yogini yogisofinstagram igyoga yogaeverydamnday myyogafam yogaeverywhere yogalove yogainspiration yogaglow yogalife bendsoyoudontbreak practicenotperfection 🌺🌹

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Stamford Yoga


Comment from Stamford Yoga:

Lateral variation of Cow Face Pose from our EVENING STRETCH class this eveninglincolnshire rutland yogadaily stretch stamford yoga yogini yoga🙏 yogagirl yogalover yogastudent yogagirls yogaclass yogastudio cowfacepose gomukhasana yogaeverday yogaeverydamnday seatedpose lateralstretch tricepstretch hipstretch flexible flexibility

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Therese / Norway


Comment from Therese / Norway:

Boat. Day 1 in SpringSymmetry hosted by helen_garner_yoga vythathin piit_princess_liz omniyogagirl Sponsors: yoga_everywear affirmats milochieyoga blossomyogawear ocean.and.tides yogachallenge yogapose yoga yogi yogamom yogaeverydamnday practisepractisepractise MYyogajourney yogajourney practiseandalliscoming yogafun boatpose

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Comment from Fiona:

"My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada." - Ellen DeGeneres That lady knows a thing or two... ❤️🦋 balance ellendegeneres play rest justbe

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Comment from Olesia:

It is not always intuitive but things are as they are. We cannot change how others act or react. The only thing we can control is how we react, what words we say and how we feel about stuff. Stay present and all will be well ✨✌️😊 yoga yogapractice yogaeverydamnday tepstyle

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|Laura 🌿


Comment from |Laura 🌿:

🌲🌾Cambiando completamente de paisaje! Primer día en la Isla de Skye superado 💪 Muchos habeis visto por mi instastories el percal de la habitación sin baño 😅😂 eso me preocupó al principio pero después de ver la PRECIOSA isla se me pasó todo el mal humor 😍 Te mueres del **** frío, el tiempo varía cada 5 segundos (☉⛆🌨🌪🌫☉) pero me siento afortunada de estar aquí y con alguien tan especial! PD: Hoy hemos cenado Indio y he pensado en arigador_yoga el calor que debe pasar ella y yo aquí a -2° ❄ 📸: laperragorda • • • edinburgh myyogajourney vsco vscocam vscogram statigram yogaeveryday fitnessaddict instagood webstagram all_shots vscodaily photooftheday yogaoutdoors tbt yoga yogalife strongwomen yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere bestoftheday strength fitness landscape yogi yogaoffthemat snapseed yogagirl fitgirl

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The Awakened Escape


Comment from The Awakened Escape:

Your self-worth begins and ends with you. You don’t need to prove to the world that you’re good or worthy or pretend that you’re perfect. You don’t need a seal of approval from anyone but you. You don’t have to try to hide the things you've done that might not seem flattering. You just need to accept yourself and trust that other people will as well. You are who you are, and that’s good enough. It’s more than enough. It’s perfect. . . . . . . . . . . higherconsciousness thirdeyeopen manifest zen awaken lightworker namaste thirdeyevision highvibesonly yogaeverydamnday freeyourmind yoga spiritualgangster spiritualawakening spirituality highervibrations weareone knowledge universe meditation raiseyourvibration frequency bethechange vibration energy consciousness lawofattraction higherself dopesoul peace

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Tiffany ♥ YOGA ♥ Beautyful ♥


Comment from Tiffany ♥ YOGA ♥ Beautyful ♥:

HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE! tiffany.beautyful | loph.quotes | selena.beautyful --------------------------------------------------- yoga igyoga yogaathome yogachallenge yogaclass yogaeverydamnday yogafam yogaforall yogaforlife yogagirl yogainspiration yogainstructor yogalife yogalifestyle yogalove yogapose yogapractice yogaretreat yogastudio yogateacher yogi yogini yogagram yogafun yogawoman yogadaily yogajourney yogaflow ---------------------------------------------------

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Cat Aldana | Yoga + Meditation


Comment from Cat Aldana | Yoga + Meditation:

Learning how to give myself permission to just ✨be✨ I am growing and learning at my own rate, no one else's. Aren't we all just doing the best we can? Learning to free yourself from your own expectations is HARD WORK, but it feels soo good when you finally let go of your own limiting beliefs 🙏🏼 Throwback photo to my first yoga retreat with yogabyallison in Italy. 5 years ago!!! That retreat was pure magic! Excited to go back to Italy in 2 weeks! Not for yoga, just for🍷🍝🍦😘worklifebalance yogateachertraining yogaretreat justdoit italy travel

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Comment from Rocío:

Day 14 of effectivehandstands is Standing Forward Split. The hamstring flexibility here will help you find and easy handstand entry. . . Hosts: kinoyoga beachyogagirl Sponsor: omstarsofficial . Also inspired by the amazing docjenfit 😍 (I tried my best 🙈🙈)

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🌾workshops & Retreats 🌾


Comment from 🌾workshops & Retreats 🌾:

yogaintinos it is all about working together.Organize and fulfill your retreat with us.Join our retreats and workshops on Tinos island.

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Nikki Olson


Comment from Nikki Olson:

As if the title of Sunset hike and yoga isn't inspiring enough to motivate your Monday! motivationmonday asana sunsetyoga

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Comment from kyda':

Hey Monday yoga yogi yogaisforeveryone yogawithbrain yogalove bboy lifeofadancer yogaeverydamnday dance yogainspiration likes bboy goodquote yogapants happyboy motivationalquotes likes selife bboy selflove yogainspiration stretch young instayoga divine dancing yogis love yogapants mensyoga stayfit _kyda life yogawithbrain yogalover yogalove yogalife

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Beth Szabo


Comment from Beth Szabo:

Day 4 flexisoulsisters I can only hold this for a couple of seconds. So hard! sideplankvariation yogaforeverybody curvyyogis curvyyogi curvyyoga yogaeverydamnday yogisofinstagram yogainspiration photo cred _lauroness_

15 Hours ago

Beth Szabo


Comment from Beth Szabo:

Day 4 letyourpigeonfly Balancing plank!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! I could barely hold and had to grab the window for support! Need to work on this!!!!!!! balancingplank yogaforeverybody curvyyogis curvyyoga curvyyogi strengthening preaashtangaworkout yogaeverydamnday yogisofinstagram yogainspiration photo cred _lauroness_

19 Hours ago

Beth Szabo


Comment from Beth Szabo:

Day 3 letyourpigeonfly Knee to nose pose. So hard for me to get out of my own way! I never focus on the back curvature here, really helped! curvyyogis curvyyogi curvyyoga yogaforeverybody flyingpigeonprep yogaeverydamnday yogisofinstagram yogainspiration

1 Days ago

Beth Szabo


Comment from Beth Szabo:

Day 3 flexisoulsisters My teacher training buddy jumped in! The amazing dp7momma is my soul sister in this! ❤ dancerpose natarajasana yogaforeverybody curvyyogis curvyyogi curvyyoga teachertrainingbuddies soulsisters yogaeverydamnday yogisofinstagram yogainspiration photo cred _lauroness_ 💖

1 Days ago