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Comment from ☔️Sara☔️:

Mornings. practiceyogachangeyourworld yoginisofinstagram yogini yoga yogainspiration yogapractice yogagirl yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogalove yogalife yogapose getbendy yogagirlsaretwisted myyogalife myyogajourney namasteyogafamyogahigh feeltheyogahigh practiceandalliscoming practicepracticepractice yogadaily backbendcamelpose ustrasana

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Marilyn Mac


Comment from Marilyn Mac:

Day 4 of YinYangYoga was oneleggedkingpigeon . . igyogaigyogafamyogachallengeyogayogaloveyogagirlyogainspirationyogalifepinchainversionsinversionjunkieyogajourneyyogajourneyyogapracticeyogagramyogamompracticeandalliscomingyogachallenge onziegearo

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Laura Large


Comment from Laura Large:

For Day 8 of BodyMudras Josephine yoga_mami has given us forwardfold & I went with a floating variation 🌸 It occurred to me a bit too late that it's kinda tricky to use a mudra in this variation 😂 So, I thought I would just write about a Fire Mudra, seeing as this is definitely a pose that builds heat! Agni Mudra or Fire Gesture helps to balance the heat within your body, & enhances your willpower & self-confidence. In yoga, it is valued for meditation & centres your energy while filling you with enthusiasm & vitality (result!).... It's kinda cool that it mimics the thumbs-up gesture used in the West as a sign of approval... It's origins are said to lie in the Roman era, when crowds at gladiator battles voted with their thumbs on whether the winning gladiator should kill his opponent: thumbs-up signified continued life.... Something you may need after trying this pose.... 😋 To practice Agni Mudra use your right hand to make a fist with the thumb pointing straight up. Have your left hand open with the palm upwards & place your right hand on top of the left. A demonstration of this Mudra is up in my stories if anyone fancies trying it out 👍🌸 . Please don't forget to also check in with my beautiful co-hosts for their variations & to spread some love in the gallery 💓 . Hosts: shiniyogi benditlikebay yoga_mami omniyogagirl 🌸 Sponsors: werkshop mymalanecklace rockingvibe 🌸 Hosts in posting order & poses: 1. shiniyogi - Lunge✔️ 2. - Goddess✔️ 3. yoga_mami - Warrior✔️ 4. omniyogagirl - Camel✔️ 5. benditlikebay - Lizard✔️ 6. shiniyogi - Toestand✔️ 7. - Lotus✔️ 8. yoga_mami - Forward Fold✔️ 9. omniyogagirl - Side Lunge 10. benditlikebay - Reclined Pose . Suit: werkshop team Choker: rockingvibe Mat: liforme . . . . . yogaaddict yogafitness yoga myyogalife yogagram yogastrong yogapractice yogalife yogalove yogaeverydamnday yogi yogaeveryday igyoga instayoga asana igfitness yogapose yogagirl yogisofinstagram instayoga yogafit yogainspiration fitness yogachallenge strength flexibility

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Zhong Argentina


Comment from Zhong Argentina:

Lista para la práctica. 😃 Ready for practice 😍 Shop on line⬇️⬇️📲💳📫🎁 yoga yogadaily yogajourney yogagirl yogawear yogaclothes yogaaddict yogagram yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogi yogalove yogainspiration yogaeverywhere yogini yogisofinstagram yogafit yogapose yogajourney zhongargentina asana athleisure wellness healthyliving yogapants tiedye ohm top

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Brianna LaRue


Comment from Brianna LaRue:

☀️Upavistha Konasana☀️ Day 23 of the AshtangaYogaChallenge . . Host: kinoyoga ☀️ Sponsor: omstarsofficial ☀️

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Comment from Ozzz:

Today's practice ashtanga ashtangayoga practice practiceyogachangeyourworld onebreathatime yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogachallenge yogainspiration yogamom yogagirl igyoga yoga yogi keeppracticing productofpatience practiceandalliscoming practicepracticepractice igyoga yogapose instayoga namaste

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Stone Dolls PR 👉🏼💪🏼🇵🇷


Comment from Stone Dolls PR 👉🏼💪🏼🇵🇷:

Short!!😍fit fitness fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitnessaddict gym gymlife gymstyle stonedollspr leggings shorts zumba yogainspiration cycling trxtraining crossfit weightlifting train ilovesquats squats personaltrainer protein muscle exercise fitmom training strongwomen vamospormas caciquebodybuildingandfitness bodybuilding

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Kasia Kwaśniewicz


Comment from Kasia Kwaśniewicz:

Balance is when your mind and body live in harmony ❤️ 📸katarzyna_milewska muuvapparel muuvcontortionstairsstretchingfashionfitspirationdanceposeawesomepositivesmilecircusaerialnationflexibilityyogayogaposeasanabendygirlgirlwithmusclesharmonyyogayogainspirationballerinaprojectballetrhytmicsgymnastics

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Mia M. Louise 🌱🏋🏼‍♀️


Comment from Mia M. Louise 🌱🏋🏼‍♀️:

I H R L I E B E N 💓 Das Wetter spielt heute nicht mit. Eigentlich wollte ich noch ein wenig spazieren gehen aber es fängt immer wieder an zu regnen 🙁 regnet es bei euch auch oder habt ihr besseres Wetter ? ✨ Die Jacke da oben habe ich übrigens meiner Mutter abgenommen, ok sie hat sie mir natürlich mit gegeben und ich lieeebe sie! Sie ist so richtig 80er und das gefällt mir total 😊💓 in Kombination mit dem Outfit mag ich das super gerne 🌷 Heute wird noch die Wohnung aufgeräumt & morgen geht endlich das Praktikum los sohappy 🌷 Genießt den Nachmittag und seit dankbar 😊 bblogger beautyblogger beauty fblogger fashionblogger fashion lifestyleblogger lifestyle healthylife healthy healthyeating yogaeverydamnday yoga yogainspiration influencer like4like fit fitness fitfam germany goodvibes positivevibes

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Luna Syn Costelle


Comment from Luna Syn Costelle:

Barry hasn't quite gotten used to my yoga yet. Every time my face gets a little to close he feels the need to give me lots of kisses ❤⚡🐶 morningyoga goodmorning goodvibes yogi yogainspiration puppylove rescuepup selflove loveaboveallelse theflash

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Carnoustie Resorts


Comment from Carnoustie Resorts:

Kalaripayattu Carnoustie.. Training for Mind and Body Learn more about Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, visit LifeAtCarnoustie Kalaripayattu GodsOwnCountry martialarts kalariyoga yogaretreat yogainspiration yogalife wellnesscoach wellnesslife luxurywellness luxuryretreats

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Comment from Kristen:

yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogaaddict yogalove yogalife yogapose yogamom yogateacher igyoga instayoga yogi yogini namaste asana fitnessmotivation fitness fitgirl fitmom fit fitfam dance yogainspiration yogateacher freespirit gypsy dancer zen ballet

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Sissy Gonzalez


Comment from Sissy Gonzalez:

aniversario yogainspiration reflexology reflexoyoga amalayogastudio

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Clare 👑💍💏


Comment from Clare 👑💍💏:

Omg this happened today! Can't believe I can take my leg off the floor and pose in different shapes in the air. When I started learning bridges they were awful, had no balance, no strenght, wasn't bendy enough and I couldn't lift my leg as it felt so heavy. Happy happy happy! bridges backbends contortiontraining contortion yoga yogalove yogalife yogafit yogafitness yogagirl yogadaily yogaeverydamnday yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere yogainspiration yogajourney yogi yogini stretch stretching flexible flexibility flexibilitytraining getbendy bendy bendyback strong strenght

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Kula Collective


Comment from Kula Collective:

Grab your pillows and blankets and take the time on your busy Monday to relax in this yummy restorative Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)! ✨ Spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes here and follow the natural flow of your beautiful breath ✨ Thanks suryaflow and hayleysaraswati for this delicious Restorative / Therapeutic yoga session in Peru!

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~ Biatris


Comment from ~ Biatris:

Monday motivation - minimalist workspace . . . . . . . . . . wellness wellnesswarrior wellnesscoach fitnessmotivation yogainspiration minimalism minimalist mindfulness minimaliststyle minimalistics minimalistdesign architecturelovers simpledesign homedecor workspace

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Alyssa Zoellner

Comment from Alyssa Zoellner:

brb. doing yoga 🍑

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Meditative Movements


Comment from Meditative Movements:

"So tap me out, and tap me in to you. Heal my brain and my body too. Balance my chemistry, hydrate these cells. Because the body talks, and meditation helps." 🙏🏼✨🕉🌲🌈🌸👁

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Karly Lou Philips


Comment from Karly Lou Philips:

"Everyone! Make sure to take advantage of the big Shark Week Sale sand_cloud is having! 40% off ALL PRODUCTS. Click the link in my bio to shop now!" ididitforthetowel diditforthetowel savethefishies🐠 _______________________________________________________ yogalove yogalife yogaplay instayoga yogisofinstagram yogaaddict onebreathatatime practiceandalliscoming invertyoself yogaeverydamnday blissbandits yogaeverywhere picoftheday photooftheday picoftheweek photooftheweek yogaeveryday yogadaily yoga yogagram yogajournal iloveyoga yogainspiration yogagirl savethefishies

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Adriana Ricci


Comment from Adriana Ricci:

Pensamento da semana 🤔 💠Falamos muito sobre, mas será que realmente sentimos ? 💠Estamos em Paz ou buscamos constantemente por ela ? 💠O lugar influência ? 💠É uma estado de espírito ? 💠O meio influência ? 💠Humor ? Se questione, tire um tempinho para pensar sobre. Isso também é uma forma de meditar, de se conectar. Que a semana seja Iluminada e em Paz !! Namastê 🙌🏻❤️📿 yoga yogis peace igyoga yogaadrianaricci yogainspiration yogalove instayoga yogapratice yogalover instayogi think pensamentodasemana yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere yogalifestyle yogini love blessed yogajourney yogalife yogabrasil gratitude myyogalife mind yogagirl

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