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Ashley | Yoga


Comment from Ashley | Yoga:

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you , joy. 💙 yogaeverydamnday

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rebecca bryson


Comment from rebecca bryson:

Gun show 😎

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Comment from VforVerde:

Pe 7 mai V for Verde merge la Yoga Day by yogacity , o zi intreaga de experiente diferite: clase de yoga, sesiuni de meditatie si un seminar de alimentatie si nutritie. vforverde yoga yogaday yogalife relax meditation healthylifestyle bucharest

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Comment from yuzumit:

RYT200 TT 12th day. 今日は福田真理先生のアーユルヴェーダの授業。 自分のドーシャを知ると共に、グナの感じ方も学ぶという贅沢な日。 ただグナを感じるために午後のお茶会になってしまったことは言うまでもない笑 自分は絶対にピッタだと思っていたけれど確信を得た日。 ヨガとアーユルヴェーダは姉妹科学。 yogaRYT200 yogalife yogastyle yogateacher yogapractice yogagirl yogainstructor yogagirl ヨガ ヨガインストラクター 歯科衛生士DHdentalhygienist dentalcaredental

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Ché Bond


Comment from Ché Bond:

This weeks focus has been moderation/Brachmacharya. Slowing down the transition from downward dog to warrior 1 allowed me to focus on using mula bandha to lift the knee to the sternum and then plant it between the hands. Moderation can be practiced in all aspects of our life. Every time you make an impulsive decision, stop, think and ask yourself how you are going to feel after you have done this? yogateacher yogalife brahmacharya yogawithche

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Ericka LeClara 💮


Comment from Ericka LeClara 💮:

. . 💚 Day 5 of luminouselementalyogis2 -- Lizard Pose! . . 💚Hosts: shreeyoga - Air 🌬 wildmoonyoga - Aether 🔮 erickuhhls -Fire 🔥 zumbayogi - Earth 🌎 calamityjill21 - Water 🌊 . . 💚Sponsors: onzie yogisurprise szmalas meddyteddy spiritualjunkies . . Wearing onzie gear

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Casa Shakti


Comment from Casa Shakti:

Llego Claudia hoy 6:00 pm Maha te Esperamos yogamtyashtangamty vinyasayogamty yogasanpedro yogistyle yoga learnyogacasashakti yogalove yogini yogachallenge yogalife yogagirl yogainspiration

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Goddess Swimwear


Comment from Goddess Swimwear:

💙👙 Ocean is Calling 💙👙 Bahia Top and Infinity bottoms in Sangria goddess_swimwear bikini bikinis abikiniaday bikiniseason swimwear fashion fashionblogger fashionbloggers igfashion ootd igstyle beach beachlife beachfashion yogini yogagirl yogalife fitnessmotivation fitgirl travel tropical puertorico

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Comment from DH_Fitness:

Day 11 of animalyogaparty with elephantposevariation. Not in the jungle, but yes near this beautiful statue. Can't elevate in the pose yet, but I'll get to it. pielattesandpilates sashprime smilewitch yogini_nerd arthleticwear mymantraactive spiritualjunkies sand_cloud yogisurprise dharmayogawheel balancedguru workinprogress diethomefitness yoga yogaerverywhere yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogalife yogaeveryday igyogachallenge yogachellenge yogainspiration yogamotivation igyoga igyogafam igyogacommunity

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Elio Martinez


Comment from Elio Martinez:

Siempre hay un piso sediento para los pies que quieren bailar, para nosotros ese piso siempre es rojo. yoga yogalife yogadanza yogui

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Comment from Inem:

Regrann from yogiinem - Regrann from karolinakost - MayForSplits? Definitely ‼️ Ladies and gentlemen let us help you to make your splits spectacular 😍 Join us May 1st-12th, we are waiting for you ❤️ . Hosts: yogajosey omniyogagirl yogiinem karolinakost . We’re excited to collaborate with amazing and generous sponsors: 🎁 1️⃣ ilovegurus 2️⃣ nobuyoga 3️⃣ yogoya 4️⃣ glassticbottle 5️⃣ iamseed_ 6️⃣ glow.designs 7️⃣ stand4socks 8️⃣ justforcolors - the one and only pure cotton leggings ❤️ . To join us, simply: . 1️⃣ Repost this flyer and tags some of your friends to join (let’s have fun together). . 2️⃣ Follow all hosts and sponsors so you don’t miss our posts. . 3️⃣ Post daily, using MayForSplits 4️⃣ Don’t forget to tag all hosts and sponsors so we don’t miss your posts . Have fun, comment and like each other’s pictures. . ❗️Remember! Your profile must be public so we can see your amazing pictures❗️ __________________________________ __________________________________ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . motivation yogafun yogafit instayoga fit pose yoga yogaeveryday health yogapractice follow4followpotd yogajourney yogaaddict yogagram yogapose followme yogalife yogalove yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhereyogaphoto yogainspiration healthy yogachallenge yogavideoootd

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Yoga Journal Germany


Comment from Yoga Journal Germany:

Auf der yogaworld in Stuttgart haben sie schon einige gelesen, ab morgen liegt sie für alle am Kiosk und im Onlineshop: unsere neue Ausgabe 😀 Spannende Themen rund um Yoga, tolle Praxisstrecken und inspirierende Interviews erwarten euch! 🌈🌈🌈 newissue yogajournalgermany yogalife loveyoga

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Comment from Emeline:

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April Edwards-McGaskey


Comment from April Edwards-McGaskey:

notevenclose Here is yesterday's Day 25 pose Eka Pada Koundinyasana or EPK II of the Yoga4Growth challenge for April. Ha, ha! I'm just going through the motions for this one. koyawebb made it looks easy in her video when she came into it from downward dog. She and ladydork are truely the professionals! They are the hosts of these wonderful challenges. Sponsors are aloyoga sunwarriortribe getlovedup toesox liforme yoga yogalover yogalife yogachallenges yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogaprogress yogapractice yogajunkie yogajourney yogainspiration yogaaddict blackgirlyoga fitnessmotivation fitmom fitgirl stayfit staymoving staymotivated teamnatural Naturalhair naturalwhilestayingfit naturalwhileimatit glamandstrong

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Meetali Meshram


Comment from Meetali Meshram:

Today's Rant: You go on. How do you deal with a tragedy? How do you let go? How do you make peace with someone's physical absence? How do you tell yourself everything happens for a reason when you've lost someone to cancer? How do you pretend again and again to be strong? How do you get yourself busy so that you don't think about the pain? How do you go on? You close yourself up. Open. Go on, justs like that. You wake up. Breathe. Go on, just like that. Put one foot infront of the other. Walk. Go on, Just like that. Put one morsel after the other. Chew. Go on, just like that. Put on a pretty dress and look in the mirror. Smile. Go on, just like that. I get onto the mat. Breathe. Go on, just like that. You then get used to the pain but not the absence. Time won't heal. You'll heal yourself. Posture: Urdhva mukha paschimottanasana(closing myself up and internalising) yoga yogaeverywhere yogalife yogalove yogalifestyle nature wildchild yogaeverydamnday peace love treehugger treelove gratitude ashtanga vinyasa vipasanna jungle shanti producer writersofinstagram karma philosophy nature yogasutra loss cancer awareness pain depression goingon urdhvamukhapaschimottanasana

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Comment from ⓞⓜ_ⓚ_c_h_e_ⓡⓐⓜ:

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Comment from Serge:

{setubandhasana} ✨ bridgepose bridge ~variation~ with hip opener ▫️ It's easy for me to lose the length in and put pressure in the lower back. This expression helps me maintain the length and get deeper in the pose - connect with the sensations in the hips. ▫️ yogagram yogastrong yogalove yogalondon instayoga yogaeverywhere yogaprogress yogachallenge yogaflow yogapractice yogaeverydamnday yogalife yogajourney yogadaily yogachallenge yogateachertraining yogaeverywhere yogainspiration yogaformen yogadudes realmendoyoga yogamen goyogapro yogagram yogaeveryday

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| Lamise |


Comment from | Lamise |:

Just here to remind you that for every graceful and beautifully taken photo you see, there are at least 10 of these. We like to display our best moments and sweep all the mishaps under the rug like they never happened. But the truth is, my practice is not perfect. I fall, I wobble and tremble. I get stiff and feel closed off in my body just as much if not more than for all the times that I "nail it!" Learn to embrace your failures they are the roadmap to your success. And if you're not falling from time to time, you are not CHALLENGING yourself enough! LettersbyLamise Ps. I dare you to post a fail pic today! Tag me in it so we can encourage each other to keep trying while not forgetting to laugh along the way✌🏼🤓 PPS. At least my aloyoga Still makes me look cool while I eat it 😂🙌🏼

11 Minutes ago

Grace Cristina Yoga


Comment from Grace Cristina Yoga:

Asana, a magia do movimento...libera as percepções, aguça os sentidos, trás a força, a energia do ser! Libera a energia dos chakras, trazendo a tona a consciência da essência. Força, energia, leveza. Conquistando a consciência a cada movimento... A mente e o corpo trabalham as inflexibilidades interiores, abrindo caminho para um olhar diferente para o mundo exterior. Consciência da cabeça aos pés, nada passa despercebido! Movimente-se! Pratique Yoga! Vamos! foco treino nopainnogain yoga asana professoragracecristina vamoqvamo isometria meditacao profissional acroyoga yogainspiration yogafitness casalfitness yogamais yogaposes yoganaveia yogaeverydamnday yogateachertraining yogalifestyle yogaeverywhere yogapractice equilibrio yogalife yogadaily

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Angela Cooper


Comment from Angela Cooper:

I just came from another packed yoga class. Amazing to see how yoga has become a way of life in this city 🙏 yxe yxeliving consciousliving yogaeverydamnday yogalife

10 Hours ago