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• P R O C E S S • partoftheprocess move inhale exhale breath breathflow respect limits stepbystep growth yourbody yourmind space meditation within asana backbend listentoyourheart teachpeace loveyourself yoga yogalove yogaglow yogalife lifestyle yoganina

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Kim Taylor


Comment from Kim Taylor:

Today is the last for Last Day for the Preregistration Discount, for the next CKYTT ( link in bio). Swipe left for a sneak peak at some of music shared during the training. • • inspire teach peace practice yoga kindness compassion mindfulness awareness gratitude meditation cardio kidsyoga childhoodunplugged yogawithkids musicmatters teacherlife positivevibes mindbodysoul strongwoman yogateacher leadership yogainspiration yogalove yogaeveryday yogafun yogapractice yogagram namaste

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Yas mine


Comment from Yas mine:

Don't ask what world needs Ask what makes you Come alive yogalove yogagirl life happiness Follow me❤

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Catherine D


Comment from Catherine D:

Painting Buddha Meditation onelove passion yogi yoga yogaeverydamnday yogini yogamom yogalove igyogafam inversion inversionjunkie practiceandalliscoming instayoga yogahigh practicemakesprogress yogaaddict dailypractice fitmombeyouyogapracticeinspiredyogisstrongisthenewskinnyasanayogaholicyogachallengestrengthinspiremotivatebalance

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Con Cua Của Con Rồng🇻🇳🇨🇦♋️♎️


Comment from Con Cua Của Con Rồng🇻🇳🇨🇦♋️♎️:

Như một con giun ☺️☺️☺️ yogachallenge yogalove yogaeverydamnday backbend

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Breath And Beats Sessions


Comment from Breath And Beats Sessions:

✨THANK YOU Yogis for another Magical and Blissful Session! westvillenhvn yale health yale2017 yoga djnorbs3000 yogadj summeryoga uconn yogalove summer17 balancedyogalove ericaleebakeryoga

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🍀Adja Aquino🍀


Comment from 🍀Adja Aquino🍀:

Pensa num exercício que extende tudo, trabalha tudo, relaxa tudo! Diria que se trata de uma "prancha" invertida!!! Muito bom! bomdia🌞 bomfinaldesemana pilatesadjaaquino pilateslovers pilates yogaadjaaquino yogapelomundomaravilhoso yogalove

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Claudia Olla


Comment from Claudia Olla:

🔓❤ letsstartyoga yogaeverywhere

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Kelly Raspberry


Comment from Kelly Raspberry:

Skandatis in action! ⚡️Teaching today Saturday 10:30am skandayoga ✨ Come join us for Blue Lunar Hand day! ⚡️ . . skandati studio ardhanavasana halfboatpose asana yogafun yogafit yogamiami yogatime yogalifestyle yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogateacher miamiyoga brickellyoga

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Portia Oliver


Comment from Portia Oliver:

I love Introducing children to the use of a meditation singingbowl ❤️ This little lady looks forward to using it throughout the whole yoga session. gratitude childrensyoga kidsyogateacher igyogis meditation namaste feelingblessed childrensyogateacher kidsyoga kidsmeditation meditate igkidsyoga igkidsyogafamily instayoga yoga yogaeveryway yogalove

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Aneak Cannon | Yoga Teacher


Comment from Aneak Cannon | Yoga Teacher:

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear -Ambrose Redmoon- 🙏🏻 . . yogainspiration control focus handstand yogaeverydamnday upsidedownyogi padmasana lotus yogi247 myyogalife puresukhayoga balancedbody balancedyogi igdaily igyogi balanceyourpractice yogastrong homepractice yogapose inversion yogagram yogalove yogateacher inversionjunkie

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Comment from paola:

Sequenza d'amore yoga bordercollie blumerle yogalove baci bello così

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Katy 🌙 Be authentic


Comment from Katy 🌙 Be authentic:

👯‍♂️👯 Ralph Waldo Emerson ➳ The only way to have a friend is to be one.

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Comment from Tierra:

So this isn't a "yoga" pose. At least I don't think it is, but I got theeeeeee best sensations throughout various areas in my body. It was fire and ice. I pressed forward, then transitioned into a a low lunge after this. • Yum. • Good morning! 🌞 Find your chill.

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Comment from Carissa:

Early morning inspiration. kripalu justbreathe walkingmeditation meditation yogalove yogalife yogadaily yogaeverydamnday inhale dawn love nature namaste believe theberkshires newbeginnings newday

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Ashleigh Anne Irwin


Comment from Ashleigh Anne Irwin:

Love this ladies ❤️❤️❤️ If you aren't already following these two you should ❤️✌🏻🍷 Happy weekend everyone. Xo

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Places to Yoga


Comment from Places to Yoga:

The time for change is always now. . . 📷 vanessa_carrettiere yoga yogafit yogalove yogagram yogapose fitness fitnessmotivation wellness lotus yogamat asana thisismyyoga iloveyoga downdog inspiration

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Comment from Frances:

PRANA Klar kann man auch nur Industrietote Nahrungsmittel zu sich nehmen...nur woher soll der Körper dann seine Lebenskraft bekommen? Auch wenn Vollkorn auf der Keksverpackung oder auf dem Brot steht, dann ist da alles drin außer vollwertigem frischen Korn. Alles wird haltbar gemacht und in manchen Fällen könntest du auch bunte Pappe mit Zucker essen. Ja, es ist zeitaufwändig Dinge immer frisch einzukaufen aber ganz ehrlich wir oft sinnlos unsere Zeit. Ist es also nicht eher eine Frage der Priorität? mehrachtsamkeit modersslow gesundessen brucker vollwertkost mindandbody dubistwasduisst prana brucker plantbased healthyfood veganwerdenwaslosdigga veggie plantbased yogalove nahrung healthylifestyle edamame nährwert_ist_mehr_wert veganfit veggietime chi prana foodies foodforlife nahrungsumstellung gesundernähren

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Regan Warner


Comment from Regan Warner:

WallAsanas ☲ D A Y 6 ☲ M A N N A ☲ _ Sometimes the asana must play a secondary role to the surroundings. _ Hosts catbradleyyoga bowlingandyoga stretchylexi _ Sponsors 

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Comment from LYFSUP:

Awaken the beauty of your heart – the beauty of your spirit. Every day holds infinite possibilities. • • • paddleboarder supyoga heart paddleboardyoga SUP

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