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Josefin Höök


Comment from Josefin Höök:

Day 2️⃣2️⃣ of doyouvinyasa hosted by doyouyoga 💕 Todays pose is paschimottanasana or seatedforwardfold 🙏🏻✨🤗 . . . yogamom motherof4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yoga yogafun yogalove yogaeverydamnday yogaathome 🌸 yogaaddict yogaworks fitforlife yogainspiration yogapractice yogachallenge bikramyoga flexibility igyoga instayoga fitness picoftheday yogagram yogaover40 💪🏻

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Josefin Höök


Comment from Josefin Höök:

Day 2️⃣1️⃣ of doyouvinyasa hosted by doyouyoga 💕 Todays pose is reverse halfmoonpose🌛 . . . yogamom motherof4 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yoga yogafun yogalove yogaeverydamnday yogaathome 🌸 yogaaddict yogaworks fitforlife yogainspiration yogapractice yogachallenge bikramyoga flexibility igyoga instayoga fitness picoftheday yogagram yogaover40 💪🏻

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Comment from Tammy:

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Verónica Vera Dávila


Comment from Verónica Vera Dávila:

Day 5: wheelpose or urdhvadanurasana of RiverYogaSMTX challenge working with the second chakra. I do not usually practice backbends regularly, so I think this pose is the best for the moment. The good thing is that I have realized my mistakes and what I have to improve from now on. I really liked this challenge, and I think I learned a lot of new things. Thanks to the lovely teachers 💞yogi_rafi and southernshantiyoga 💞 and to this amazing yogi community in San Marcos Texas! 😄😺😄😺😄😺 No suelo practicar mucho estás posturas, pero de ahora en adelante me enfrentaré a ellas con otros ojos, con más calma y quietud. Los beneficios son inmensos! Sponsors: felgatec soyoga_sanmarcos altlewbrewco yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeveryday yogachallenge yogadaily chakras balance namaste yogaeverydamnday yogalove yogapose progressnotperfection love happy inhale exhale backbend yogaenespaña yogaenespañol yogaenmalaga

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Ivy Littleton

Comment from Ivy Littleton:

Passionately Living 💜Passionate Practices Lord Of The Dance Variation 💫 What's your passion? Happy Monday Yogis❣️ Just another day in a Yogis life.......... > > > > > yogi yogis yogini yogisofig yogisofinstagram yogifitness yogafit yoga yogalife yogalove yogaliving yogalover yogaloving yogalifestyle yogastudent yogateacher yogagirl yogamom yogaholic yogainspired yogamotivation yogainspiration yogajourney yogajournal yogapose yogapractice yogadaily yogaeverydamnday yogaoffthemat yogaeverywhere

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Jodi Kristine


Comment from Jodi Kristine:

Um, yes. 💖🙌 icanthelpit yoga yogalove yogalife ineedyoga iamwhoiam namaste

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Comment from fashionlucyjo:

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Sammi D


Comment from Sammi D:

Mediation was just not happening for me yesterday, so I tried again today. Day 14 of effectivehandstands! Our hosts for this challenge are beachyogagirl and kinoyoga!! Awesome sponsor is omstarsofficial!! • • • yogaeverydamday yogachallenge yogalove yogi om namaste yogini ashtagi ashtangayoga everydaywenamaste livelove tomorrowwillbebetter meditation instayoga

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Comment from Domcia:

Day 8 longerstrongersplits Pose: Pigeon/Standing I did a body combat class yesterday and as a result I felt so stiff like I've taken several steps back in my stretching journey! 😫 Fantastic hosts: _______________ 🌟carrot_bowl_bonnie - Basic asana alignment and prep 🌟ettlivstyle- Asana w facilitated stretching 🌟susanbishopyoga- Asana variation - more challenging 🌟supermomtraci-Asana variation - most challenging __________________ Generous Sponsors: ❤️fantoo20 ❤️kosusaofficial ❤️gingerwitchbotanical ❤️dontmesswithganesh ___________________ yogaeveryday yogapractice yogachallenge yoga yogapose practicemakesperfect instayoga yogi yogabeginner yogaforbeginners yogaeverydamnday igyoga igyogachallenge igyogafamily yogalife inspiredyogis yogainspiration yogaaddict igyogis yogalove splitsmission splitschallenge

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Comment from Nina-Maria:

Day 8 for SexyFlexyBendy2 is split Can we talk about this for a moment? This challenge plays with my limits and this pose does it in a special way. I have been practicing this since one year at least. It was my goal for 2016. I did not reach it. So this pose is a permanent reminder, that I can't force my body in poses it is not ready to take. It took some time but I am learning to understand this fact. (It is still hard on all the strength and balance poses, cause these I can force easier than stretches) I did 1 hour yin yoga to prepare for this pose today and was surprised that I could come this deep at the 5th picture. But it is still a super long way to train both sides equally and to square the hips. Not to speak of backbend and forwardfold. 😏 Guess what i want to say is: it is a long way to accept that yoga is a journey and i want to say thank you to all that remind me of that 🙏🏻 our wonderful hosts awesomebodyrevolution stardivakhushi jess_likethat_ activefityoga simplemuffin And our generous sponsors livelovepop bohemian_island ylloscrub aloetteofc3 aquaburns dharmayogawheel 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷 yoga yoga❤️ yogapose yogagirl yogaeverydamnday yogachallenge yogafun yogalove flexibility practiceandalliscoming vegangirl veganlife veganyoga vegansport igyoga igyogalove igyogafamily igyogachallenge crazysexyyoga splits splitpose practiceandalliscoming stretching yogawithpets yogawithcats catstagram catsandyoga

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Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge


Comment from Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge:

Bring a newbie with you into the studio for a yoga class and get entered in our GIVEAWAY for these (size S/M) Onzie leggings! giveaway yogalove yogalounge everydamnday

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Comment from Frankie:

It is a new day so don't forget to smile. 😊 The 24th pose of the 30daysofom challenge is the plow pose (halasana). Some benefits of this pose include calming the brain. Stimulates the abdominal organs and the thyroid gland. Stretches the shoulders and spine. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause. Reduces stress and fatigue. Therapeutic for backache, headache, infertility, insomnia, sinusitis. athleta athletamerrickpark yoga yogalove thegiftofyoga willtravelforyoga findyourpassion yogapose findyouryoga yogaeveryday yogachallenge miami namaste iloveyoga yogini yogaretreat om thegiftofyoga yogalight vinyasa vinyasaflow teachertraining 200hour teacher yogateacher synergyyogacenter igyoga instagramyoga yogaeverydamnday

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Danielle Hicks


Comment from Danielle Hicks:

Monday is for malasana . Acknowledging intentions: Say a sacred prayer toward all the ideas and inventions that are not yet fully formed, but are strongly brewing within. 🙏💜💡 Meanwhile being cradled in utero by the uninhibited realizer/actualizer himself Einstein graffitiart . A snapshot from this past weekend in Asheville

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Deanne Spiers


Comment from Deanne Spiers:

This is really scary for me. 😲😲 facing the wall..where will I fall!?! 😁 yoga yogini canadianyogi health supermom fitness family love yogaeverydamnday yogacommunity yogini yogagirl yogainspiration asana igyogacommunity igyoga igyogafam instayogis instayogafam instayoga instayogi yogalove yogaeverywhere yogaeveryday yogagirl yogagirls inversionjunkie

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WAR Nutrition & Smoothie Bar


Comment from WAR Nutrition & Smoothie Bar:

Now OPEN in our all NEW location. 1307 D Hwy 31 Hartselle, Al next door to bendersgym_hartselle warnutfit fitfam gym fitness supplements protein mealprep preworkout inspiration diet healthy exercise train npc yogalove bulk goals nutrition swoulfood mondays smoothie hartsellealabama supplife npc bodybuilding figure powerlifting muscle health motivate

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Susan Taylor


Comment from Susan Taylor:

Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic.❤️ . Be messy and magical and afraid. Find your courage and let your life take you and your practice to unplanned places as you grow and change. Tap into you this week on your mat. . MON 6:05pm - Power Hour - Move Your Hyde TUES 10:00am - Yoga Flow - Full Body TUES 6:15pm - Yoga Flow - Full Body WED 6:30am - Hot Flow - Griffin Elite WED 9:30am - Hot Flow - Griffin Elite WED 12:00pm - Power 50 - Move Your Hyde THURS 9:30am - Hot Flow - Griffin Elite FRIDAY 12:00pm - Power 50 - Move Your Hyde . . . inhale exhale justbreathe believeinyou magic itisallinsideyou become grow loveoverfear yogastrong myyoga yogalife goupsidedown swoleandflexy yourmatiscalling doyoga myyoga yoga yogaeverywhere yogaeveryday yogalove yogapractice practice yogaeverydamnday selfcare yogainspiration yogamedicine

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K E L L Y ✨🌻🌸


Comment from K E L L Y ✨🌻🌸:

Had the best evening with my favourite girls! Feeling super positive ✨🌻

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Comment from Rosslyn:

Name this pose! 💁 This is a prime example of using your surroundings as props. Whatever you have or wherever you are can be useful to come up with supported postures or a totally new experience. I don't know or care what this asana is, but I dig it. 👌

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Comment from Jules:

FitGirlYogaChallenge Day 1 - Sukhasana/Easy Pose 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 Hosts: erika_fitjourney, fitgirlkeesh Sponsors: goodygal_box, vrsgymfasion

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Dharma Asturias


Comment from Dharma Asturias:

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