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Tone Emilie Sjåvik


Comment from Tone Emilie Sjåvik:

Trying to take a yoga pose shot casually placed in my chair on the terrace, but was sabotaged by an eight year old 😂😂😂🙏🏻🤣yogalifestyle yogini yogainspiration

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Comment from Daria:

InvertYourMindset Day 13 ☚ Lstand Thank you hosts: yoga_lifestyles sarahgreenb yogiyue 💞 and sponsors: vida_essentials zurayoga 💫 Keeping balance everywhere! yoga joga yogachallenge yogajourney yogalifestyle yogacreative yogastrike yogaeverywhere yogini yogalover myyogalife fitgirl activelifestyle polishyoga yogagirl yogapractice igyoga polskadziewczyna

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IVIZZA ✨🙏🏼💕 Ivette Gutiérrez


Comment from IVIZZA ✨🙏🏼💕 Ivette Gutiérrez:

READY FOR ZEN MEDITATION DAY. Lista para día de meditación zen. selfie yoga yogagirl yogini yoginilife mexico spring2017 namaste meditate meditation meditacion innerpeace spiritual espiritualidad zenmeditation meditacionzen zen

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Comment from shani:

The HelpingBending is almost ending💕 So this photo is all about how to warm up to Dancer with the wall. It's a great shoulder opener and can help with getting the 'feel' of the pose without too much balancing. Hope you are all having as much fun as I am 😗 • • Beautiful towel by nomadixco Wearing aloyoga • • • The HelpingBending Giveaway is open until May 27!! 😊 I invite you to post your favorite backbend and write in short any advice that helped you with it, Hashtag HelpingBending And follow and tag all the awesome sponsors pucket_pants yashelathletic nomadixco karma_mob_nyc inversionjunkieapparel malabella_jewels yogacycled_wear shambhalabarcelona youphoriayoga Tag a friend or 2 to join the fun😊 And you're in! ❤❤❤ yogaloveiloveyogayogayogafunyogaeverydamndayyogaeverywhereashtangaashtangayogayoginiigfitnesspracticeandalliscomingyogisofinstagramfitspoyogagramyogagirlyogafityogaposeasanayogaflowbenddontbreakyogachallengemotivationigyogayogalifeyogajourneyyogadailyyogaaddictyogapracticeyogainspiration

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Savana Suniga


Comment from Savana Suniga:

At work doing yoga in between clients ♡ yoga saves me during long massage days I love it. Plus my office is peaceful and quiet in the rain ♡ FOLDTHIS challenge!! I should know what the first one is called oops since I try to do it ebery day, the second one I still can't bind in half lotus but it's getting closer. Hosts: saltlifepirateprincess imlisa clarissa_mae_ lightfulyogini mumma_joy76 . Sponsors: byoganow onzie yogisurprise picassojasper . yoga yogagram yogaeverydamnday yogapractice myyogapractice yogaholic yogaaddict yogainspiration yogalove yogalife instayoga igyogafamily igyogacommunity yogi yogini yoginiforlife yoginisofinstagram

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Stiina Casandra Andersen 💫


Comment from Stiina Casandra Andersen 💫:

Your life, your dress code. NYC was crowded, busy and noisy and I hungered for space and connection. I guess that there's a perfect fit for everyone, NYC just wasn't it for me. Happy to have been there though ✌🏻😎 newyork dancer yogini travelgram

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Heather Glo


Comment from Heather Glo:

Post workout playtime. 🤸🏾‍♂️ • • • • upsidedown handstand playtime yoga yogi yogis yogini yogadaily yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday fit fitspo fitness fitnessgirl fitnesslove fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney goals strength gym gymtime exercise sweat trainhard passion happiness

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Cara Ryfun


Comment from Cara Ryfun:

Spending the day with my two favorites orpheusbrewing and la_myrick 💙👯✨

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Alexandra Mahoney


Comment from Alexandra Mahoney:

3-legged Buddha & a 3-legged urdhvadhanurasana for a gorgeous belated Mother's Day outing at this exhilarating sculpture park!! Photo by zoerollo & edited by samrollenhagen. yogaeverywhere yogaoutside yogaeverydamnday yogini yogisofinstagram bendsoyoudontbreak youareenough

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Patt Rueda


Comment from Patt Rueda:

Día completo en Festival Orgànic de Bcn. Clase de Yoga Dinámico con Xuan Lan, comida rica y mucha información saludable en buena compañía. 🍃😌🍃 . . . . festivalorganic xuanlan yoga yogini yogi love health lifeisgood healthyfood balance yogalove yogisofinstagram organic yogaeveryday enjoy motivation yogainspiration inspiration nice yogalife instamood namaste

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Kim Povedac


Comment from Kim Povedac:

After Cycling Class... 😅🚴🏽‍♀️ Next YogaSculpt 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼🔥 nopainnogainnevergiveuphollidayweekend yogasculptcardiohiitburncalories bodybuildingfitnessgoalsfitnesslife fitnessjourneyfitnessmotivation strongmindironyogiyogiyogini cyclinglifeyogateacherstayactive stayhealthymovementismedicine moveyourbodyburnbabyburn challengeyourbodychallangeyourlimits sweatyissexystrongnotskinnygirlpower girlwholift

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[ Heike ]


Comment from [ Heike ]:

Presses Presses Presses my first puppypress with props. Unexpected i am so proud 🍭 practiceandalliscoming yoga yogalove igyoga igyogachallenge igyogacommunity yogaaddict picoftheday ig tattoomum yogagirl yogamum selftaught selflove awareness namaste split yoga igyogacommunity igyogachallenge practice practiceandalliscoming yogaeverydamnday progress bendy fitmom yogainspiration yogini yogisofig yogamum noexcuses

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Ana Maria Vicsai


Comment from Ana Maria Vicsai:

Meditate your way to a holier healthier and happier life meditate yogafit crossfityoga relaxing saturdaymeditation yogini 🙏💚

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Comment from Tahlia:

- MINDFULNESS MAY - Day 27 How can I start Pranayama? One of the first things to learn is a teqhnique called Deerga Swasam. This technique teaches you sequentially breathing with all areas of the lungs. 1. the abdomen 2. the ribcage, and  3. the chest. This technique should always be comfortable; gradually deepen your breath over time. Try starting with 5 minutes during which your breaths become longer and deeper as you utilise more of your body. Inhalation: 1. Send the air to the bottom of the lungs by filling the abdomen. 2. Expand the ribcage 3. Finally, fill up the chest - at the top of the inhale, the chest should lift up gently. Exhalation: 1. Relax the chest, releasing the air naturally. 2. Relax the ribcage 3. Pull in the belly all the way in to complete the exhale. To deepen your practice and concentration, begin to count how many seconds you are taking to inhale and exhale. Gradually, increase your breaths one second at a time. With time you can work towards a 12:24 ratio of a 12 seconds inhale and a 24 seconds exhale. TOP TIP: To really connect with your body, place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Focus on feeling the movement underneath your hands the the correct order. Today's gratitude: I'm struggling to sleep post nights but that did mean I was awake to witness this mornings thunderstorm 🌩⚡ What are you grateful for today? MHAW17 mindfulnessmay yoga yogini yogateacher yogateacheruk coach positivity positivemindset breatheinandout precisionnutrition namaste health healthy mentalhealth healthyliving youcandomore braintraining beginnersmeditation meditationforbeginners bekindtoyourself practiceandalliscoming ashtanga deergaswasam

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Comment from evasyoga:

There is really nothing like being in your hometown where you grew up. My heart will always be in boulder ❤️❤️❤️. Rainy hike ...but it doesn't matter in such a beautifulplace 🔆....and perfect place to stop and do a sort of extended sideplank ✨ yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere yogamama yogajourney yogini aloyoga

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Beatriz-Los Angeles,CA


Comment from Beatriz-Los Angeles,CA:

What are the obstacles in the Yoga path ? 📝t's feeling sick ( Vyādhi) you mind get distracted and won't be able to concentrate in your practice. 📝Your emotions that affect directly your mind, sometimes we have so many problems that it's hard to let them go In our practice. 📝another one it's the doubt, which can be the biggest obstacle in our practice, (Svādhyāyā) am I doing it right ? Am I improving ? Should I do something else ? This type of doubts can really weak our practice. 📝Sometimes we act so fast, that we want everything the next day, (Pramāda) when we act fast without even taking our time, we fall down, and instead of going forward we go back! 📝what about when we think we know everything, we are the master and we have seen everything In life ! This it's what we call being ignorant and arrogant (Bhrāntidarśana) There's so many other more, but this is the most common I can relate from my students and even myself. I have learned to notice my mistake even more as I meditate. You have to ge to know yourself, to realize exactly what your doing bad, when it comes to your personality. That the reason we need to mediate daily, remember "Dhyana" and need to be close to our creator ! Don't let nothing stop your practice, only when because your health, other wise "Meditate for answers and Pranayamas for the energy " ♥️🙏🏻♥️ - - - - - - - yogapants yoga yogachallenge yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogateacher yogajourney yogadaily yogavibes goodvibes yogi yogini yogisofinstagram strongisthenewskinny losangeles la practiceyogachangeyourworld yoga4growth stopanddropyoga yogagirlgoprohero5 goproyoga gopro yogastudio flexible fitness

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Comment from InspiraYogaUK:

As far as throwback pictures go, this one is gold!!! - Here's Mark on the cover of his 1999 book, Yoga For Beginners ☺ The book contains: - A unique hands-free, eye-level, step by step guide. - Beginner and intermediate programs - Full range of sequences - Breathing Exercises - Meditation techniques - Modified programs for those less able . . . inspirayoga inspirayogauk yogaforbeginners asana yogamotivation ytt yogalove yogafam yogateacher yogateachertraining yoga yogi instayoga yogabook yogareads yogaeverywhere namaste markansari yogabooks spain yogaadvice yogabeginner yogatips yogini yogastudent yogacourse mensyoga menofyoga yogamen

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Giulia Defant


Comment from Giulia Defant:

italiandays 🇮🇹🤤🌱🍕after five months of india, a couple of weeks ago I came back home, a bit sick 🤒, very tan 😎, and so so happy to finally reunite with the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏡.... Celebrating this beautiful Saturday with a simple and delicious marinara pizza with grilled veggies. 👐🏼Happy Dayzzz . . . grateful pizza vegan veganpizza vegansofig veganyogi veganitalianfood italianfood pizza foodie health healthy yogini yogi pizzamarninara accidentallyvegan travel traveler italy italia color veggies venice adventure adventurer wonderlust

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Samantha Kelman


Comment from Samantha Kelman:

When the Pedal Tavern wins...

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(Alex) Slater


Comment from (Alex) Slater:

• WHY I LOVE MY MAT • When I first started practicing yoga I didn't realize how important your mat is to your practice. I thought a cheap mat from target would be just fine. It wasn't. I spent more time focusing on not slipping then on the poses. I knew I needed to find something better. I started renting mats from the studios I was going to, and fell in love with lululemon The Mat. Now I know everyone swears by mandukayoga or jadeyogamats but honestly I have the greatest success with The Mat! I am never slipping and sliding (even with all the hot yoga I do), and really don't need a towel. It's a thicker mat which actually works great for me since my knees could use the extra cushion. Yes, when you first use it there is a distinct rubber smell, but it never bothered me. Really the most important part is I feel completely grounded anytime I step onto my mat. I know that it will support me so I can focus on the poses, my breathing, on every part of my practice rather than if I am going to fall. And that is what truly matters. Would I recommend The Mat to everyone and their mom; OF COURSE! My own Mom has it and loves it. Everyone is different so The Mat may not work for you, but if you're in the market for a new one it is definitely worth trying out. I've had mine for almost 4 years now and expect to have it for many more! We all like saving money (me especially) but in this case quality is way more important than cost!

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