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Karine Thibault


Comment from Karine Thibault:

Soleil ☀️❤️Yoga Contrairement à ce que ma vie peut paraître sur les réseaux sociaux, elle n'est pas parfaite! Comme tous le monde, j'ai de bonnes et parfois de moins bonnes journée! Oui il est vrai que la plupart du temps, j'ai le choix et je tente de faire les bons choix mais il m'arrive de me tromper et de devoir me réajuster ou lâcher-prise selon les circonstances! Connaissez-vous la prière de la sérénité? Qui s'applique en tout temps, peu importe notre culture, nos croyances ou notre religion! C'est une prière de vie toute simple mais d'une puissance déconcertante. La voici: " Mon Dieu donne ma la sérénité d'accepter les choses que je ne peux changer, le courage de changer les choses que je peux et la sagesse d'en comprendre la différence" Ce matin le coeur fragile, j'ai décidé de faire ma pratique avec cette puissante intention: "Avoir le courage de changer les choses que je peux" Je vous souhaite à vous aussi de toujours vous rappeler que la vie nous sert d'école et qu'il arrive de se tromper car nous serons de valeureux étudiants toute notre vie mais à chaque bon choix, le vie nous apporte de grands surprises! Namasté 🙏🏻 mes chers amis! morningyoga yoga yogini summertime makeachange courage peaceful grateful heart

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Comment from FannyFitWorld:

Namaste and lots of love ❤️ from sunny ☀️ Paris 🇫🇷 Taking a little time off visiting the City of Science and Industry. Posing in front of the the Geode and feeling like a supporte tree 🌲 😊 Have a lovely weekend namaste treepose vrkasana yoga yogirunner yogini iloveyoga yoga yogamom yogafun yogagirl yogagram igyoga paris goodvibes positivevibes timeoff restday yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere yogateacher

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Christen: yogi & life coach


Comment from Christen: yogi & life coach:

Day 9 of the 🕉 NotYourOrdinaryAsana2 🕉 or as I'm going to once again call it the  iwontrememberanyofthesenames😂 yogachallenge hosted by the lovely:  karolinakost & vicky_ath and sponsored by the generous: perfectbalanceworld hydroflask arthleticwear re3life niyama_sports dharmabumsactive & om_style is parivrittauttanaanjalyiasana / revolvedintensestretchprayerpose. yoga yourchosenyogi yogagrowth yogaislove igyogachallenges igyogafam igyoga yogisofig 💜✌🏾

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Comment from sondercat:

Silhouette of St. Peter's Basilica ✨

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Ange Severo


Comment from Ange Severo:

✨After class gratitude smile. I am SO happy I get to do this. Teaching Yoga has been the gateway to finding my life's purpose. When I started this journey back in 2015 I had no idea where it was going to lead me. I had just started my life in London and the Yoga teacher training course was more like an excuse to stay here for as long as I could. I wanted to make sure I had a commitment that I had to stick to, otherwise I knew I would expire after 8 months and eventually fall into the temptation of fleeing back home because deep down I was too damn scared of being here on my own. Slowly Yoga became more than just a passion. It took up a big role in my life and gradually this practice started helping me to get in touch with who I really am, unravelling from the inside out. Today I know I am one step closer of living the life of my dreams, and all of that journey started with unrolling my mat and practicing. ✨💛 yoga unravel practiceandalliscoming lifepurpose lifecoaching yogajourney yogini afterclassmile gratitude onestepatatime selfdiscovery

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Jenn Whiteford Givler


Comment from Jenn Whiteford Givler:

Silver linings... . . LifeByDesign FoundationsOfEmpowerment Yogini RealtorYogini Realtor KellerWilliams BOLD Meditation Inspiration

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Catherine D


Comment from Catherine D:

Painting Buddha Meditation onelove passion yogi yoga yogaeverydamnday yogini yogamom yogalove igyogafam inversion inversionjunkie practiceandalliscoming instayoga yogahigh practicemakesprogress yogaaddict dailypractice fitmombeyouyogapracticeinspiredyogisstrongisthenewskinnyasanayogaholicyogachallengestrengthinspiremotivatebalance

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Nathalie Visinoni


Comment from Nathalie Visinoni:

We are Not a Person we are a Soul🙏 had a Great yoga day at home. I feel better now. Have a nice saturday everyone❤️😘 yoga soul quietthemind mindandsoul within timeforyourself mytime feelbetter lovelyyoga yogini iloveyoga leggings workout streching yogaathome iger ig_time ig_germany ig_captures

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Nomfundo Nzama


Comment from Nomfundo Nzama:


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Claudia Olla


Comment from Claudia Olla:

🔓❤ letsstartyoga yogaeverywhere

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VastuEnvironments by MGeltrude


Comment from VastuEnvironments by MGeltrude:

Release all judgment and fear .... LADY VASTU INC whose mission is Her dedication to empowering women around the world ... Develop Vastu consciousness 🙌🏻🙏 VASTU ENVIRONMENTS by Maria Geltrude Vastu Shastra is the ancient science and wisdom of Implementing the energies of the universe and nature in your home and work spaces to manifest prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life: health, wealth, love, career and overall success in all endeavors. Vastu Environments mission is to assist clients to manifest and feel peaceful, prosperous and abundant from their living environments, and ultimately within themselves. Maria De Robertis Geltrude, Businesswoman and Alternative Practioner of Natural Energetic Movement Maria blends her experience as a Certified Public Accountant and Co-founder of Geltrude & Company, CPAs, with her passion for Eastern philosophy and Vedic studies. In 2015, Maria became a Certified Vastu Practitioner licensed by the American Institute of Vastu. spiritualawakening spirituality tantrika yogini havefaith liveyourtruth sacredfeminine divinefeminine intuition divinelove strength selfempowerment iam ascend transcend energetics environmentalhealing yogini selfexpression shakti priestess oneness birthright Vastu fengshui courage strength magha queen releasejudgment nonjudgment nonduality

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Lola Molina


Comment from Lola Molina:

🕉YOGA🕉 Hace algo más de un año de esta foto. Y a pesar de que no era del todo feliz, la magia del yoga me acompañó y me enseñó la belleza que hay oculta hasta en lo malo. Gratitud. ❤😊 ° It's been a bit more than a year since I took this picture. Even if I wasn't all that happy, the magic that yoga radiates taught me the concealed beauty of bad things. Gratitude. ❤😊 ° ° omshanti yogini yogalover yogaeverydamnday campo fields yogainspiration igyoga natarajasana morethanasana moreconcience recuerdos memories fitgirl climbergirl healthybodyandmind BREATHEANDHAVEFUN

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Comment from Chantal:

Tripod headstand is a great way to get familiar with an inversion. There are many ways to get in and out of the pose which teach you the elements of gravity. And I love it when you can play around with a pose and can add it to your flow at different moments.

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Katy 🌙 Be authentic


Comment from Katy 🌙 Be authentic:

👯‍♂️👯 Ralph Waldo Emerson ➳ The only way to have a friend is to be one.

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Janine Wittig


Comment from Janine Wittig:

yoga ashtanga asana namaste loveyoga yogaeveryday yogalife yogatime yogafam yogapose yogadaily yogainspiration yogaprogress yogacommunity yogaphotography yogapractice feelgood yogagirl backband balance flexibility myyogalife yogastrong fitfam strength yogis yogisofig yogini fitnessmotivation vinyasa

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Comment from me:

Days 5 & 6 . . . 🛠 WallAsanas 🛠 . 🎉 .👣 . Wonderful Hosts; ❤ bowlingandyoga ❤ catbradleyyoga ❤ stretchylexi . . ☄ . . generous sponsors are : . 👖kosusaofficial infinitystrap liforme . yoga . . 💙💙💙 . . yogi yogini yogafun selfpractice yogachallenge yogajunkie yogadaily yogachallenges yogapractice yogaeverydamnday yogainspiration yogisofinstagram selfpractice instayoga ighealth igfitness healthylife healthyliving igyoga stretch core corestrength Splits ashtangayogachallenge

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Acroyogalunas 🌒🌕🌘


Comment from Acroyogalunas 🌒🌕🌘:

"Some things take so long But how do I explain When not too many people Can see we are all the same And because of all their tears They're eyes can't hope to see The beauty that surrounds them" - George Harrison gabiacroyogini acroyoga_justine

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Comment from lucyvictoriajacksonyoga:

✨🌈✨ C O N N E C T I O N ✨🌈✨ I'm feeling so blessed today & it's all down to connection & my growing yoga community. Today I welcomed 15 lovely yogis into our space at Cheapside Village Hall, and before the class they were so chatty & full of life - it was so lovely to see them all coming together & to feel like we are creating a warm, caring community 👫👭👬 Happy weekend beauties! Love & light ✨🌙🌞 📷 from teekigram Instagram page ✌🏼 connection community one oneness yoga yogi yogini yogagirl yogateacher yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere yogainspiration yogalove yogalife instayoga instayogafam igyogafam igyoga asana blessed fitnotthin strongnotskinny strongisthenewskinny

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Comment from LYFSUP:

Awaken the beauty of your heart – the beauty of your spirit. Every day holds infinite possibilities. • • • paddleboarder supyoga heart paddleboardyoga SUP

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•Bussola Yoga•

Comment from •Bussola Yoga•:

...quando si dice che fuori dal tappetino lo yoga non finisce... ;-D *Buon Tutto*

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