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RIP Bowie 1947-2016


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. °You have eyes that lead me on and A body that shows me death your lips Look like they were made for something else But they just suck out my last breath I want your pain to taste why you're ashamed And I know you're not just what you say to me And I'm not the only moment you're made of° . . . . . . . . . . {TAGS} attentionwhoreSatanSatanismatheistNirvanaKurtCobainDavidBowieZiggyStardustThinWhiteDukePinkFloydLedZepplinMarilynMansonPeterSteeleTypeONegativegothgothicToolAPerfectCircleMaynardJamesKeenanSuicideSilenceSublimestonerpotheadstonergirlLGBTLoveIsLoveJanisJoplinhippieequality

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Nicolás ☝🏼


Comment from Nicolás ☝🏼:

actor legend singer songwriter musician style hair eyes labyrinth zoolander theprestige bandslam thethinwhiteduke ziggystardust aladdinsane davidrobertjones davidbowietribute davidbowieforever f4f follow4follow like4like

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Comment from haley🎐⭐:

Lil mod bowie ziggystardust aladdinsane majortom thinwhiteduke davidrobertjones

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Comment from 奈良佳代子:

デヴィット・ボウイ兄さん描けました。あの迫力は再現できなかった(><) 瞳孔の大きさが違う所が彼のエキセントリックさを際立たせてると思います! davidbowie drowing 鉛筆画 デヴィッドボウイ 似顔絵 pencildrawing イラストならかよこ イラスト ilustration スケッチブック ziggystardust

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Marina Carneiro


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Like some cat from Japan. filhotes cats crazycatlady ziggystardust felinos kittycat chat peaceful green windowcat cuteness

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★David Robert Jones★


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⚡️✨Goodnight Ziggy Post🎸 🎶I heard telephones, opera house, favourite melodies🎶 Goodnight Earthlings💤✨⚡️ davidbowie davidrobertjones aladdinsane majortom thinwhiteduke themanwhofelltoearth themanwhosoldtheworld halloweenjack spaceboy starman ziggystardust spidersfrommars glamrock bowie 1970s

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Zia Sonia Museum


Comment from Zia Sonia Museum:

The One and Only David Robert Jones, genius from uk ✨ davidbowie singer songwriter actor musician artist spaceoddity ziggystardust spidersfrommars heroes thewhiteduke diamonddogs ziasoniamuseum zsmuseum

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Comment from tainted_.soul:

He was so beautiful davidbowiebowieorangehaircigarettesmokingastheticziggystardustriphotbeautifulsexyinspiremusiccreativegod

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bands and stuff


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Why can't I listen to the Labyrinth soundtrack without crying. davidbowie blackstar ziggystardust labyrinth emo emotrinity bands mcr patd tøp fob music fandoms danandphil phan supernatural spn

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Comment from Ziggy:

😍 AMANHÃ TEM INAUGURAÇÃO DO CAFÉ DO ZIGGY! 😍 . . 16h a gente abre a casa, com cafés, salgados, brejinhas e um climinha delicoso pra quem quiser bater um papo e já se preparar pra quinta-feira. . Às 18h começa a pressão com o happy hour do Ziggy: Chopp Brahma a R$5 até 20h30. Quem tiver no café não paga ingresso na SOUL TRAIN, que começa às 21h com a baladinha monstra pra pirar até 01h. . Quem chegar depois de 21h paga só R$10. Se liguem no nosso evento e bora bebeeer. ❤️ . . .  bambatabrothers belemdopara blacksoulsamba bowie davidbowie mangueirosa musicaparaense soultrain ziggy ziggystardust happyhour happyhourdoziggy morcegão djmorcegão

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Crossroads & Hamburgers


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Bend and snap 💫✨★ • • davidbowie david bowie ziggystardust starman goblinking labyrinth music thinwhiteduke ziggy davidrobertjones thegoblinking

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My Baby's Up There Someplace


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Happy 43rd to Diamond Dogs! I was going to filter this into B&W but then I felt like it was a sin to dull the shine of his hair and vibrance of his cloak davidbowie davidjones bowie majortom hunkydory themanwhosoldtheworld ziggystardust aladinsane halloweenjack diamonddogs thethinwhiteduke themanwhofelltoearth thomasjeromenewton heroes lodger earthling scarymonsters letsdance stationtostation youngamericans thespidersfrommars starman rockandrollsuicide moonagedaydream istherelifeonmars spaceoddity labyrinth lazarus blackstar

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★David Robert Jones★


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⚡️✨Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence,(1983)❤️✨⚡️ davidbowie davidrobertjones aladdinsane starman spaceboy ziggystardust themanwhofelltoearth themanwhosoldtheworld thinwhiteduke halloweenjack majortom pierrot bowie 1980s

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Kristen Steiner


Comment from Kristen Steiner:

Here's David's cameo in the movie Yellow Beard. davidbowie davidrobertjones ziggystardust ziggystardustandthespidersfromars hunkydory halloweenjack aladinsane thinwhiteduke ripdavidbowie bowie

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Munki Magik


Comment from Munki Magik:

Latest addition to our soundwave art collection :) davidbowie ziggystardust starman

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Frederick William Schroeder IV

Comment from Frederick William Schroeder IV:

"Bowie", 2017

1 Hours ago

Lacey Schwindt


Comment from Lacey Schwindt:

ziggystardust neonmuseum vivalasvegas christine_hotradat khotradat rizzle_80

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🎵 David Bowie Appreciation 🎵


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Happy 43rd Anniversary to the album, Diamond Dogs. 🎂🎉 One of my favorite Bowie albums. What is your favorite song(s) from the album? .. David photographed by Terry O'Neill in 1974. ✨ .. {davidbowie bowie davidrobertjones 1974 70s 1970s diamonddogs halloweenjack ziggystardust thinwhiteduke icon rock classicrock glamrock starman legend heroes music rocknroll artist chameleon artrock glam}

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Mac Stelter


Comment from Mac Stelter:

Finally got this baby done today! | Repost graviest ・・・ Ziggy Gene Stardust tattoo today. Original design was not mine, but I had fun doing thus regardless. tattoos tattoo yyc yyctattoo calgarytattoo bobsburgers gene thisismenow ziggystardust cheyennetattoo cheyennemachine eternalink jetblackink thearthouseinc thearthouse davidbowie

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