Chasing views while this guy chases rabbits

5 Days ago

Spending boatloads of time with this one will always be the best part of Christmas

19 Days ago
25 Days ago
55 Days ago

Spent a solid 2 hours trying to lure this guy into my car. Needless to say it didn't work #stilldonthaveapetfox

90 Days ago

Great weekend, even better crew. Definitely one for the books

100 Days ago

I wonder if borrowing @danphill17 dog to pickup chicks counts as experience ?

113 Days ago

Monday is already looking better than Sunday. Still on my knees but at least I'm out from in front of the toilet #2dayhangover

121 Days ago

Gros Morne is about to top my list of beautiful places I have attended a wedding

166 Days ago

When mudder feels bad about you being single on Valentine's Day so she bakes you a cake #killinit

339 Days ago
1 Years ago
1 Years ago

Seems about right

2 Years ago

Throwing out a happy birthday to the best mom around. Thanks for putting up with an idiot as big as I am.

2 Years ago
2 Years ago