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23 Hours ago

Graduated Air Assault and got my wings today 😎🎓🇺🇸

5 Days ago

I've had so many great experiences in the National Guard, and today was definitely one of them 😎💪🏻🇺🇸

6 Days ago

"ZERO DAY" was a smoker, but I earned my spot in class 003-17 🇺🇸

15 Days ago
19 Days ago

New year, new you 🎉 Ask me how the #nationalguard can help 💵🎓🇺🇸

26 Days ago
29 Days ago

When the going gets tough, will you fail or succeed? 💪🏻🏅🇺🇸

33 Days ago

Congratulations to PV2 Jordan McMenomy on his enlistment into the Indiana Army National Guard today. PVT McMenomy is a individual with high moral character and enormous potential for success 💵🏅💪🏻These attributes will without a doubt take him far in life 🇺🇸 Outstanding work, and welcome to the team! 👏🏼🤘🏻 Share 🗣 Like 👍🏻 Contact for more info on the National Guard ☎️ 317.513.6650 😎 SGT Dexter Caron #armynationalguard #nationalguard #indiananationalguard #innationalguard #military #31e #citizensoldier

34 Days ago

Don't practice climbing a rope in shorts and tennis shoes 🙅🏻😅

36 Days ago

Today I was awarded "Rookie of the year" from the Indiana Army National Guard 😎 I want to give a HUGE shoutout to all of my warriors that enlisted this past year 🇺🇸 You guys are awesome! 😊 Thank you for choosing me as your recruiter 👏🏼 #nationalguard #innationalguard #rookieoftheyear If you're interested in joining the military and want a honest and reliable recruiter, contact me today at 317.513.6650 ☎️

39 Days ago

Dropped some Army National Guard knowledge during lunch today at Frankfort High School 😎🇺🇸✌🏻️

41 Days ago

Congratulations to PVT Zachary Dague on his enlistment into the Indiana Army National Guard today 🇺🇸 PVT Dague enlisted as a 12K (Plumber) Yes the army needs plumbers! 😉This job training will without a doubt help to further his civilian career as a pipe fitter 🛠 Great job and welcome to the team PVT Dague 😎👏🏼 If you or somebody you know would like more information on the Army National Guard contact SGT Dexter Caron 🤓 317.513.6650 ☎️✌🏻️ #army #armynationalguard #nationalguard #military #militarymuscle #12k #plumber

43 Days ago
43 Days ago

My wall of warriors is almost full! 😊 It's truly an honor that I've had the chance to help so many people begin their professional military career 🇺🇸 If you want to earn a spot on my board hit me up ✌🏻️317.513.6650 ☎️

47 Days ago