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This table, when I'm not breaking jaws, is where the magic happens. Mail calls, knives, exes, you name it. They've all been here. Ft. The logo of one of my favourite companies. ~ Twist #fighter #muaythai #mma #edc #knives

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If I had a pound for every time I've driven my shoulder behind a punch into someone, I could afford to train eleven solid gold cactuses to write this caption for me. True fact. ~ Twist #mma #fighter #shoulder #3percent #muaythai

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There. I've posted my profile picture. You can stop goddamn asking me now. ~ Twist #fighter #mma #bicep

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Not sure if I was posing or I just didn't expect the flash. Thanks anyway for screenshotting, Charlotte. You heartless person. #fighter #mma #firstworldproblems

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