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Jessica Alexandria Li


Comment from Jessica Alexandria Li:

Sunday is for thinking and planning. There is alot in my head I need to write down and plan before we get to Europe. I just want this move to be as smooth as possible, unlike a few of our other ones. The process of narrowing down 1/3 of your possesions to let go of is also a very heavy task! planning pcsing moving planner cuteplanner targetbullseye milkglass planneraddict life lifestyle armywife armylife armystrong army lettinggo minimal minimalism planningahead planningtime pretty maketodayhappy

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Comment from Alexis:

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World War 2 Photos and Facts


Comment from World War 2 Photos and Facts:

Three members of the "Volkssturm" armed with Panzerfausts prepare for battle in Berlin, March, 1945. Towards the end of the war Hitler authorized the creation of a new "volunteer" unit that would allow older members of German society to fight against the Allies. You were order to join up or be killed but it was broadcasted as a "volunteer" unit, many faces death either way. Before they would send you out into combat you'd initially get some brief training. It only lasted for a couple of hours and you were mainly trained on how to use just a Panzerfaust, the Germans main anti-tank weapon. These Panzerfausts were super deadly and had a max range of effectiveness at 150m, any tank in that range would be decimated. Hundreds of thousands of "Volkssturm" soldiers took to the streets in and outside of Berlin in an attempt to stop the waves of Soviet armor that were pounding their city. They were ordered to jump out in front of the tank and fire their Panzerfaust's, they usually were able to destroy the tanks but ended up killing themselves. Many of the "Volkssturm" members capitulated and were released shortly after the war but some,as stated earlier, continued to fight and die for a lost cause. Thousands of old men (whom the majority of the "Volkssturm" were) were killed in the fighting and the majority never even destroyed their intended targets but were killed trying to escape them.

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Comment from 🌸Btsv_taehyung_fan🌸:

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Bret Barker


Comment from Bret Barker:

Happy St. Georges day my fellow Knights orderofsaintgeorge uscalvaryandarmor armor tanker tankerlife 149tharmor 13bnblackcatsarmor usabot ARMY armystrong TAG A FELLOW KNIGHT

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Mike Brooks


Comment from Mike Brooks:

ATTENTION!!!! Wise,inspirational,and a leader are just a few of many words to describe SFC Stith. He is one of if not the most influential instructors I have ever very thankful for your teachings fvsu motivator armystrong army teachers lifecoach leadership blackrolemodels blackleaders

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US Veteran Feeds


Comment from US Veteran Feeds:

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Comment from sam111911:

DAY 9 Legs. Another beautiful day in the house of gains fitnessmotivationfitnessgymeveryday lflf4f armystrongcamo instagood

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Patriots Motion


Comment from Patriots Motion:

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Comment from Kek:

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Comment from _heavencrown_:

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Dj Mo2


Comment from Dj Mo2:

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Bret Barker


Comment from Bret Barker:

Happy St. Georges day my fellow Knights orderofsaintgeorge uscalvaryandarmor armor tanker tankerlife 149tharmor 13bnblackcatsarmor usabot ARMY armystrong TAG A FELLOW KNIGHT

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Ezra Riojas


Comment from Ezra Riojas:

6k ruck around the track (15 laps) in 45min. Saving the 30 laps for next months competition. ezworkarmystrongarmyreservedonttalkaboutitbeaboutit5amwakeupgafpb2017GAFPBtraining

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Comment from Molly:

Remembering​ the retirement of my Dad's flag today. He served and died from agent orange. I'll never forget this moment. armystrong american myhero daddy

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The Real Celebrities & Heroes™


Comment from The Real Celebrities & Heroes™:

🇺🇸🙏💯✊We want to give a huge thank you to this beautiful usarmyveteran training_to_be_me for her service and sacrifices to help protect our country to allow us to do what we enjoy on a daily basis!! We truly can't thank yall enough!! GodBless !!🗽❤🙏🇺🇸 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- TheRealCelebritiesHeroes TRCHNFE therealcelebrities therealheroes thankyou celebritiesofinstagram military celebritieswelove celebrities celebrity usarmy instagram flexing VeteransFirst heroesofinstagram hero veterans militaryfamily inked respect army heroes tattoos armystrong veteran militarymuscle GiveRespectToGetRespect

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Comment from TheFurryGodMotherRanch:

Happy 109th Birthday to the Soldiers, Veterans & ever-faithful Families of the USArmyReserve! USArmy OneTeam ArmyStrong armymomstrong TheFurryGodMotherRanch

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Cecilia P. Bradshaw


Comment from Cecilia P. Bradshaw:

Awesome weekend at Fort Bragg, NC!!! Thank you for having us!!! The turnout was amazing! 🙌🏽🇺🇸🎗💪🏽... NotGonnaLieThough I'm tired 😴😩 - - - - - TeamTrainHard TrainHard TrainersOfAtlanta 5KWarriorRun WarriorTour2017 fitspiration ClockedIn workout trainhard instagramfitness warriorcore warriorworkouts teamtrainhard sweetsweat elevationarmy RocNationSports ArmyStrong USsoldier gothedistance fitness Nike NikeRunning TeamTrainHard Bforcebands AraziFitness SweetSweat ArmyFresh ArmyFreshFitness MilitaryFreshNetWork MilitaryFreshFitness

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Morrice Smith 🐝


Comment from Morrice Smith 🐝:

I'm really blessed to receive a 3 year advanced designee Army ROTC Scholarhip to Mercer University. Thank you to all of my friends, family, and teachers who helped me achieve this accomplishment. armystrong

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Brandon Loggins


Comment from Brandon Loggins:

Ok ladies and gents. I'm kinda torn on a new tattoo idea... I was thinking of this one but without the heartbeat in the background. Any opinions? followforfollow f4f follow4follow followme 11Bravo 11b infantry infantryman justdoit cib love hate memory men military militarymuscle veterans vet 22kill enlisted afghanvet beast sunday snapchat beast work goals hello follow army armystrong follow

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