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Comment from Teman_Rider's_Palembang:

Taken: agungjeremia Team Support bikers_palembang salamsatuaspal sriwijayamaticindependent terpal_palembang rolling ilovepalembang

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Comment from Josh:

rolling in the deep green grass captainfp

6 Minutes ago

Nalu Nosara


Comment from Nalu Nosara:

Go With The Flow, Nalu It! The new May schedule is on our website, FB, and up next here so come join us for a class. Featured here is Isis teaching Karate to kids of all ages. 📸 teeofranco

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Comment from ashlyn:

My baby rolling 😍😍😍 horses country life fun baymare bayhorse breezeandwindrunner breeze mybaby love rolling

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Comment from Marci:

This is how I roll. foamrolling ithurtssogood pt home exercise stretching resistancebands rolling foamroller quads hamstrings itband totight gotto loosenup legs

14 Minutes ago

Gabriella M Abreu


Comment from Gabriella M Abreu:

Kick back and be cool. chillout rolling model goodvibes

17 Minutes ago

浜田 壮


Comment from 浜田 壮:

前回撮った富士山山頂と北極星の写真を今回も撮ってみた 富士山 北極星 星 星空 星景 くるくる 富士宮口 富士山スカイライン カメラ ニコン d750 fujiyama fujisan star rolling camera nikon nightscape

18 Minutes ago

From style, with love


Comment from From style, with love:

Bianca Jagger 1972-Naomi 💐 bagger jagger Bianca circa vintage Chanel model actress actor hair makeup supermodels pretty beautyicon mirror Mick rolling stones

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Comment from thattrippihippi:

My boyfriend is getting this custom made dab/rolling tray 😚 dab dabs rolling tray maryjane mj ganja gift surprise who doesnt like hot chicks with a supra lmao idk stoner boyfriend hubby ily doubletap like4like spamforspam

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Comment from Moreno:

couchella future rolling icecream 2017 loveyourself brownboys bandana Gang LA fire chopsticks euro

28 Minutes ago

JiuJitsu Memes, Bro.


Comment from JiuJitsu Memes, Bro.:

When "this is going to hurt me, more than its going to hurt you" is actually true. brojitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu jits leglocks ebi polaris adcc combatsports sambo wrestling fitness ufc mma martialarts judo pankration valetudo oss rolling selfdefence spicymemes moviequotes jits bjjmemes funnybjj boxing

30 Minutes ago

Erick Escamilla


Comment from Erick Escamilla:

FashionDrive SanPedro NL Rolling shopping visiting

37 Minutes ago

Ganja Man


Comment from Ganja Man:

Nice to rol a decent joint stoner weed weedporn rolling follow weed🍁 weed💚 lol lit joint ganja pot weedstagram weed🌿

38 Minutes ago

Tobe Morales Oficial


Comment from Tobe Morales Oficial:

Directo al punto. BuenaVibraLatina Coaching Forza TobeMorales Auuuch PowerLatino Veracruz World Management Radio Televisión SocialMedia Cuantic LiveShow México AméricaLatina Music Djs HouseMusic ElectronicMusic Internet LifeStyle Ibiza Rolling Poder Rapid BuenaVibraLatinaApp

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Mauricio Gomez 🇺🇸🇵🇪


Comment from Mauricio Gomez 🇺🇸🇵🇪:

"Each man must seize happiness for himself, regardless of the sorry state of the world. It doesn't matter if the rest of the world is grave, so long as you find your own happiness." -Jubei Shigekura 🥋⚔️🛡📸| bernardofoto bjjhacks competitiongi competitionjiujitsu medalchasers brazilianjiujitsu bjj attbaga bagajiujitsu att attnation brownbelt faixamarrom grappling rolling graciejiujitsu southfloridabjj soflobjj gI nogi picoftheday globaljiujitsu guardeiro passador naoparra pressuremakesdiamonds success persistence

46 Minutes ago

David Mittig


Comment from David Mittig:

spending time in my room friends ps4 ps4🎮 gaming mybrother brother bro rolling joint mylove girlfriend love❤️ loveher forever 420 weed weedtime stonedfriends stoned smile happy happynight party partytime

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Comment from drpleiades:

The ride home today. Was warm and I didn't have any sunblock so I got a nice face burn! Add in some dirt and grime, bam good looking guy!! riding dirty burn rolling harley vegastrip harleydavidson sportster roadtrip

1 Hours ago

Ganja Man


Comment from Ganja Man:

Smoking stoner weed weedporn rolling follow weed🍁 weed💚 lol lit joint ganja

1 Hours ago



Comment from Amanda:

Hello Canada! Some fun gymnastics and stretching with my lovely Momma by Lake Okanagan. Stretching and movement is a MUST after 15hrs of flying 😋. Even after 45min of sitting your body tissues (fascia) have changed into lockdown. Fascia is a dynamic tissue and it will change depending on what you do... or don't do :) My pre - travel routine this time around was quite successful....48 hrs before I had a massage, a good sleep, did rolling and self-massage to release my tight areas, Yoga, drank tons of water with minerals, triphala, VitaminC, and plenty of alkalizing foods. After the flight once at at home, I laid flat on the couch and did some deep belly breathing 👌

1 Hours ago

Ganja Man


Comment from Ganja Man:

How do you roll your filters? stoner weed weedporn rolling follow weed🍁 weed💚 lol lit joint ganja

1 Hours ago