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Comment from Dawn:

Today I received a new rolling pin, so I'm going to play with it! Maybe a new Dog Chime on the way? So then, I went from rolling pin to shells ! Found this beauties on Stump Pass Beach, FL. Stay tune to see what happens!!! Great News : Chime Tyme Studio finally has a web page !! Please go check it out and pass the News!! Chime Tyme #dogs, #shells, #beach, #rolling pins, #ceramic, #home decorations #Chime Tyne

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Comment from Ariele Foster:

Day 15 of the #MovNatChallenge2017 is ground movement sequencing - designed and demonstrated by @movnat Canadian Team Instructor Stefano Tripney - @captainstefano I was a little pressed on time with this one, and funny enough for someone who choreographs 90 minute yoga classes on the regular, I struggled to remember all the movements in the right order :). I feel like I'd need a week to make this one smooth as butter. So after multiple takes, and moments away from a class I had to teach, I pieced together two videos. "monkey see, monkey sorta do." That's a phrase, right? #groundmovement

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Comment from FameShark:

Wore teal bell bottoms Got attacked at prom Addicted to karaoke All the songs you should have loved Catering services Focus groups One way mirrors Lil Wayne in the elevator No credit cards No fake modeling contract Throwing stones Rolling in gravel Ecstasy at Marquee Heroin on St Marks Liquid Sky Yellow Rat Bastard Battery Park picnics played Romeo & Juliet from metal statues Boats bobbed Didn't realize we were living in a giant shadow Jump rope nope Hand games some days Sex games some days Hope Morgan stop felt far Got lost got up got even got extra got taken got lusty got loose got hurricaned got jilted got jumpy got Never liked hotel rooms in my city Never liked a Napoleon complex Never liked air rights Or understood them Like I'm on a dimmer switch lately Buzzing Flickering Difficult Beckoning Shivering Listening For a wake up call #poem #poetry #poet #poetrygram #poetrysociety #poetrycommunity #writing #bellbottoms #karaoke #elevator #rolling #ecstasy #heroin #stmarks #romeoandjuliet #hurricane #wakeup #igpoem #poema #poeta #poesia

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🙏One of our favorite bubblers 🙏

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Comment from South County BJJ:

Just put our new Mats down SCBJJ. Plenty of Safe Mat space now. Please come in and join us Tuesday night at 7 PM Great Time. OSS 👍🏾😎💪🏾

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