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Comment from LEAH@LivingOnGuam:

If I Could Refer Them To EVERYONE, I Would Do It In A Heartbeat! ---Casey Wheatley Alex and Leah were probably the best help I had and the most reliable since the day I landed on this island. They took me in as one of their own and set me up with two different houses during my time here. Any issues I ever had with the houses, I would contact them and at the drop of a hat, they would be there to help. I want to personally thank you Alex and Leah, for making my stay here the most enjoyable and entertaining two years in my Air Force career. If I could refer them to EVERYONE, I would do it in a heartbeat! . . . militarylife guampcs militarypcs andersenafb andersenairforcebase airforce guamtoprealtor militaryrelocationprofessional militaryrelocationspecialist guam guamrealtor guamhome guamrealestate realestateagent happycustomer realestaterecommendation

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Enquanto isso em algum mercado americano. tirodeguerrabr force_special_operations mighty_albania manoel_kipissy voodedorso tatico_comando internationalsoldiers ukrainian.military Share the page armypmbopeairforcefabbrazilianAFAgoproebbrasilheroeswardogswarswatpolicemarinhapoliciamilitarsolideramericacotpfgoecaveirarocamrotasaopaulo

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mike leis


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All clean and Ready for the range. glock34 glock43 glock19 glocklove glock marines army airforce haters hicock45 navy girlsandguns girlsshoottoo glockgirl 9mmjhp 9mmlivefreeordie greysonguns

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Ja'Von Copeland


Comment from Ja'Von Copeland:

The newbies of the FULL SPECTRUM crew showed up tonight!!! Congrats to the A1C's!!!! airforce music drums vocals

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Günaydın // Good Morningkanatliturk havacılık aviation aviationlovers avgeek avgeeks fighters fighterpilots airforce piloteyes aviationphotography amazing kanatliturkKAO

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Duchess Mina Bates


Comment from Duchess Mina Bates:

Our daughter made a big commitment to the airforce! And her step-dad got to swear her in. So proud of her. daughter military commitment airforce eli.martknez8

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⛓ D A N N Y J A K A B ⛓


Comment from ⛓ D A N N Y J A K A B ⛓:

I am humbled to have met a handful of people here at my deployed location that have complemented me on my physique and actually been real stand up people to talk to. I've shared with those a few things or tricks that have worked for me and told them I'm far from what I want to be and the key to success is hard work, determination, and consistency. Im also humbled for the majority of other people who are the shit talking envy motherfucking crowd who are busy running mouths and staring rather than making SUFFICIENT gains. I wish more people could understand the work ethic that goes behind all of this but then again some people are just too fucking ignorant to care. GAINZTRAIN running express fool.🚂💨 Stay Hungry, Stay Humble🌀 - Danny. | Jakab. | Bodybuilding. CLASSIC MILITARY STEELSUPPS jasonhugehuh all_american_ceo paul_huh usaf airforce military airman fitnessmodel fitspo fit workout animalpak health fitness bodybuilding gym motivation strong zyzz ifbb bodybuilding ripped npc

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DELTA DESERT COMBAT BOOT . Saiz 36-44 . Rm180 . Whatsapp 01118806543 untuk sebarang pertanyaan . kedaikasut . kedaikasutmurah . kasutfutsal . kasutfutsalmurah . kasutbola . kasut . kasutmurah . airforcecork . ultraboos . rosherun . superstar . nmd . zxflux . yeezy . airforce . airmax . flyknit . roshe . eqt . terapiinstagram

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Curdish Air Force (Luftwehr)


Comment from Curdish Air Force (Luftwehr):

The Tu-16 is the main bomber of the Air Force. airplanebomberaviationjetairforcetupolev

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新田原エアフェスタ 新田原基地 航空祭 飛行機 戦闘機 米軍機 ファイティングファルコン ニコン ニコン倶楽部 ニコンd7200 air airshow airforce aircraft usarmy usa nikon nikontop nikonphoto_ nikond7200 f16

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Hello, my name is:


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GOP GIRL POWER! Must give credit where credit's due! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 cpac2017 buildthewall 2a gunssupportthetroops god liberallogic101 scrotus hillary hillaryforprison2016 resist russiagate 1stamendment redwhiteblue america patriotic patriot capitalism students4trump supportourtroops army womansmarch marines airforce military gop liberallogic cpac trumptrain trump2016president

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ホンダ ススム


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やっと19歳になりました。 みなさんありがとうございました✨ mcmcavemptjordan6airforce 0224

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Jason Lim


Comment from Jason Lim:

The reason the young pilot decided to join the Air Force was the uncertain conditions at the borders, and the growing terrorism. She said, “Because of terrorism and our geographical location it is extremely important that we stay on our toes.” With this statement, she has given people a lot to think about. Perhaps this will result in society not being reluctant to let women sign up for this, and women themselves mustering up courage for protecting their nationhood. dailyinstaIran iriaff_7pgpilot space_and_technologyRussianAirForceAirForceRussianArmyArmyRussiaRussianstyleRussiandesignAirforcelifeArmylifePlaneAircraftAirplaneAviationMilitary

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Ja'Von Copeland


Comment from Ja'Von Copeland:

I got the chance to rock out with my Cheif tonight. He's an awesome bass player!!! airforce music drums bass

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Meme Operators


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NCO's be like army marines sailor airmen soldier military grunts pog pogs usmc airforce navy usarmy usmarines usnavy usairforce troops america hooah hoorah oorah veterans armedforces airborne merica infantry marinecorps patriot

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Russian Air Force


Comment from Russian Air Force:

MiG29 mig29RussianAirForceAirForceRussianArmyArmyRussiaRussianstyleRussiandesignAirforcelifeArmylifePlaneAircraftAirplaneAviationMilitaryВВСВВСРФВКСВКСРФ

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Katrina Marie Castro😊


Comment from Katrina Marie Castro😊:

Airman's Parade/Graduation Ceremony. airforce mybrother myairman texas proud

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Kyle St. Vincent


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U May Approach The Bench, Ltd.


Comment from U May Approach The Bench, Ltd.:

What do you think of the unglazed version of this Betsy?

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