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Vinicios Léo


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Andrea McCarren


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Nigel and I are so honored to emcee this event, recognizing several members of Congress for their leadership in helping veterans obtain service dogs. Will we see you there? wusa9 ccicanine congress veterans pts ptsd ptsdawareness military service army navy airforce marines coastguard reserve

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OBeast Fitness is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned business. Active Duty and Veterans can use coupon code VETERAN for a discount at Conquer the Day! militarymuscle military veteran army airforce marines navy doitfortheculture armystrong healthylifestyle

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United States ______________________________________ "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." -Sun Tzu ______________________________________ If you want to see more American pictures posted by us, check out this hashtag: Mighty_America

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Steven Holzinger


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This KC-135R Stratotanker from the 108th Wing now sports new tiger decals to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 141st Air Refueling Squadron. kc135 kc135r kc135stratotanker stratotanker refuel refueling tanker usaf airforce airplane airplanes airplanespotter airplane_lovers newjersey njphotographer avgeek avgeeks aviation aviationlovers photoshoot photography photographer photooftheday photoshooting instagood instalike instalike instagram instadaily instaplane tiger 108thwing

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B.Y.V (RoyalBeautyBullies)


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Comment from castlejackland:

WWII 1944 Luftwaffe the red Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet rocket interceptor did fly a mission in 1944. The pilot didn't know his flight crew had painted the jet red before he arrived on field. The paint added 40 lbs of weight. The red was in homage to the Red Baron of WWI. The working glider copy flying today pictured was built off records and blueprints in the 1990's. There are detailed records of the red fighter jet but no pictures survive. nazigermany aviation fighterjets messerschmitt airforce design deutschland Me163 themaninthehighcastle

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Cars for US Troops


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Housekeeping! troops soldier thankyou veterans sot supportourtroops opgrat navy marines marinecorps usarmy airforce navyseals coastguard nationalguard combatvets combatveterans usmilitary ustroops Donate at: 📷 usamilitaryforce

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Global Aircraft 🌍 | 8,6K


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Carlos Domínguez


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Fly with the victory squadrons! AirForce

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