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Ryan Esslinger


Comment from Ryan Esslinger:

Another day gone! One day closer to coming home! Thankful I'm alive. onedayatatime iraq alabama rtr america

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Comment from haruna🎀:

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Kaorin Lopez Nakai


Comment from Kaorin Lopez Nakai:

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Amber Monique


Comment from Amber Monique:

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Tacticool Arms


Comment from Tacticool Arms:

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Comment from vichchaparz_5096:

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Carlos Miranda


Comment from Carlos Miranda:

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Comment from LC-staff:

Seattle🇺🇸であそぶならCity Passがおすすめ! : $74で、Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises, Museum of Pop Cultureなどなど遊び放題です♩ : 港町でごはんがおいしいシアトル、おすすめですよ〜〜 Seattle America 🇺🇸

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Nana Miyamoto


Comment from Nana Miyamoto:

アメリカって歩きながらピザ食べるらしい😋🍕笑 Finally l got to see you Diana and Ryan❤❤ ies epal reunion nyc ny america pizza newyorkpizza yum excited wow lol

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SLAP ME WITH IT 👏😍 Soft & Creamy Caramel Slab ❤ Mrs Calls Candy, USA | 🎥 Credit: mrscallscandy lickyourphone

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Comment from Reborn:

Gotta be tough 4 this

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T.J. Nance


Comment from T.J. Nance:

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Comment from Its.Brownpanda:

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Iñigo Rodriguez-Villa


Comment from Iñigo Rodriguez-Villa:

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어워크켄넬 대표(awalkkennel C.E.O)


Comment from 어워크켄넬 대표(awalkkennel C.E.O):

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Robert Huang


Comment from Robert Huang:

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American Liberal


Comment from American Liberal:

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States states that any one American has the freedom of speech. Just because someone does not agree with you or is speaking about something that you did that you don't want reported, does NOT mean that it is fake. It is real. The reporting is real. You are just saddened that a bad name is being given to you. It also doesn't mean you can prohibit certain news organizations to report about you. People have the right to speak and know. What do you think? Comment below VVVV

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Comment from まりえる:

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Sweet Dee


Comment from Sweet Dee:

....and we are locked, loaded and officially counting down! 230 days! 🖤✈️🇺🇸 theadventuresofbootandyoungblood america

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Comment from V I V I A N:

"greater things are still be done in this city"⚡ spaceneedle seattle america bigfam holiday 2016❤️

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