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Dora Reyna


Comment from Dora Reyna:

Beyond blessed and speechless with the amount of love and support my friends and family have given me. Excited to see what god has in store for me! Classof2017 army godblessamerica 68d futuresoldier Photography: angelmariephx

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CDN Gunworx


Comment from CDN Gunworx:

Proud to support our local militia, the ONTR. Excited for this weekend' ontrmuseum Aquino Weekend! army support armyreserve armour tanks k9 malligator belgianmalinois pewpew igmilitia canada igmilitiacanada cdngunworx

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Comment from PARK JIMIN 박지민:

⤵ [ 방탄소년단 - 박지민 ] - - - Child 😃😍 parkjimin 방탄소년단 - - - - FOLLOW ME IF YOU LOVE JIMIN 💋 - - { ♣ } - - bangtan bts bangtanboys rapmonster jimin jin jungkook jhope suga taehyung v kpop army armys kpopshoutout셀카셀스타그램셀기꾼얼스타그램셀피데일리맞팔선팔좋아요소통인친InstaSize인스타그램

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Comment from EVE is EVERYTHING:

🚨new alert 🚨 "Support The Troops" tee now available on the site. Tell a friend to tell a friend!!! evecustoms elitevisionempire marines army navy armystrong f_a_t marinelife semperfi usa memorialday memorialdayweekend customclothing streetwear supportthetroops olive ww2

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Comment from 방탄소년단:

lmao y'all bren deadass attacking me after i said im now a namjoon stan 😭 bts jungkook jimin jin v suga rapmon jhope jeonjungkook seokjin parkjimin kimtaehyung minyoongi namjoon hoseok kpop korea adorable smilingeyes love bae youneverwalkalone nottoday dancing bias army

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Comment from kpophansome:

k_pop kpop korea handsome sexy male boysband bts army jmin

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Chiharu 千晴 치하루 【♡chimchii♡】


Comment from Chiharu 千晴 치하루 【♡chimchii♡】:

♥ 日本での売り出し半端ないな😍💕😂 とりあえず、 予約しないとなくなりそーやね👍👍 ♥ 防弾少年団 방탄소년단 BTS‬ bangtanboys 진 랩몬스터 슈가 홉‬ ‪지민 태태 정국 ARMY‬

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Comment from #crusaderelites:

Fuck... fuckin antifa Regrann from unclesamsmisguidedchildren - Follow me, for a better meme future and crusadery Like what I post? Throw that crusaderelite in your bio and on a picture of yours and I'll give you a shout out!! Get ready for the Crusader Elites! _________________________ crusaderelite fuckers fuckery army tags memes dab stuff things moretags trapsarentgay mixed terminator hazeyourself shotgunshells sandwiches music talent eyes boots headass _________________________

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BTS_Jimin 🇰🇷


Comment from BTS_Jimin 🇰🇷:

LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS AH I FEEL LIKE EATING THEM! 💜💙☁🌈 • • ParkJimin Jimin BTS rapmonster kimnamjoon Namjoon Suga AgustD minyoongi yoongi kimtaehyung tae taehyung v jhope junghoseok jeonjungkook jungkook kook jin kimseokjin kim min jung 방탄소년단 bangtanboys army korea korean SHIPYAGI

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Comment from 박지민:

🔥|| im done with this kid🐱||🔥kpop jimin bts l4l army bangtanboys rapmonster jin bangtansonyeondan v suga taehyung jungkook jhope parkjimin vmin vkook vhope namjin jinmin jikook yoonmin pristin seventeen exo blackpink bigbang

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You Never Walk Alone ☼


Comment from You Never Walk Alone ☼:

Tae's signature pose since day one😻✌🏻️💕 ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼ [bts bangtan bangtansonyeondan btsbbmas bts_twt jin kimseokjin suga minyoongi jhope hobi junghoseok rapmonster namjoon jimin chim parkjimin v tae kimtaehyung jungkook jeonjungkook taehyung v jungkook kpop kidols kpopbts btsarmy army bts.bighitofficial]

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Angi (BTS army fan,music)


Comment from Angi (BTS army fan,music):

I can be the easiest person to talk with but not all the time 😬👍WeLoveBTSBANGTANBOYSarmySugaVJungkookJhopeJiminJinRapMonsterminyoongitaehyunghobijungkookiechimchimnamjoonseokjinTeamBTSYouNeverWalkAlone

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Akun baru netas🐣


Comment from Akun baru netas🐣:

Jimin so kuul ((: jimin chimchim bts army 방탄소년단 chimol

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kumpulan abdinegara indonesia


Comment from kumpulan abdinegara indonesia:

- Jadilah bermanfaat . .ennoprilia Mau foto kamu juga di share...? Follow abdinegara.indonesia Kirim foto atau video kamu lewat line koe3998u . . ----------------------------------- Kamu lagi cari sepatu keren? Sepatu tactical? Sport atau sneakers? Cek Toko sepatu sport murah berkualitas 👇👇👇👇 van_shop.jkt van_shop.jkt ---------------------------------- abdiNegaraIndonesia polwan pen7wrb picturelabindonesia tniad specialforces kostrad kopassus raider army indonesianarmy tentara kowad womanarmy nikon fff lfl peacekeeper hijab makassar polisimiliter

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❤️Min Yoon Gi❤️


Comment from ❤️Min Yoon Gi❤️:

Maknae cute😱😄😄😄 Goodmorning F4f?😄conment please 슈가 suga minyoongi jungkook jeonjungkook v kimtaehyung jimin parkjimin jhope jin rapmonster kimnamjoon bts bangtanboys army love f4f followme followback goodmorning

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Comment from BTS SUGA-민윤기:

its not about the likes, its not about the followers its about the good time we can have together, its about those silly things we say and make up together. its hard to remember to value these things when your name grows a little, when fun and games turns into a one sided competition that you burden yourself with in order to maintain a balance or to keep your position... but honestly, what worth do these things have? i'm disappointed in myself for letting myself get upset over likes etc because i never decided to run a fan account to have other fans just like my damn posts! NO FUCKING WAY– i want to make thousands and thousands of friends who i can share even just a little bit of myself with: In Hopes to make you smile, laugh, or even to give you the strength to tackle exactly what you need to! i'm not here to be 1 yoongi stan, im not here to reach m followers to brag irl, im not here to tell you what to feel about yoongi, THIS! isn't about my social currency, my worth as a fan- idc, i've got nothing to prove. I... i'm genuinely am here for you, for people who are just as passionate as me, who enjoy to talk and play, those who openly accept each other and ignore our differences, i live for a unity and sense of belonging, i want a community, a place, not space- for you all to be with me. i really hope you read this and become more comfortable with me, because all i want is your comfort to be yourself, this account is not just mine, it is ours, and thats why i'm writing this, because there is now 0,000+ of you– you all matter, and i want to welcome you all to our precious yoonhoe family! this is a place for lob! cuteness! your feelings! and bitchy raw savageness when hasis in the mood!! and ofc yoons dumb meow face;);) but yeah, i lob you! talk to me forever in the comments section!!😛💦 - © to owner - 슈가 suga yoongi minyoongi 민윤기 방탄소년단 agustd bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys bts [additional tags] minsuga jungkook jhope jimin rapmonster jin taehyung kpop army 김남준 김석진 정호석 박지민 김태형 전정국

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t r a s h


Comment from t r a s h:

he's so attractive i can't asdfghjkl

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Comment from kim_namjoon_dimples:

Ohh cute jimin at the end and his cute sound that he made when he imagined that he is holding a gun omg so cute 😭😭💜💜 jimin said Whose father boii chill btskimnamjoonkimnamjoonbtsrapmonsterbtsrapmonsterrapmonnamjinjinvsugajiminrunjungkooknamkookjhopearmyminjoonkpopbangtansonyeondanbangtanboys방탄소년단namjoon남준이랩몬스타

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Piper & Ike ™


Comment from Piper & Ike ™:

-CADET PIPER- Half of the inspiration behind everything I make. Piper's favourite thing about this jumper is her hands can touch through the pockets. My favourite thing is the extreme attention to detail and finishing. Right down to the last skull crested dome button. What's your favourite thing about this collection? . . . . . . cadetcollection piperandike pikelettes ootd outfitinspo kidsoutfit militarystyle girlsrule militarychic militarystylefashion army kidsstyle everydaystyle aw17 cadet cadetcrew cadetcardi ausdesigned theperthcollective mumsinbusiness shopsmall babieswithstyle kidswithswag hipsterkids rockerkids thefreshestgear streetwearforkids australianstreetwear urbanwear

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TaeTaeTaeTaeTaeTaeTaeTaeTae😍 bts bangtanboys bangtanbombs taetae taebts taehyung mphi mphibts vbts jungkook kookie vkookie jin jimin suga rapmonster jhope maknaebts wiingstourmanila kpopexlikes kpopfff army kpop kpopers -stmpikie

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