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;, ♧ Cr2 Owner Song : ? , My baby invented cuteness awwwww❤😘 ~ [T a g s] 💌 ;; Blackpink blink jennie lisa kimlalisa jenniekim rapper parkchaeyoung boombayah jisoo whistle army whistle AsIfItsYourLast comeback rosé Blackpinkinyourarea CallMePrettyAndNasty rapping vocals visual BlackPinkQueens aiiyl playingwithfire blackpinkqueens ygentertainment STAY debut predebut girlgroup Admin July; xhuntedpetrovax Admin zai; jimfluff. {admin zai}

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95line嘅友情不是蓋的👬 最後一集嘅bon voyage 咁啱泰泰係寫信比智旻 而言讀信真係會喊架😭😢 taetae感謝jimin一直嘅照顧 談心事 一齊捱過左四年 好難得的友誼😀👬但chim chim都係taetae身上學到唔少野👥👍(你地真係感動到我😭😭) ps泰泰讀完信之後 suga有話其實都想隊入面有個93line嘅同伴 可見同line嘅朋友可能容易d溝通 知道對方個心諗咩 好兄弟👬👬👬👬👬👬👬👬 每日195👬 95line Army bts beyondthescene bangtan 金碩珍 閔玧其 鄭號錫 金南俊 朴智旻 金泰亨 田柾國 阿米 kimseokjin kimnamjoon minyoongi hobi taetae jimin jungkook

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아 이


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ピンクバトン !! . . runa_chanse さんから!ありがとうございます!! . . 絡んでみたい方タグ付けさせていただきました! スルーしてもらってかまいません!

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Summum | Yellow💥steegengamode mijnsteegenga yellow red green army summum fallwinter2017 shoppingtime newcollection fashionista printed trend

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Jung Kook 🐰


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아기새, 인스피릿, 이미, 메로디, 바나


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BTS Summer Package in Palawan, Philippines ctto --- BTS Army Jin Suga JHope Namjoon Jimin Taehyung Jungkook 💜

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BTS💕Stuck in the hole of kpop👅


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- JIN LOVE_YOURSELF - 4yearswithbts BTS bangtanboys jimin suga rapmonster namjoon jhope hoseok jungkook jin v taehyung btsbbmas congratulations topsocialartist bbmas billboards2017 billboard proud armyBTSWEEK BTSFESTA BTS bangtanboys jimin suga rapmonster namjoon jhope hoseok jungkook jin v taehyung btsbbmas

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^^ ~Aku juga kpengen tidur seperti itu😂😂ditemenin sama member bts dan juga army bomb😂😂~ Pasti rasanya semua cape akan hilang dg sendirinya😂😂💕 ~ 김석진 진 방탄소년단 worldwidehandsome KimSeokJin Jin PinkPrince EatJin BangtanBoys BangtanSonyeondan BeyondTheScene bts army btsxarmy

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BTS cult


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Why do I find this so funny?😂 - loveyourself bts btsarmy bangtan bangtansonyeondan jungkook army v taehyung rapmon rapmonster suga jhope jin namjoon jimin

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₭ικι Tαмρʋвσℓσи 🍁


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bts army

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Comment from Maverick:

The M16 rifle and it derivatives, variants, and generations. The M16 rifle is the main service rifle of the U.S Armed Forces since 1969 until today. It saw action on many major wars, from the Vietnam War (where it was notorious for it poor reliability) to the Global War on Terror. Due to it futuristic shape that was way ahead of it's time in the 60s it's often nicknamed as the "Space Gun". The M16 and M16A1 served from Vietnam until mid 80s, when it was replaced by the M16A2. The M16A2 then would serve for 20 years, and saw action in the Gulf War, Somalia, Kosovo, and the early stages of Iraq War, when it was replaced by the M16A4 and it shortened variant, the M4 Carbine. Early reception for the first generation of the rifle was very poor. The rifle often jammed in the heat of the battle and lacked forward assist and cleaning tools to deal with jams (which was because it was advertised as self-cleaning rifle), which caused many G.I.s to lost their lives. The rifle was then improved over time, with the arrival of M16A1, which include forward assists and brass deflector, and later the M16A2, which improve the accuracy and utilize the new M855 ammo. The M16A4 is the latest of the evolution of the rifle's main family, which include Rail Interface System, making it suitable for multiple combat situations. M16's carbine variant, the M4 (and its full auto variant, the M4A1), became the main service rifle of the United States Armed Forces. It shortened length and lesser weight, which both are important for urban combat scenarios that the U.S force mostly encountered today, are the primary factor of this switch. m16 m4 ar15 m4a1 gun weapon america secondamendment firearms 556 boom fuckisis military police cqb army marines usa usmc troops

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MD. Labor, RN


Comment from MD. Labor, RN:

No war is won without communication. Signal units of the philippine army themartian pinoy sodier nurse

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bts v jungkook jimin jin suga rapmonster jhope taetae kookie chimchim jiminie eatjin sugus rapmon hobi bangtan bangtanstyle bangtanboys bangtanbomb bangtanseonyeondan army armyforever armyforever❤ kpop

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just a rad snek™


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Awake is underrated tbh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ v rapmonster jin jhope jimin jungkook suga namjoon hoseok taehyung seokjin bts bangtansonyeondan bangtanboys fangirl vkook vhope vmin bighit bangtan got7 seventeen memekpop btsi army armylife jungkookie kookie chimchimbts jinbts

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BTS TaeJin (방탄소년단)


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So cute😭😭 - ❣️I love TaeJin~~

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📷 military . ✅ Deixe seu like e comente, isso ajuda a prestigiar os nossos guerreiros! ✅ Nos siga e ative as notificações para não perder os posts! ✅ Use a hashtag forcasoperacionais para ser divulgado! ✅ Essa foto é sua e você não foi marcado? Envie uma inbox! . ⬇ ⬇ Siga os nossos amigos! airsoft_556 airsoft762 operationals airsoftshark gunspredator tacticalkrieg nacaoairsoft . policia operacional tatico tactical airsoft soldier war army police forcasespeciais specialforces military operator guns weapon army infataria operator combat

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I haven't posted in such a long time😳😳😩 .-. .-. .-. .-. 방탄소년단 BtsjhopeARMYbangtanboyskpopVJungkookSugaminyoongiJinrapmonsterjiminGot7ExoBtseditsBtsvinebtsmeme bts.bighitofficial

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Comment from BEYOND THE SCENE:

It's been a year... (Suga Official Twitter Update 17.08.16) - - - - -Tag your friends pls ~😉 - -Vote for BTS on SORIBADA 😊 - 슈가 뷔 지민 진 남준 호석 정국 방탄소년단 댄스 대구 부산 일산 과천 광주 서울 taehyung jin jimin jhope rapmonster jungkook suga bangtanboys army

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