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TALENT WINS SMALL GAMES,,,, BUT INTELLIGENCE & TEAMWORK WINS MAJOR F*CKING WARS... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ WOULD YOU & YOUR SQUAD BEAT THEM!? 🤔💭 . •••••••••••••••••••••• Bodybuildingtiger🇬🇧✊🏽🐯 ••••••••••••••••••••••

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Richard Swisnch


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Choices SanAndreasRebellion 💥 •------------------------• r4ge_navy_forces r4ge_general r4ge_task_force_airforce r4ge_leggacy r4ge_shadow r4ge.mekss r4ge_dragon r4ge_actor r4ge_president ------------------------- gtacars • gtarecords •game •lossantos •Gtav •grandtheftauto •rockstargames •rockstareditor •rebellion •grandtheftarutov •grandtheftrrauto5 •grandtheftautonline •gamer •gaming •armystrong •army •military •sanandres •gta5online •guns •like4like •crew

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방탄소년단입니다 - BTS


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Sign my petition of getting Kookie to start a gaming channel😂 . . btskpop jungkook jeonjungkook kookie bangtanbomb vlive bangtanboys follow like kpop korea btstwt ArmysWillProtectJimin armystrong army

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Military Contents


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Reaper ⚔️

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Ty Randle


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Part 1 On to curls while listening to c.t.ali.flether and kalimuscle. mikerashid said we're going back over let's go!! blackfitness armyfreshfitness rspnutritionperu home.exercises military__fit iamnayfit fit_chocolate365 notlimits neverquit beastmode keeppushing keepgrinding nevergiveup selfmotivation determination armystrong teamfitness fit muscle train strengthtraining muscle gainz homeworkout believeinyourself fitnation nogymnoproblem selfmotivation successdoesntcomeEASY

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Jorge Luis Molina


Comment from Jorge Luis Molina:

Sent a 4 banger set to friend stationed in Kuwait with a shit ton of cigars. armystrong realmensmokecigars

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American Warrior Whiskey


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Link in bio 🇺🇸🥃! AWW whiskey campaign bourbon spirits drinks army armystrong marines airforce navy coastguard semperfi semperparatus america freedom usa supportourmilitary supportourveterans supportourtroops indiegogo ptsdawareness ptsd veterans nashville servicedogs pearlharbor moonshine smallbatch fundthis

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Jordyn Lynn


Comment from Jordyn Lynn:

I have come to meet some pretty amazing people❤ armystrong battles military amazing

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Reaven One


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Hey y'all this is the address to my son. He's in Fort Benning now in Basic Training. I know getting letters is important and special to him. If you have the time drop him a line and let him know that there's plenty folks out there who still value our Military and the sacrifices they make!! Thanks and God bless!! armydad armystrong infantry 11bravo pewpewlife hooah

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Tae with extra Suga and Kookie


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I'll leave u with those videos and gonna day good nighteu my lovelies 😙😙😙 bts beautiful bangtanboys army Kpop bangtansonyeondang goodnight armystrong armyswillprotectjimin armyswillprotectbts

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Comment from earlsfamfan:

Forever praying for a love like Rachel and Harolds! ❤️❤️

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💋Tracey M💋


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BOOM!! My ultimate career goal finally accomplished!! Ive been selected for warrant officer .. I'm so happy and this moment is surreal.. Blessed beyond measures.. armystrong Army warrantofficer lovelife

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#cool #awesome #dope #kind


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The Warrior Battalion


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They're a good group. Practicing for Science Hill! airrifles warriornation armystrong erwinproud

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Kelly Smith


Comment from Kelly Smith:

FluteSoldier re-enlisting for her tour with the band at Camp Zuma Japan in July armymom armystrong armyband hooah and I'm an armywife too.

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Comment from Tina:

Attended My First City Council Meeting...Pretty Awesome ☺️. citycouncil columbus ga improvement mayor government armystrong district makeachange startwithin citychange

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✨Army For Ever ✨ We Love BTS 💜


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I love his smile 💜😍 jungkook jungkookie junglebook jungkookbts jungkookoppa kookie kookiebts bts bangtanb bts bangatanboys army armystrong kpop

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Comment from Florisel🌻:

No Phone for the Guy But Family & Friends that want to Contact Robert, send him Letters! Whole Fam so Proud of rob_static !! ArmyStrong

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Kayla Noel Kluck


Comment from Kayla Noel Kluck:

Can't you just be home now?? 💔😭 myboysasoldier armystrong imissyoumore

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Comment from Roxxi:

"Your Word is a lamp that gives light wherever I walk". Psalms 119:105 Psalms Military MilitaryLife Bible USArmy GodIsGood M16 FTX Soldier Soldiers ArmyStrong Army

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