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Trying to help one of the most awesome people I have ever met. Christine has dedicated so much of her time to educating children in science while also putting herself through school. Recently her car broke down in a very expensive way and with rent and school fees it's virtually impossible for her to come up with the money to get it fixed. I have started a go fund me to try to help her get her car running again so that she can continue her education and her work. Anybody willing to help out, the link is in my profile. Thanks in advance to anyone that's able to help reach the goal.

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11 Tage Dauerdate in Melbourne gehen zu Ende - und ich hatten so eine wundervolle Zeit! 😍 Von allem, was ich bisher von Australien gesehen habe, definitiv meine Lieblingsecke! 😊 Jetzt ist es 5:45 Uhr und wir sitzen im Flieger nach Sydney - und nee, wir haben noch nicht geschlafen. #hustlemodeon 😅 Nachher stehen dann noch einige Erledigungen an und morgen früh geht's nach Neuseeland! 2 Wochen Road Trip mit meiner Family - das wird so so mega!! ❤️ #ilovemylife

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Throwback to 2014 at Freestyle Session in San Diego. My first huge breaking event and got to meet some of my favorite bboys/bgirls. It was dope ~~

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