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Courtney Pratt


Comment from Courtney Pratt:

Some of the most thoughtful caring friends I have are because of BJJ. Cat sent me a care package of gear now that she's no longer training. ❤️ bjjbuds longdistancefriends italians _____________________________________ bjjbrazilianjiujitsufitnessfithalifaxtraingymhealthylifestylejiujitsujiujitsulifestylegrindsomostodosmxtmxteastcoastbjjgirlscanadamxthalifaxfitbjj4lifehfxyhzhalifaxjiujitsuhalifaxbjj🥋jujiteirojujiteiravintage fenomkimonos ponyclubgrapplinggear meerkatsu

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Yuki 유우키 Юки ワレンティン・モルダフスキー


Comment from Yuki 유우키 Юки ワレンティン・モルダフスキー:

やっと見れた 先日のM-1のビクトーの試合 viktornemkov fedorteam rizin rizinff UFC mma submission bjj jiujitsu knockout mixedmartialarts bellator wsof roadfc onechampionship onefc pridefc shootobrazil ufcfightnight sparring acb ksw brazilianjiujitsu invicta invictafc FightNights m1global

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Team Nogueira Bloise Academy


Comment from Team Nogueira Bloise Academy:

Practicing armbar from mount in our bjj fundamentals class today! teamnogueirabloiseacademy teamnogueira jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjjlifestyle jupiterfl palmbeach florida

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Toronto Top Team


Comment from Toronto Top Team:

Strength and Conditioning..... views from the sled. trusttheprocess see the results. mma torontomma toronto jiujitsu BrazilianJiuJitsu torontotopteam wrestling mixedmartialarts ufc bjj cagefighting kickboxing muaythai boxing judo submission knockout grappling yoga crossfit kidsmma kidstraining ttt weighttraining novauniao

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Giulia Ciampini


Comment from Giulia Ciampini:

I can't get enough of this place. ❤️ I've notice recently that all of my happiest places - hockey arenas, climbing gyms, forests, mountains, and now BJJ - are places that take me out of my head and put me into my body. Places that leave you physically worn but feeling so alive and at peace. ❤️torontobjj bjjgirls brazilianjiujitsu BJJ tbt

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Comment from choke2sleep:

Scissor choke. Tap or nap. 😴💤 choke chokes chokedout scissorchoke bjj jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu mma ufc

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Day By Day Jiu Jitsu ™


Comment from Day By Day Jiu Jitsu ™:

We were first exposed to jiu jitsu by our long time friend shannongugerty . Before we signed up at an actual academy, we used to watch the Pride videos and tried to copy the techniques. We would roll on the mats in his garage with his brothers and our other friends. After those garage days, we all went on our separate paths in the sport... Shannon went on to fight in the UFC and there is now a total of 3 black belts that first started in that garage. ThePathtoBlackBelt DaybyDayJiuJitsu DxDNoGi DxDTeam jiujitsu bjj brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjjlifestyle jiujitsulife jiujitsu4life bjjgear bjjrashguard rashguard nogi whitebelt blackbelt bjjathlete jiujitsuathlete bestofbjj jits grappler grappling subonly pathtoblackbelt armbar keeptraining chulavista sandiego

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Comment from Fogagnoli_BJJ:

Never give up!! bjj jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu grapling artesuave jiujitsuforall bjjforall brownbelt tksgod gratidao ctromanos academia4health osskimonos teamoss

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João Paulo Melo


Comment from João Paulo Melo:

Uma bagunça no final sempre faz bem. Olha a cara de felicidade depois de um treino arretado! - jahbless blessed joommelo teamnovauniao brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu bjjlifestyle yogalife martialarts submission grappling selfdefense healthy respect oss osu

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Fernando Veronez


Comment from Fernando Veronez:

Quinta de treino duro Oss jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu bjj oss

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Hector Millan


Comment from Hector Millan:

A couple of full guard variations with my brotha tao_of_sage wearing his showtheartx rashguard: - X to back take when the guy post up breaking your grip. - Submissions from when you break the base/ sweep the leg and try to come on top and the guy post. Triangle, Armbar, Wristlock, Americana, Straight Armbar. Enjoy, Osss 👊🏻💥🤙🏻 gardenoflife jiujitsu_videos jiujitsumag kingzkimonos bjj jiujitsu nogi sweep xguard backtake fullguard submission triangle armbar wristlock oss brazilianjiujitsu showtheart jiujitsuvideos

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Meiriely Costa.


Comment from Meiriely Costa.:

A alegria adquire-se. É uma atitude de coragem. Ser feliz não é fácil, é um ato de vontade. 😉👌

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Comment from stevejorgensenfitness:

Fitness tip 36: drink plenty of water while you exercise

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Toronto Top Team


Comment from Toronto Top Team:

Kids Jiu Jitsu..... Mon-Friday 4:30-6 pm. Let them learn how to respect others, defend themselves and discipline. trusttheprocess see the results. mma torontomma toronto jiujitsu BrazilianJiuJitsu torontotopteam wrestling mixedmartialarts ufc bjj cagefighting kickboxing muaythai boxing judo submission knockout grappling yoga crossfit kidsmma kidstraining ttt weighttraining novauniao

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Zizy Marques󾓦


Comment from Zizy Marques󾓦:

O medo rouba sonhos, destrói esperanças e te impede de viver. Vai deixar o medo vencer? vamospracima generaldeguerra blindadosporDeus bjj marrentasbjj absolutajj princesasnotatame primeteam novauniaoteam life4life lifestyle brazilianjiujitsu ZTT

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Tim Blanchard


Comment from Tim Blanchard:

So proud of my students katsuji1_ and katsu0_o on making the national judo team 🇨🇦 | galvaobjj atosjj bjj jiujitsu mmau yyc jiujitsu mma brazilianjiujitsu muaythai bangmuaythai fitness grappling jiujitsulifestyle ufc boxing wrestling kickboxing martialarts calgary judo blackbelt nogi atoscalgary galvaobjj rvca.canada rvcasport rvca

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📛 T U R R A


Comment from 📛 T U R R A:

alexandreturra jiujitsu bjj bjjlifestyle checkmatbjj checkmatvilavelha checkmat oss brazilianjiujitsu tatamecapixaba stanleysteinbjj

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Movement BJJ(Tae-uk Jay Lim)


Comment from Movement BJJ(Tae-uk Jay Lim):

양재주짓수/무브먼트BJJ Movement BJJ/Korea 무브먼트 큰형님 간지 . 양재무브먼트주짓수 무브먼트주짓수 무브먼트bjj 양재주짓수 강남 서초 양재 도곡 뱅뱅사거리 격투기 주짓수 다이어트 피트니스 호신술 movement brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu bjj fitness diet mma Seoul 자전거 브롬톤 간지 형님간지 아재간지 패치

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Yoryi Arboleda

Comment from Yoryi Arboleda:

No soy tan buena como parezco, ni tan mala como algunos piensan. Nunca voy a ser lo que otros desearían que fuera, tan sólo soy lo que la vida me está enseñando. jiujitsu bjj ufc mma brazilianjiujitsu muaythai wrestling bjjlifestyle martialarts motivation jiujitsulifestyle judo oss nutrition workout fitfam boxing fitness grappling artesuave fitspo marrentasbjj lutadorasdejiujitsu guardeira jiujitsuparamulheres bjjstyle training ilovebjj blackbelt

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Fabiana Mattos


Comment from Fabiana Mattos:

Treinão hoje com a presença do mestre herciojj ! Muito aprendizado! oss jiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjj brazilianjiujitsu

20 Minutes ago