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🌸Tracy Carolyn Cruze


Comment from 🌸Tracy Carolyn Cruze:

Final pic for the night. dan_southworth digital artwork. I have a killer headache so I bid you all ado. Good night. blackbelt brazilianjiujitsu powerrangerslegends divergence dansouthworth danielsouthworth teamsouthworth teachmemartialarts kenpo karate judo jeetkunedo martialarts martialartist mentor theordermovie taekwondo stunts stuntman stuntcoordinator writer

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Studio Amazona


Comment from Studio Amazona:

Repost dinahbernard with repostapp ・・・ Se eu não botar fé ninguém vai, então hoje acordei um pouquinho mais cedo. 🎶 ➖ Flora Matos Salvê ! IamCavalcanti je2 JiujitsuE2ngineers jiujitsu oss bjjgirl brazilianjiujitsu hey

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Comment from fabarretoc:

Agora descanso com taticris9 e baby.alicia ❤❤. muscle treino musculacao academia academiacolisao body jiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu follow4follow me instagood love boy animal carnaval treino teamfavela

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Felipe Pereira


Comment from Felipe Pereira:

Treino das 08:00 na zenithpr com essas feras depois um funcional focado na isometria na thefitbox... E sabadao tem mais jiu jitsu!!! wearezenith brazilianjiujitsu bjjlifestyle bjj4life bjjfighter selva zenithpr zenithbjj treino artesuave cbjj ibjjf fpjjb cbjje fbjj bluebelt oss thefitbox4 hannibalprotetorbucal barbeariahardpollon

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Michael Perez Bañuelos


Comment from Michael Perez Bañuelos:

Friday night turn up bicepsworkout arms bjj mma brazilianjiujitsu weightlifting judo wrestling losangeles ufc igfit instafit artsdistrict legacyjiujitsu jiujitsu

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RisKa 🐰


Comment from RisKa 🐰:

GI Training Session . . . . jits bjjclass bjj bjjgirls brazilianjiujitsu brazilianjiujitsulife brazilianjiujitsulifestyle pitbullacademy fransinotirtabjj scientiasquarepark fightlife oss indonesia

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Comment from 盛岡ブラジリアン柔術アカデミー:

全日本マスター柔術選手権。 マスター1茶帯フェザー級、優勝しました。 明日からまた、生きるぞ! moriokabrazilianjiujitsuacademy morioka iwate brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu bjjlife 全日本マスター柔術選手権 全日本優勝 盛岡 盛岡市 岩手 岩手県 ブラジリアン柔術入会キャンペーン実施中 初心者大歓迎 未経験者歓迎 道着プレゼント 3月末まで期間限定 始めようブラジリアン柔術 明日からまた生きるぞ

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Daniel Cseszko


Comment from Daniel Cseszko:

Great day at Melbourne Muscle with godfather_mma and hoshifriedrich puppy brazilianjiujitsu

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Comment from Athlete:

I found a dress almost as black as my soul :) hahaha just kidding! Beautiful! Thank you for the gift mom 🎁 spoiled love family dresses dress girls girly black beast beastmode beauty beautiful makeup instagram instagood instamood picoftheday photography photooftheday silhouette fashion model bjj bjjgirls jiujitsu jiujitsugirls brazilianjiujitsu gym

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Samantha Fowler


Comment from Samantha Fowler:

bigfish |jiujitsu golflife |brazilianjiujitsu wrestling |golf flyfishing |golfdigest prowrestling |golfislife ufc |golfaddict SethRollins |pesca golfer |pgatour vw |outdoors knockout |fishingpicoftheday KevinOwens |sportfishing tripleh |trout golfing |wrestling sparring |DeanAmbrose

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K • a • T • e • L • Y • N ✨


Comment from K • a • T • e • L • Y • N ✨:

Wicked way to spend a Friday night. Big ups to these queenz ( brimuise caitlinglode ) & to jamesharnishgb for always being so patient with us. Cheers to a great training sesh with great people. 😆😏👍🏼 bjj brazilianjiujitsu marmac gi nogi team girlswhoroll queenz charliesangels graciesangels

8 Minutes ago

Lúcio Melo


Comment from Lúcio Melo:

Donosti JiuJitsu Team donosti ctdonosti donostibjj donostisolarabjj ctlf maceió jiujitsumaceio jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu jj jjworldleague brazilianjiujitsu bjj cbjjf cbjje heliogracie carlosgracie oss ibjjf fbjj nordesteopenjj metamoris aresbjjfamily aresbjj hbbrasil hbteam hbeyewear jointheadrenaline artesuave

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Amanda Riggs


Comment from Amanda Riggs:

RoadToPans I've got my seven step learning system down, including study, experimentation, feedback, and adjustments. I've tweaked it, added to it, deleted parts of it, and found what works for my personality and how I learn best. My coach has helped me put this together, and my teammates according to their styles (no wonder they call him the BJJ mad scientist). But this is all mine, and it's what gives me confidence that I'm always making progress. I've never hit a plateau, I just keep reaching higher. Thanks whitebeltbjj for the 📸 Give them a like on Facebook to reach 100k. It's some of the funniest stuff you'll read on our industry 😂 crazy88mma 93brand BlueHooks bjj bjjlife bjjgirls bjj4life bjjforlife brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsu jiujitsu4life jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsugirls ibjjf mindset confident believe forthelove

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Toronto Top Team


Comment from Toronto Top Team:

No-gi bjj and some crazy rolling with coach robinsonainsley71 last night TTT osss!!! mma torontomma toronto jiujitsu BrazilianJiuJitsu torontotopteam wrestling mixedmartialarts ufc bjj cagefighting kickboxing muaythai boxing judo submission knockout grappling yoga crossfit kidsmma kidstraining ttt weighttraining novauniao

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Ernesto Mamute bjj


Comment from Ernesto Mamute bjj:

Não procures a verdade fora de ti, ela está em ti, em teu ser. Não procures o conhecimento fora de ti, ele te aguarda em tua fé interior. Não procures a paz fora de ti, ela está instalada em teu coração. Não procures a felicidade fora de ti, ela habita em ti desde a eternidade.. Jiu jitsu oss👊 jiujitsulifestyle jiujitsu cbjj cobjj brazilianjiujitsu ribeiro jiujitsuparatodos jiujitsubrasil jiusurf jiujitsulafi

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Jude Samuel


Comment from Jude Samuel:

Time for Bellator in Belfast mma belfast bellator mixedmartialarts bjj brazilianjiujitsu spikeuk spike

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Comment from ufc480Chris:

(Bellator 173) Results 💯. bellator173 bellatormma liammcgeary ufc ufc209 mixedmartialarts mma ko tko knockout tapout boxing kickboxing karate thaiboxing muaythai bjj taekwondo groundandpound grappling wrestling jiujitsu graciejiujitsu brazilianjiujitsu liammcgeary1 👊

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Devin Gibson


Comment from Devin Gibson:

I had Filipino food tonight. A lovely dish called "patricksiguaventura heel" 😂 gallegosphotography michelesalant paragonbjjwattsmmawattsbjjjiujitsurollsavagebjjlifestylejiujitsulifestylejitsgrapplingwrestlingsubmissionwrestlingbjjproblemsbjjlifematsavagessavagesbjjbrazilianjiujitsujustrollrollbjjhumorbjjfunnybjjwriterjitwriterpurplebelt

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AB, LLB, LLM, JSD (Candidate)


Comment from AB, LLB, LLM, JSD (Candidate):

This happens when you leave me with a vinyl cutter and a heat press ✅ brazilianjiujitsu jiujitsulifestyle bjj jiujitsu oss bjjlifestyle gi kimono koralfightco press heatpress avoidburnout life vinyl wellness lifestyle lifefitness logos vinylcutter heatpressvinyl cutter patches

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ROOTS Liverpool


Comment from ROOTS Liverpool:

When Roots Liverpool goes and supports rootsbjjmilperra grand opening!!!! Well done aleks_stoj great gym and all the best 😊BrazilianJiuJitsu BJJ KidsBJJ AdultBJJ Hitfc SelfDefence MartialArts Lifestyle Respect Honour Loyalty Family ROOTS TeamRoots ROOTSLiverpool Champions Health Fitness BJJLifestyle futureofbjj bjjfuture bjjkids bjjjuniours Berimbolo Rootsrules butterflyguard

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