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Zoey Luna Equestrian


Comment from Zoey Luna Equestrian:

Tarp training with my grey horse yesterday! He was great! I get a lot of questions on tarp training methods... soooo.... · • · TOTD: Tarp Training! Start with it folded in the center and slowly move it towards the rail. Make sure you move it closer only once the horse has passed it without spooking or really any acknowledgement that it is there. Once it's too the rail, unfold it slowly, only making it bigger once the horse has calmly accepted passing over it. Some may jump it, as Caspian does, but that is okay! Make sure to reward as soon as they calmly go over it. Once it is unfolded try cantering, trotting, walking or even standing on it! Good luck! 🌼 Remember, if you try any of my TOTDs and post about them, tag zlTOTD so I can like and comment on them! I love seeing what you guys do!! · • · · equestrian equine jumper showjumping hunterjumper horseofinstagram babyhorse jumperprospect prospect thoroughbred ottb upperlevel grandprixtobe hopeful love horse barnestack barnestackroom caspiantheottb CaspianC

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Kikka Makkonen


Comment from Kikka Makkonen:

Löytypä muuten video mei treeneistä maaliskuulta. Raivo ihan vaan vähän liioitteli... minun pieni poika, ottaa niin tosissaan kaiken 😂😂 myboy mylove raivo diehard kwpn jumpingmachine showjumping equestrian horsesofinstagram gobigorgohome littlebittoomuch funny mitenniinmukapitäispäässähyppyynmukaan tääkausionmeidän thisseasonisours sure mitenmeninoinniikuomastamielestä kysyppäjokutoinen pääasiaettäonkivaa funcomesfirst

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Beach and Barn Apparel


Comment from Beach and Barn Apparel:

Beach & Barn appeals to so many people that care about so many things, we have been fortunate to have large Instagram communities go on the ride with us. Whether it’s people that raise chickens and roosters, weekend beach warriors, or coastal farming communities - all of these groups have one thing in common. They care deeply about what they do, and want to share their knowledge with current and future generations. But if you know anything about how we got started, it should be no surprise that the construction and woodworking community shows us a lot of love. I can’t think of a better example of that ethos than this guy, heresjohnnyh. Few people understand just how hard it is to manage any size construction project for someone else, much less the residential monsters that he runs. Running MULTIPLE projects is hard enough, but when you see the way he brings his followers along in his IG stories by holding a phone in front of that handsome face all day and explaining every detail of every decision he makes, it’s kind of blows your mind. He MOVES so much I barely recognized him when I saw this picture of him relaxing. In addition to raising a family, keeping up with his IG stories, and running his projects - he also spends a massive amount of time with trghomeconcepts, and nsbuilders promoting the trades with their podcast, themoderncraftsman. Gives those guys a follow and say hello!

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Ericka Schaefer


Comment from Ericka Schaefer:

Let's play a guessing game. What's in an equestrian's desk drawer? If you guessed fly bonnet, you'd be right! Hey confessionsofadressagebarbie look what I found. equestrianlife office deskorganization

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Bailey Claassen


Comment from Bailey Claassen:

It's been hard since his best friend for 5 years had to move... it's nice to see him with a new potential friend today though. horselife makingfriends springsunshine equestrian

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Comment from Sofie:

🤓🤓 • • • • • suggestions sofieandbeauty proud photography poniesofinstagram dressage discover dressagepony dressagerider equinelove equinelove equestrianlifestyle equestrianlifest equestrian

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Morgan Demeter


Comment from Morgan Demeter:

Lifestyle shoot for my boo's company buttpillows. Give her a follow! 🍑

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Equus & Riders®


Comment from Equus & Riders®:

Just a little bit obsessed with those tongues😍👅 equusandriders chevaux lovelovelove chevaliere horseriding horselove riderslife horsesofinsta myworld horses showjumping jumpinghorses caballos equitacion equestriansofinstagram equestriangirls equestrian equestriansport equestrianlifestyle equestrainlifegoals chevalier pasionhipica twosouls pasionequina caballos equitacion equestre equestrian cavalier cavalleria

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Food Horses Dogs Rinse Repeat


Comment from Food Horses Dogs Rinse Repeat:

New blog post up! Learn about my equestrian fitness program and how you can be as badass an athlete as your horse is 💪🏼If you don't live within my travel area phone/virtual consultations are available. Link in the bio!! equestrian fitness fitwomen fitnessmotivation personaltrainer horselove horsesofinstagram healthychoices holisticnutrition

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Comment from 🦄:

*13 secs* thanks agusherrada klappern & horse.illustrations for following me even tho i had nothing posted yet. my first edit is for my inspiration iammisspj 💕💕 uglymares uglymaresedit horse horses horseedit equestrian paigejohnsonanddakota paigejohnson equestrianedit edit 🦄 🐴 showjumping showjumpingedit grandprix

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Cas Lynn


Comment from Cas Lynn:

Spa Day for the best boy. Armani equine equestrian horses jumping horse equines equestrians jump showjumping hanoverian jumpers vscocam vsco ny newyork newyorkcity nyc FF, instafollow, l4l tagforlikes followback. love, instagood, tbt photooftheday

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Molly MacLean


Comment from Molly MacLean:

Ride nickers tonight - he was actually hunter like 😏 (weird right?!). Did some eyes closed jumping to work on not throwing my body - and did attempt some lead changes (eyes open of course) but those weren't successful 😞 veredusboots charlesowenhelmets ariatequestrian cwdsellier thinlinellc benchmarkequestrian jumper gelding equestrian horsesofinstagram progress workhardplayhard

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Equestrian Lifestyle Apparel


Comment from Equestrian Lifestyle Apparel:

Quiet moment with Mandy🖤wearing my fav sweatshirt 'I MAKE IT LOOK EASY.' Available via the link in our bio☝🏻

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The $900 Facebook Pony


Comment from The $900 Facebook Pony:

Now we both have fancy boots! majykequipe horseboots tucciboots datwingtiptho ridingboots equestrian equestrianstyle luxe_eq devoucoux ogilvy royalrider forhorses

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Darby Nicolaisen


Comment from Darby Nicolaisen:

Can we appreciate how white I was able to get this horse to look!!! 😍😍😍 horseshow halterclass white black gypsyvanner equestrian

7 Minutes ago

TBaby 💋🐎


Comment from TBaby 💋🐎:

💦 cooling down the best way possible ! therapy smile malibu_barbie_horse liv3urdr3am fun horses equestrian potd ilovemypet greatoutdoors horse pony eq-wine eqwine instagood cheval haflinger blonde godisgood love lake malibu

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Adventures Into The Wild🌎🌿🌾🍁🍂🌲


Comment from Adventures Into The Wild🌎🌿🌾🍁🍂🌲:

Another beautiful day 🤗 cowgirl chestnut horseriding comet horsesofinstagram horse equine equestrian myoldestfriend mylittlepony pferd equestrianism langleyfresh britishcolumbia instahorse western countrylife horsefun_feature nofilter

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Comment from Simon: it! Dropped it. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

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Jennifer Underwood


Comment from Jennifer Underwood:

When Pippa runs posing class.... ladies face front on the line!!! 👙🐾👙🐾👙Pippa frenchie frenchbulldog bullies dogs igdogs puppy fitdog NPC IFBB womensphysique bodybuilding fitness figure bikini Powerhousegym Ohio girlswithmuscle flex pose smile bossbitch sassy equestrian bodybuilder shedoesitall

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Kaylyn Valentine Thompson


Comment from Kaylyn Valentine Thompson:

The Devils in the Details.....

2 Hours ago