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Ava Wehde


Comment from Ava Wehde:

Spoiled little princess earned herself another new saddle😎 Ordered a Stubben Euphoria dressage saddle this morning! And the wait begins again equestrian eventer eventersofinstagram spoiled itsbecauseiloveher

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Comment from LTEquestrian:

Installing new breaks on this little madam seems to have certainly done the trick!! She was so much more more connected and it really helped her work on her technique over the fence more! 🦄👑❤️️👌🏼 ltequestrian equestrian blog equineblogger adayinthelife life horse diary equestrianlife equestrianlifestyle equestrianlifestyleblog equine youngster 4yrolds training development technique jumping showjumping newbreaks newbit oldenburg oldenburghorse futurestar superstar slowmotion

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Comment from 🐎🦄💕:

Василиск 💕💕horse 🐴 equestrian horsetooth horsetime grayhorse trot walk gallop stable nature animals

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Connie Rovigo


Comment from Connie Rovigo:

Sterling Silver Full Cheek Snaffle But Earrings by Cavallo Fine Jewelry jewelrybycavallo horsejewelry horses equestrian equestriansofinstagram snaffle bit fullcheeksnafflebit buymyjewelry instashop handmadejewelry mothersdaygift rider gift shopetsy horsestuff shopsmall shoplocal shophandmade shopredhookhudsonvalley redhookvillage buylocal instagood

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Bibi 💞 Berti 🐴💖 Abby🐴💝


Comment from Bibi 💞 Berti 🐴💖 Abby🐴💝:

Tussimobil 🙈 abby absynth equestrian horsesofinstagram horse baby öwb stute tussimobil ❤️

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Vitalize Equine


Comment from Vitalize Equine:

Every rider has that one special horse. That one special horse that changes you. 💗🐴💗 . amafermadvantage goodgutfeeling horsemanship horsecare equestrianlife equestrian

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Alley Cat 🍀


Comment from Alley Cat 🍀:

It's not exactly the photo we took a year ago today, but it's pretty close. Happy Gotcha Day Aspen. . . . Aspen GotchaDay oneyear apha aphamerica horse horses equine equestrian farm farmlife paint painthorse western riding horseback knockaround Becks horsesofinstagram

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Icarus Conaire and Emily-Jade


Comment from Icarus Conaire and Emily-Jade:

Post round canters 👌💕 aquis2017 equiflexions elysianfields equestrian showjumping

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Comment from eleutheromania:

Amazing Show. 🦄✨ — apassionata apassionata2017 cinemaofdreams cologne lanxessarena horses horseshow beautiful magical lights horsesofinstagram breathtaking lifeisgood picoftheday sundayfunday sundaze greatmoments goodvibes horselover horsetagram equestrian instagood throwback animals beautifulhorses wonderful experiencelife horseriding apassionata_show APAMoment

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Ann Fulcher


Comment from Ann Fulcher:

This handsome Icelandic horse rests in the green meadow with beautiful snowcapped mountains in the distance. horsesofinstagram horse horsephotography iceland icelandichorse animalkingdom animalovers animalkingdom animalsofinstagram animallove horsestagram horselover horselove equestrianartist equestrian nature natureza natureshot natureshot nature_perfection instagood instanature nikonusa nikontop

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Kaylee Howard


Comment from Kaylee Howard:

horses myhorses horseriding nephew💙 equestrian equestrianhorse outsidemyhouse onroads instahorse horses🐴 horselover horselook horselife couloured chesnut hackingout horsewear instagood instalike likeforlook likeforhorses

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Comment from SammiCellestePhotography:

As if it's been 3 whole years since I took this Image but I am so proud of it still because sadly this image was taken in this ponies final months and this was the Image his family has to remember him by/ his young owner is in the photo with him! HorseEquineEquestrianHorsephotographyEquinephotographyEquestrianphotographyEquinephotographerHorsephotographerEquestrianphotographerPhotoshootFollowBeautifulChevalPferdLikeHorseaccountsbestofequines baybayhorsememoriessad

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🍍Sarah Eyl🍍


Comment from 🍍Sarah Eyl🍍:

Love this boy! ;) we are hauling him to his first rodeo may 12-13! We still are deciding if we want to do any classes but we at least want to get him used to all the noises there • • • barrelracing jumping jumper jumps jump barrel barrels barrelprospect rodeo rodeos shows summer showjumping western westernpleasure english riding equestrian equestrianlifestyle horse horsey horses horseback horsetraining horsesofinstagram

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Comment from 🐴🐎1.7k?🐎🐴:

This weekend was amazing❤️😂 •• I think Chia made friends with jumptheskys horse Copper😍❤️😂 They legit slept by each other all day😂 •• Who saw Chia? My dad took a bunch of pics so I will have some things to post! •• -M❤️ •• midwesthorsefair mwhfequestrianaccount equestrian equstrianlife horsehorsescutehorsesanimalslikeequestrianstyle

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Sara Villa de Moraes


Comment from Sara Villa de Moraes:

Paciente appaloosa macho castrado, 6 anos de idade, apresentando edema ventral e de membros posteriores: qual suas suspeitas diagnósticas? equine equinevet equinehealth equinedoctor equinelover animaldoctor cavalo caballo pferd paard cheval equestrian vetlife vethorse horsevet clinicaequina medicinaequina horses horselover vetmed medvet vetetinaria veterinary horsedoctor horseofinstagram horseoftheday equinemedicine vetporamor workaholic

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Sara Duncan


Comment from Sara Duncan:

msseq10kgiveaway Repost mssequestrian ・・・ Giveaway time ! I have a pair of Equifit d-teq ostrich boots that ended up not fitting Smiley, so I decided to give them away ! Also including: •grey Le Mieux vogue saddle pad •cornflower blue dover saddle pad •white showmaster polo wraps There will be one winner chosen randomly and it's a worldwide giveaway ! Rules: 1) follow this account 2) like this photo 3) repost this photo and mention the giveaway& tag me on the post 4) use the tag msseq10kgiveaway 5) if you are a private account I can not see your entry Giveaway ends when I hit 10k ! ________________________________________ equestrian competition horsesofinstagram equinephotography showjumping giveaway equinegiveaway horse equine horses horsestagram

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Kira Lauriel


Comment from Kira Lauriel:

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Kaylee Howard


Comment from Kaylee Howard:

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Erin Oderkirk


Comment from Erin Oderkirk:

We might spend a lot of money on these horses each month...but the friendships are priceless and totally worth it! kwqh ridinglessons englishriding equestrian quarterhorse pony bay palomino funtimes horsebackriding santana magic daisy

9 Minutes ago

Jane McNeil


Comment from Jane McNeil:

A very good representation of how big Alley is! I am 5'8", and I can just see over her withers. She's spectacular. 😍 She almost looks like a Friesian, because she's on the lighter side for Percherons. I adore her.

12 Minutes ago