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Aesthetic Body


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Comment from Finees:

New pony in my stable. Thanks fixfixieshop 21bigmike fixfixie treatyoself aventon aventoncordoba2017 trackbike bikelife gooutside legdayeveryday

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Dane Perkins


Comment from Dane Perkins:

Put in some trainerroad time tonight. Haven't been feeling super great last few days. Just felt exhausted no matter what time of day it was. It was definitely good to get a workout in. Esp when it's 90-95% FTP! Let's get it! dieselpower legdayeveryday shutuplegs beatyesterday triwisconsin triathlon triathlete trimafia iwearvelocity iamvelocity neverstopever swimbikerun bigguytraining ltpendurance lovethepain_offical lovethepain thepainhunter thetriumphproject resultsstarthere leadoutman whywetri conquerthefear tri365

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Comment from YeahILiftEveryday:

flashbackfriday to when I was vegetarian and only did cardio (on the left). Now (right side) is lifting heavy & protein πŸ˜‰ I like the right side 😍 legdayeveryday PS I've been cheating on my diet HARD 😭 so dissapointed. Mealprep is essential! I need to get back to it, noexcuses !!! fit fitnessaddict fitness fitfam healthylifestyle healthy health lift weights muscle squats legday gains gym gymlife insanity instafit nopainnogain dailygrind

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Comment from Kate:

Someone's been working on their squats breakfastqueen fitness squats workout fit girlswithink booty fitlife gym muscles legdayeveryday legs

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Drew Matseshe


Comment from Drew Matseshe:

Day 55. Saturday and Sunday both are looking like extra conditioning days so today is gonna stay light and easy. Started off with the double 55lb bells for 5x7 front squats. Next, did a 5 round superset of light, high rep leg extensions to pump up the quads, and push-ups to pump up the pecs/shoulders/tri's. legdayeveryday nodaysoff squateveryday kettlebells frontsquats quads calisthenics pushups powerlifting bodybuilding mobility pt rehabthroughfitness strongman martialarts bboying gpp crossfit tacticalathlete strengthandconditioning kauailife waimea makanatrainingcenters iwikua exercisescience westsideconditioningallday

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Comment from Porsha #GYMSNOB:

I heard ya girl she got that water,splashπŸ’¦πŸ˜ β€’ β€’ wod legdayeveryday bootygainz bootybuilding workoutvideos glutegains quads glutework womenphysique weighttraining girlswithmuscle fitthick slimthick goalsaf flexfriday squatspo leangains gymsnob

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Jacob Heinz


Comment from Jacob Heinz:

If you want your quads to hurt and not have to do a ridiculous amount of body weight here's one for ya. I like to end my squat days with this. I feel like my back, hams, and glutes can take over due to my lack of experience and disproportionate muscle mass. This helps me ensure my quads get to feel the hurt as well! Give it a try if you haven't! Some gyms actually have machines just for this because it is so effective. I will always be learning new things no matter how much I think I know. Continue to better yourself. There is always room for improvement! dominatehumbly educate learnfromothers hypertrophy legdayeveryday strivetobebetter

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Nick Williams


Comment from Nick Williams:

Simple and effective Recovery WOD today in preparation for 17.1 tomorrow. We had a great turnout at crossfitparkcity for Friday night lights and our members and drop ins did awesome! I'm looking forward to throwing down with everyone that comes tomorrow! BetterThanYesterday NotDefinedByResults CrossFit CrossFitter CrossFitLife HYLETEnation LiveSore PRGNX embracethepain fitnessaddict Reebok norestdayhere wodeveryday legdayeveryday rurogue FunctionalFitness ICrossFit ILoveCrossFit GutItOut

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Tiffiny Bunting Wbff Pro


Comment from Tiffiny Bunting Wbff Pro:

Friday night at the bar doing legs ( hamstring/ flute focused) finished with a little cardio circuit. anyone have any suggestions on growing these hamstrings? I'm open to suggestions, I feel like they are way behind progressnotperfection fridaynightatthebar legdayeveryday

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Ashley Fruhwirth


Comment from Ashley Fruhwirth:

Instant therapy. πŸ™ŒπŸ» running runninggirl run trailrunning trails fitness fridaynight sunset training california legday legdayeveryday

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Trinh β­οΈπŸŒ„


Comment from Trinh β­οΈπŸŒ„:

Guess what!?! ⬅️I failed miserably on my 110 bench today and got squished by the bar 🀣 but had enough energy to push it off the side at least 😭the old me would probably have been so embarrassed and just leave. But what this fitness journey has taught me is that you gotta keep trying, so reloaded to 95 and got in 2 reps πŸ‘ Don't be afraid if you Dory said "Just keep swimming" 🐟🐟🐟benchfail squats squateveryday legdayeveryday legday barbell benching powerlifter powerlifting whyisquat shelifts lifting liftheavy liftheavyshit girlwhopowerlift girlswholift strongisthenewskinny strong progressnotperfection gymislife gymrat gym fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation gettingfit

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Izri Jahat


Comment from Izri Jahat:

130 en sentdallias, por 6.... Es triste que toque pierna cuando aΓΊn no se te quita el dolor por completo. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆπŸ’€βœ” βˆ† Β° βˆ† leg legday bodyfitness bodibuilder bodibuilding bodybuildinglifestyle vascularizado vascularity gymlife gymlifestyle gymtime workout nopainnogain dedicacionyesfuerzo dedication bestmode fitlife estilodevida oxido fit legdayeveryday legday leg cardiotime motivationgym sentadilla squats barbell dumbells squats squatsbooty cuadricep

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Comment from Dina:

Always finding new and unusual ways to exhaust legs...I think we came pretty close andrea_ros3 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ legdayfuel legdayproblems legdayeveryday buildingtheperfectbeast designofadecade happyflexfriday unlimitedenergy maxout muscleshow musclemotives musclemachine leggings bootyqueen

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Comment from she_lifts_:

My favorite bar πŸ’ͺ🏻 shelifts shesqsuats squats squatsarelife squatsfordays squateveryday squatsareagirlsbestfriend legday legdayeveryday grrrlarmy girlswholift girlswhosquat girlswithmuscle girlswithtattoos tatted tattoosleeve liftingismylife liftingsavedmylife liftingismytherapy trainpastthepain trainharderthanme bootstrap

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Eddie Chang


Comment from Eddie Chang:

About the only gains I make doing my job - my hair and my legs legdayeveryday liftlaughlove gains makingprogress

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Comment from Deanna:

Celebrating our parasailing adventures with the most delicious coconut water and some sweet slumber on the beach :) wesurvived! newdaynewadventures nutsforcoconuts!

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April Wise


Comment from April Wise:

Friyay Feels! πŸ€“

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Amyelia Gaudio


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Shaping and creating a body of art. I need more ink😫 intoblackguys awesomeguysinsta legdayeveryday pumped ripped tatts fitness growth inspire motivation discipline determination

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