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Ben Smallwood


Comment from Ben Smallwood:

legday legdayeveryday dontforgetabs

2 Minutes ago

Gabriel Banda Kerlegan


Comment from Gabriel Banda Kerlegan:

405lbs for 3 reps RPE 8.5 -------------------------------------------- F Brick Walls! I wear this hat to prove to myself that anything is possible with a good mindset. Believing in yourself is key to success. Never in my life would I ever honk I would squat 4 plates and I did that. -------------------------------------------- Don't let anything stop you from achieving you goal. Don't let anyone tell you that your not able to do something. Have the confidence in yourself and determination to reach your goal. You will fail, but always get back up! Don't ever let the brick wall stop you. Keep on grinding and stay motivated. Success will come!😈 -------------------------------------------- iamredeemed395lbslegdayeverydayPowerliftingbodybuildinggainsgoalsnoexcusesbackgainzbenchgains385lbsclubLionswalkwithLionskeepgrindingtwingoalsmotivationfailurepolicefitnesssuccesshatersgoingtohatequadgainshammyskeeppushingalphaletedosquatsneverskiplegday170lbs

31 Minutes ago

Tom Patton


Comment from Tom Patton:

Finally loaded up 3 plates 🐊 legdayeveryday werollin

33 Minutes ago



Comment from Michael:

Why is the sun hiding... I don't think I want to leave... islamorada florida floridaboy firepit legdayeveryday sperrys

38 Minutes ago



Comment from Cody:

For whatever reason I haven't maxed out on back squat with a belt in a while. Decided to see where I was at and hit an all time PR of 370! Closing in on that 405. squateveryday legdayeveryday alwaysgohard lightweightbaby nospotneeded stilllegday strongereveryday

59 Minutes ago

Cris Silva


Comment from Cris Silva:

Sem dor não há ganho! 💪 Então calculando pela dor q estou sentindo, vou ficar maior que a Gracyane 😂😂😂 nopainnogain monster fitness muscle armday legdayeveryday workout beauty

1 Hours ago

Trevon Aldridge


Comment from Trevon Aldridge:

Back at it again round two. fitness running swole squats legdayeveryday legday beast

1 Hours ago

Trelle Nielsen


Comment from Trelle Nielsen:

Kind of in a kiss my ass mood. Enjoy. kissmyass kissitgoodbye notyourbitch fitnessfemale fitness thickwomen thickfit thick legdayeveryday baconrolls fattyabbs

1 Hours ago

Daniel Hohmann


Comment from Daniel Hohmann:

Funcional Training 💪💪 dhannpersonaltrainer strenghttraining strongman funcionaltraining fitnessboy fitnessgirl legday matamaisnaoenterra legdayeveryday instaboy fitnessmotivation fitspiration fitness drshapemafra instaman workout instafit workoutoftheday fit lifestyle gymtime gym trainning fitnessfun coach teamfit brazil

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Comment from Kristin:

Here I am, starting hammer and chisel again. A couple weeks ago I was on day 19, but I let the weights scare me off. I know weights won't make me big and bulky, but I had myself convinced that I wasn't going to drop weight and inches from only doing Hammer and chisel. Not anymore! -- I've taken my before pictures, as well as my weight and measurements. I may add in some extra cardio even now and then, but I am determined to complete this program from start to finish. I had it forever, it's time to get it done and see what it does for me! ⚒ -- momswhoworkout leow policewife hammerandchisel mastershammerandchisel badass fitfam fitlife fitmom starthere notgivingup soretodaystrongtomorrow fitness fitlifestyle workingonmyafterpicture weights goals goaldigger womenwholift myjourney yourjourneystartshere accountability weightloss strongereveryday legdayeveryday noexcuses hammer chisel chiselbalance

1 Hours ago

Reen ♡「リナちゃん」


Comment from Reen ♡「リナちゃん」:

Whew. 387 winding and narrow steps up the Notre Dame Cathedral to get a gargoyle's view of the city... and the same 387 steps down, of course. Don't skip leg day. 😵

2 Hours ago

Miss gñe


Comment from Miss gñe:

Our childhood. One of my favourite places Rcz mtb🚲 piernasdurascomopiedras legdayeveryday bikelifestyle rideyourbike outsideisfree

2 Hours ago

Kaisha Weeks


Comment from Kaisha Weeks:

Minor evening workout yesterday. Light cardio work (minor stretching, drills ab work) Like my high school track coach said " Rain, sleet, hail or snow" we got practice😄 -- College coach (Johnny Thomas) his words aren't befitting for the gram😂 tbt ex trackgirltuesday fit fitnessmotivation womenshealth tightsfetish tomboy Orlando altamontesprings workout - Music: shakeitoff daddyblack summertime teamsexybody getfitordietrying training trainingday legdayeveryday dropdee1

2 Hours ago

Brittney Reed


Comment from Brittney Reed:

Power.Strength.Passion. 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼👀 strength power fitness furyperformance ITSTIME sled gym workout legworkout legdayeveryday weight strong

2 Hours ago

Anna Pitts

Comment from Anna Pitts:

It's still Thursday and I've almost missed out on throwbackthursday throwback to a great time at bodypower2017 bodypowerexpo Had absolute pleasure meeting all these amazing people and looking forward to meeting you all again soon 😊 teambpiuk TeamBpi * * * * * * * * * * * * * ukfitfam fitfamuk ukfitness ukfitgirls fitchicks bootybuilding bootybuilder girlswholift girlswhosquat girlswithmuscle motivation bootyfordays booty legdayeveryday gainz girlswholiftheavy liftheavyshit norestdays jusiesangels

2 Hours ago

Jeff Waldmuller


Comment from Jeff Waldmuller:

Making an impact here scottsabolichprosthetics ossur legdayeveryday nolegsnoproblem nofeetathlete cheetah bladerunner

2 Hours ago

Aesthetic Body


Comment from Aesthetic Body:

fitness squat pain exercise muscle abs workhard big gym gymtime preworkout doit motivation likeforlike like4like l4l leg legday legdayeveryday beautifulbc

2 Hours ago

Jake Team BPI


Comment from Jake Team BPI:

🔊 ON. "Ready? Show me something" 😂😂 I can't help it. I'm always messing around. Keeps things interesting and fun. flex legdayeveryday gainz booty goals gym gymlife gymrat gymmotivation fit fitnessaddict fitness fitfam fitlife fitnessmotivation swolelife physique bikini bodybuilding powerlifting squats eatclean eatcleantrainmean enjoylife

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Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🇵🇭self-taught🇬🇧:

11.3.4 cal_strength trainheroic Not to shabby, right knee feels slightly dodgy. CJ 102 SQ140

2 Hours ago

FB >karen lopez salgado💪🐯🔥


Comment from FB >karen lopez salgado💪🐯🔥:

legday legs pasión workout determination motivation progress gains season lifestyle bodyfitness body bodybuildingmotivation booty🍑 bodybuilding nopainnogain legs nodistractions dietasana focus bööty legdayeveryday squats gym gyn fuerza 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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