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Comment from Maverick:

The M16 rifle and it derivatives, variants, and generations. The M16 rifle is the main service rifle of the U.S Armed Forces since 1969 until today. It saw action on many major wars, from the Vietnam War (where it was notorious for it poor reliability) to the Global War on Terror. Due to it futuristic shape that was way ahead of it's time in the 60s it's often nicknamed as the "Space Gun". The M16 and M16A1 served from Vietnam until mid 80s, when it was replaced by the M16A2. The M16A2 then would serve for 20 years, and saw action in the Gulf War, Somalia, Kosovo, and the early stages of Iraq War, when it was replaced by the M16A4 and it shortened variant, the M4 Carbine. Early reception for the first generation of the rifle was very poor. The rifle often jammed in the heat of the battle and lacked forward assist and cleaning tools to deal with jams (which was because it was advertised as self-cleaning rifle), which caused many G.I.s to lost their lives. The rifle was then improved over time, with the arrival of M16A1, which include forward assists and brass deflector, and later the M16A2, which improve the accuracy and utilize the new M855 ammo. The M16A4 is the latest of the evolution of the rifle's main family, which include Rail Interface System, making it suitable for multiple combat situations. M16's carbine variant, the M4 (and its full auto variant, the M4A1), became the main service rifle of the United States Armed Forces. It shortened length and lesser weight, which both are important for urban combat scenarios that the U.S force mostly encountered today, are the primary factor of this switch. m16 m4 ar15 m4a1 gun weapon america secondamendment firearms 556 boom fuckisis military police cqb army marines usa usmc troops

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Comment from PastorJ:

Devotion time with our oldest before work is priceless. dailydevotional dailymotivation marines

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Kim Ridley


Comment from Kim Ridley:

Good Morning. Let's start the day out right usa eaglerider flag salute nationalanthem standup starspangledbanner army starsandstripes navy marines airforce coastguard nationalguard veterans america american proud harley indianmotorcycle sidecar oceanlife ocean waves

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Comment from MilitaryBoot:

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Lindsay Santander


Comment from Lindsay Santander:

Starting off my morning with my bible study Lord Change My Attitude and Elvis. I Have noticed when I start my morning digging into Gods word and giving him thanks for the day my whole attitude is more positive and uplifting. My day has more purpose. My takeaway from today was 3 reasons we should give thanks to God. 1. God answers YOUR prayers 2. God gives YOU hope 3. God is still working on YOU Happy Wednesday 😊 : : : : : : : : : : : :stayathomemom athomefitness momswhoworkout motivation inspire havingfun marinewife reachinggoals momoftwo girlmom boymom healthy workingonme militarywife loveyourbody timetogetfit chasingdreams fitness healthylifestyle postpartumjourney postpartum marines shareyourstory love loveyourself fitfam momswhoworkout igotthis mykidsareeverything startingthedayoffwithGod

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Observed In His Native Habitat


Comment from Observed In His Native Habitat:

It's a harrowing feeling standing in front of memorials from the war you served in. In my head I'm still too young to be "a part of history." Maybe that feeling will never go away. This is a section of wall that was taken from an Air Force base in Iraq. My squad would often visit that base as we were stationed near the area. I didn't personally sign this wall nor did I ever visit the medical team where it was taken from but, the miles and the years I've put between the 19 year old soldier version of myself and the now 33 yr old family man version of myself leave an incredible distance for the mind to fall through in moments like these when I am so blatantly confronted with the memories of my time in war. Indeed I have grown past those experiences, but the ghosts of those days still linger in my mind. "A man fires a rifle for many years, and he goes to war. And afterward he turns the rifle in at the armory, and he believes he's finished with the rifle. But no matter what else he might do with his hands, love a woman, build a house, change his son's diaper; his hands remember the rifle." - Jarhead war veterans army airforce navy marines terrorism america

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Sergio Sergeant Mijangos


Comment from Sergio Sergeant Mijangos:

Drill instills discipline. Discpline builds character. Marines looking sharp while Marching in recruit training. Drill discipline Marines parrisisland USMC transformation

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Comment from SEMPER FRESH:

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Gene Gorman


Comment from Gene Gorman:

I've had quite an adventurous life. From the jungles of Vietnam to navigating the choppy waters of business, I'm thrilled to be able to share my stories with the world. Experience them for yourself at . . author marines business sales alcoholic alcohol

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Alrevano Fill Packer


Comment from Alrevano Fill Packer:

I am willing to spend half my life at sea marine marines hardwork maritime_family work_ work_at_sea

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Jen McDonald


Comment from Jen McDonald:

New blog post--like most things military life related, 'settling down' after retirement was another transition I wasn't necessarily prepared for. Can you relate? (link in profile)

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🚫Dont Get Butthurt🚫


Comment from 🚫Dont Get Butthurt🚫:

Can you relate? 😂 - Follow boots.n.pogs for more military content - military militarypride army marines navy airforce coastguard america militarymemes dankmemes operators nationalguard soldier war usmc guns tactical soldiers aviation specialforces gun armedforces militarylife ww2 freedom infantry veterans badass jet

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Shawn Hughes


Comment from Shawn Hughes:

Paint! paint cc paintschool usmc boot marines jets airwing

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Jason • Pierce


Comment from Jason • Pierce:

How can you not be happy on hump day? You have to smile it's great for the soul. 😁 It's also fancy Wednesday, so try to avoid SgtMaj and the BCP Patrol all day... nottodaybcp ____________________ imjustaboot oldkrustycwo almost40 lifegoals NTBCP USMC military marines militarymuscle inspiration yut rah merica veteran ceo entrepenuer consultant cwo issatrainer personaltrainer trainer motivation motivation positivevibes smile

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Pam Rodriguez, RYT✌🏻️❤️& F-💣's


Comment from Pam Rodriguez, RYT✌🏻️❤️& F-💣's:

Test driving my marines shirt one of my students gave me this morning, awesome run. Passed the mail lady many times running my neighborhood loops, she says out the window of her truck, "girl, you still running? And you still smiling!" My response was yes ma'am, I just love to run. . . . grateful forroadmiles mynicknameispain tattooedlady tattooedathlete tattooedyogini Hiitcoach iheartyogaandrunning everydayisrunningday tapas practiceandalliscoming runhappy dangitshumid

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only the most wholesome m****


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1775 - Liberty or Death


Comment from 1775 - Liberty or Death:

Kate rocking her 1775 "Born Free" shirt at work!! ❤️🇺🇸

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Fatur Fasz


Comment from Fatur Fasz:

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Sergio Sergeant Mijangos


Comment from Sergio Sergeant Mijangos:

If you are not adding value to those around you then really, What are you doing ? Marines pride value Service courage

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