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Omar Fuentes


Comment from Omar Fuentes:

Monday morning people! Something that's been on my heart and my mind for awhile has been about vision. For so long I deprive myself to dream and to have faith in my future. I allowed my circumstances to consume me, which caused me to shut down. Read my new article and get a glimpse on how I overcame that. Also, t-shirts are on sale! This week I will be offering a woman's cut. Show your support and love and order your t-shirts today. thedisciplineofconsistency iam1stphorm usmc america veteran military semperfiproject army navy airforce coastguard blueline tampabay buildingdreams success focus tampabusiness purpose vision apparel mondaymorning

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Rachel McQuiston


Comment from Rachel McQuiston:

Need a bit more "you-time" today? Check out the militaryspouse blogs round-up I have via the linkinprofile and squeeze out a little more weekend!

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Типичный Курсант Армия


Comment from Типичный Курсант Армия:

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Time Magazine Covers


Comment from Time Magazine Covers:

Vol 2. No 12. Nov. 19, 1923 General Erich von Ludendorff time worldwar1 Germany Military generals

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Comment from allah_snackbah:

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Gen Gomez


Comment from Gen Gomez:

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10.3 | | | @infantrybrothers


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You are safe now! –-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-– |Costume tags| specialforces elitetask gun army unit helmet rifle bullets freedom navy airforce military noterrorism equip NATO OTAN aircraft kill kit equipment EU marines force gforce comabat war nation love peace –-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-–-– Crew: ★european.forces ★picturecombat ★worldwidesoldiers ★blood_brothers6 ★unknownatom ★pictureplatoon ★soldier.pic ★discovermilitary_pic

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Comment from Bagatelle:

Ermanno Scervino on Harper's Bazaar UK. bagatelle madrid boutique fashion fashionshop woman style ermannoscervino military ss17

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The Last Great Stand


Comment from The Last Great Stand:

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Comment from emshi.nailart:

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Comment from RANGER Inc.:

WARRIOR MENTALITY💀: The Forest Ghost! Custom Hashtags: military soldier fitness samilitary airsoft tactical k9 veteran movie warriors adventure weapons soldiers guns battle warrior operator army navy airforce badass gear america southafrica ammo war warriormentality games sandf ranger_inc Follow my partners: world_of_armies iggunzdaily airsoft_locos gd_ready jonnyleaf alloutmilitary worldmilitaryhd

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Memes Memes Memes


Comment from Memes Memes Memes:


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大原 たいげん


Comment from 大原 たいげん:

バル新作😊🎶 オーバーオールお洒落です🙆✨ 【BAL】 RIPSTOP CANVAS OVERALL ¥25,000+TAX ミリタリーライクなコットンリップストップ生地のオーバーオール。センターのジップはトップから股下までオープンする仕様。裾はドローコードで絞ることが可能。ベルトループも配備。 baloriginal whatzis whatzisosaka whatziskyoto overall salopette fashion coordinate style instafashion ootd swag ig_japan instagood applebum unitedlot puma pumasuede adidas ss80s military ripstop オーバーオール

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Comment from THA GHÖST:

I miss da people I can countonmyhand they solid wit me it's time to go back to the milliatry canada or america fuck it that's home rather protect and serve than be sitting in stailmate it's my last post enjoy the truth world ghostrecon ghstwriter military navy⚓ army💕 shootingstar✨🌌♎ pläyboï 52ndplatoon airforce1 ghöstdiarie GHOSTFAMILY WHISPERSFROMAGHOST phantoms nopeacetalks godsunit realshit💯 applied in full hopeandfaith 😇

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Ikuya Takahashi


Comment from Ikuya Takahashi:

2日間連続で雨でしたが…明日は晴れるといいですねっ💫💫 ・ レーヨンの肌触りがとてもいいです😭🙏 ・ ・ madeinjapan japanquality japan tokyo outdoor field street fashion lifestyle mylife daily wear vintage work military clothing mrgoodman mopar harley ink tattoo buddy fam good andfamily andfamilysandfams

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Pacamor Kubar Bearings


Comment from Pacamor Kubar Bearings:

Time to build the bearings ! ☆ ballbearings AmericanMade manufacturing PKB USA dfars aircraft military nasa aerospace aeronautics helicopter drones aviation weapons optics avionics ballbearing upstateNY smallbusiness MadeinAmerica cleanroom science tools cnc

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Comment from antiqueruise_onlinestore:

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Athlete & Fashion


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Comment from nazca1994:

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Danish Hunter

Comment from Danish Hunter:

This. Is. Awesome! Love this picture by aaronhitchins ✌🏼 Thanks for sharing! hunting fishing deer dog dogs hunter gun bird duck watch forest country jagt jagd happy guns denmark deer nature huntingseason weapons hunt shotgun monday shooting ducks military

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