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MJ Savage


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Army pics


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Send in videos😊 coast_guard_usa marine_corps_power navy_power_usa viper_mil_pics 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵 usarmy armystrong goarmy nationalguard armynationalguard army america specialist military infantry tactical freedom armyrangers veteran combat bravery airborne specialforces artillery eod mos operator assualt activeduty defend guard usa vipermilpics

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🚫Dont Get Butthurt🚫


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Would be a shame - Follow boots.n.pogs for more military content - military militarypride army marines navy airforce coastguard america militarymemes dankmemes operators nationalguard soldier war usmc guns tactical soldiers aviation specialforces gun armedforces militarylife ww2 freedom infantry veterans badass jet

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Kunal Singh Grewal


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When you're parked next to these beauties! _____________________________________________________________ blackhawks uh60 Army videooftheday whyifly whatilivefor instagood instaplane instagramaviation avgeek avporn aviation aviators aviationdaily helicopter gopro goprohero4 goprophotography goproaviation pilot pilotview pilotlife pilotgopro piloteyes military nofilter landing igers

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Grade Company Moscow


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RUDO MAGAZINE. Editorial for NEIGHBORHOOD “GIMME SHELTER” Collection & Shibuya Store. Archive. Небольшой эдиториал, сделанный командой RUDO для NEIGHBORHOOD в 2011 году. Съёмка была приурочена сразу к двум важным событиям в истории японского бренда: выходу коллекции F/W 2011 “GIMME SHELTER” и открытию магазина NEIGHBORHOOD Shibuya. Благодаря этому каждый кадр поставлен таким образом, что интерьер и образы затронуты одинаково. Сама коллекция “GIMME SHELTER” тяготела к 1960-м годам, временам войны во Вьетнаме и, конечно же, байкерскому стилю середины 20 века. Именно на этом построено большинство образов съёмки RUDO MAGAZINE, где мы можем увидеть коллаборационные ботинки Jobmaster NEIGHBORHOOD x Wesco Boots Wesco Japan, палубные куртки N-1 с редкими деталями, джинсовые куртки на манер Type 1 и многое другое. В России бренд NEIGHBORHOOD представляет московский магазин BELIEF: beliefmoscow gradeco gradecompany gradecompanymoscow grademag grademagazine rudo rudomagazine neighborhood nbhd neighborhoodjapan neighborhoodshibuya streetstyle vintagestyle 1960s vietnamwar gimmeshelter editorial interiors wescoboots wesco workboots collaboration military denim rawdenim militarystyle madeinjapan inspiration inspirational

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Donovan Macias


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LiberalLogic DoubleStandard Trump🇺🇸 MyPresident YourPresident PresidentTrump Trump MAGA Conservative memes politicalmemes America USA Republican veteransforTrump MarinesforTrump Trumpmemes makeAmericagreatagain American Trumptrain military president Americafirst always follow followme SemperFi

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| Old School Survival Kit |

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Noah Elmobayad


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paris france vacation cannon tank military lesinvalides

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Michael Leos


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Trying to get the lungs back. Here's another small taste of what going on in the ScallyagWorld Give this a go and see what your total distance over time comes out to be. Have fun! . . . . . Get the best shirts on the market link is in the bio. . . . . veteran stillserving military militaryfitness fitness fitnessgoals fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation gymwear gym crossfit bodybuilding weightlifting strongman running completeathlete tacticalathlete redcon1 redcon1tieroperator redcon1official scallywagBrandCo ScallywagBarbellClub SinkOrSwim FlyTheBlackFlag TeamScallywag

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Kristen Robinson (Niles)


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I pray you boys grow up being the best of friends. I'm already so blessed to witness the two of you wake every morning and run to each other and go to bed saying "night night" with a big ol' kiss. At first, I was SO scared having two little ones only a year apart, especially with jor being away in the military, but God ALWAYS provides and protects. He knew you'd both have a bond so tight, no other can replace. While daddy's away, you both have each other to go to, play with, and understand life together. I'll pray every day for the rest of my life you grow being best friends, and better yet, know Jesus. You two are my world 🌍👦👶❤ . . . armywife armylife armyfamily army GOARMY usarmy militaryfamily militarylife militarywife military godisgood brotherlylove brothers twoundertwo blessed jaydencarter jacksoncole momofboys meettherobinsons

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Spectre Recon Division


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New BeerビールgunAirsoft airsofter glocksurvival augtactical サバイバルゲーム military

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Created By Jenny McMillian


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Custom piece for a special lady. Six natural stones to represent this grandmother's half dozen clutch of babes. ORDER YOURS NOW. Fully customizable with several options of stones, wire, type of piece, and size. All from Little Burd's Nest through our shop .. .. .. ftknox fortknox militaryfamilies military kentuckyproud kentucky essentialoil essentialoiljewelry

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Bruno Bastos BJJ Midland


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A huge milestone at the Academy last night. Professor brunobastosbjj recognized the work ethic, positive attitude, and spirit of chipcolemma , as he was promoted to brown belt! Chip Is the embodiment of student, teammate, and martial artist. CONGRATS CHIP!!! - - Try the State Of Texas' voted 1 BJJ Association/Academy, a TOP 0 WORLD RANKED Kids & Teens BJJ program & the only Permian Basin academy with a full staff of World Champions ; Contact us at 432-296-0860 or send us a message on social media or to - - midlandtx BrunoBastosbjj VisibleJiuJitsu martialarts judo bjj grappling fitness mma kickboxing wrestling yoga bootcamp military BrunoBastosJiuJitsuAcademy KidsBjj supportourtroops

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Comment from Victoria:

Ну,Рэмбо, так Рэмбо😂😜мирумир мужтаквидит мужфотограф military peace

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Comment from Maverick:

The M16 rifle and it derivatives, variants, and generations. The M16 rifle is the main service rifle of the U.S Armed Forces since 1969 until today. It saw action on many major wars, from the Vietnam War (where it was notorious for it poor reliability) to the Global War on Terror. Due to it futuristic shape that was way ahead of it's time in the 60s it's often nicknamed as the "Space Gun". The M16 and M16A1 served from Vietnam until mid 80s, when it was replaced by the M16A2. The M16A2 then would serve for 20 years, and saw action in the Gulf War, Somalia, Kosovo, and the early stages of Iraq War, when it was replaced by the M16A4 and it shortened variant, the M4 Carbine. Early reception for the first generation of the rifle was very poor. The rifle often jammed in the heat of the battle and lacked forward assist and cleaning tools to deal with jams (which was because it was advertised as self-cleaning rifle), which caused many G.I.s to lost their lives. The rifle was then improved over time, with the arrival of M16A1, which include forward assists and brass deflector, and later the M16A2, which improve the accuracy and utilize the new M855 ammo. The M16A4 is the latest of the evolution of the rifle's main family, which include Rail Interface System, making it suitable for multiple combat situations. M16's carbine variant, the M4 (and its full auto variant, the M4A1), became the main service rifle of the United States Armed Forces. It shortened length and lesser weight, which both are important for urban combat scenarios that the U.S force mostly encountered today, are the primary factor of this switch. m16 m4 ar15 m4a1 gun weapon america secondamendment firearms 556 boom fuckisis military police cqb army marines usa usmc troops

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Knife Axe Blade Sword


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Canadian Gun Lover


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Browning M1918 Automatic Rifle 🇺🇸This MG in 30-06 Proved Itself Well, Albeit Briefly in WW1. Its Legendary Status Comes from Its Use During WW1 and Beyond. This One is Made by Ohio Ordinance Works, and Shoots Very Well! 😋This MG is Much Heavier than it Looks! 😊Thanks kid_pistola For Bringing this Baby Out for me to Shoot!

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توربو میلیتاری


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. . آردواک مدل سی نیروی هوایی استرالیا که از موتورهای توربوفن TF-30 نسخه P با کشش خشک 21000 پوند یا 93 KN استفاده میکرد و سال 2009 بازنشسته شد پرت اند تی‌اف۳۰ اولین موتور توربوفن جهان میباشد که مدل بدون پس سوز آن ابتدا برای استفاده در جنگنده اف۶دی میزلیر طراحی شد اما پروژه ساخت این جنگنده لغو شد و شرکت پرت اند ویتنی قابلیت حالت پس سوز را برای سرعت مافوق صوت به این موتور اضافه کرد تا موتور توربوفن دارای حالت پس سوز شود از این موتور در سال ۱۹۶۴ در جنرال داینمیکس اف-۱۱۱ و در ۱۹۷۲ در اف-۱۴ تام‌کت استفاده شد و مدل بدون پس‌سوز آن نیز در جنگنده‌های حمله به زمین ای-۷ کرسر ۲ به کار رفت. این در حالی بود که اولین موتور توربوفن شوروی دو دهه بعد عملیاتی شد ------------------------------------------------- بمب افکن F-111 آردواک قسمت هشتم F-111C مدل سی گونه‏ ی صادراتی از بمب افکن اف111 بود که تنها به استرالیا صادر گشت. در نوع C، ترکیبی از سامانه‏ های الکترونیکی مدلهای A و E نصب شده بود همچنین مساحت بالها افزایش یافته و سیستم ارابهء فرود نیز تقویت گشته بود بدین جهت از سیستم ارابهء فرودی که جهت جنگندهء ناونشین F-111B توسط گرومن طراحی شده بود، در نوع C مورد استفاده قرار گرفت استرالیا، در ابتدا به سال 1963، تعداد 24 فروند اف111 را سفارش داد، اما تا سال 1973، ورود این هواپیماها به خدمت، به تاخیر افتاد چهار فروند از اف111 های استرالیا، ضمن حفظ توان عملیات ضربتی، به گونهء شناسایی RF-111C تبدیل شدند. در RF-111C یک مجموعه سامانه شناسایی با چهار دوربین عکاسی بسیار قدرتمند و یک اسکنر خطی حساس به حرارت، جهت شناسایی اهداف زمینی تعبیه شده بود همچنین قادر بود غلاف خارجی موسوم به Pave Tack را که دارای سامانهء FLIR (سیستم فرانگر حساس به حرارت) و نشانه گذاری لیزری می‏باشد، حمل کند. بعدها این هواپیماها، تحت برنامه ‏های به ‏روزرسانی و ارتقاء سامانه ‏های الکترونیک واقع شدند و در آنها تغییرات زیر، اعمال گردید: نصب رادار تهاجمی AN/APQ-169 (به جای رادار قدیمی AN/APQ-113). * نصب رادار جدید تعقیب عوارض زمین AN/APQ-171 ساخت تگزاس اینسترومنت. * نصب سامانهء جدید و بسیار پیشرفتهء ناوبری H423 ساخت Honeywell مجهز به گیرنده‏های INS و GPS از نوع لیزر حلقه‏ای (ring-laser gyro) . * نصب خطوط انتقال داده‏ای دیجیتال و بسیار پیشرفته * نصب رادار برنامه‏ ریزی ماموریت نصب سیستم مدیریت تسلیحات بارگذاری شده * نصب نمایشگرهای رنگی چندکاره (MFD)

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