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Andy Ramsey


Comment from Andy Ramsey:

Happy 4:20. Runners High Counts Right?? cammastrong liftlocal mma mixedmartailarts jiujitsu sweatforit run fit fitnessmotivation enforcer sweat 420

4 Days ago

Nadia Weaver


Comment from Nadia Weaver:

I was so excited today to get my FREE T-shirt today in the mail! I finished this mixed martial arts program back in December and got amazing results so I sent in my results! It might just be a t-shirt to some but for me it's so much more than that! I remember watching the infomercials on programs like this one and I always thought I couldn't do it. The transformations were amazing and so inspiring but I never applied myself and didn't believe in myself although I wanted it so bad. This t-shirt reminds that I have choices. That I have the choice to apply myself, to believe in myself and to take care of myself. I have the choice to take advantage of these programs, push play and get the best nutrition I possibly can! coredeforce superfoods vitamins minerals densenutrition toddlermom stayathomemom mixedmartailarts

13 Days ago



Comment from 🉐DyL🅰n⚔:

Some training from yesterday. My girl is getting amazing! She's already amazing & this her second time training with me! 🥊😬😋😱😍 mma mixedmartailarts boxing kickboxing bjj fight muscle bodybuilding athlete fitness girlsthatkickass

21 Days ago

Mohsin Ahmed


Comment from Mohsin Ahmed:

The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in fights. 💪Fight Night👊 mma mixedmartailarts mixedmartialartist mymmafamily fight kicks fighting ufc fromheretillufc fightnight fightnight kickboxing taekwondo snapkick mawashikick ribskick iammohsinahmed

39 Days ago



Comment from Roberto:

cooldown before i start session 2 mixedmartailarts evolve fitnessmotivation focus

46 Days ago

Dhilshan 'RUTHLESS' Jaleel


Comment from Dhilshan 'RUTHLESS' Jaleel:

STILL AINT SURPRISED 🖕😎🖕 natediaz wardiaz diazbrothers diazbros stockton 209 imnotsurprisedmotherfuckers natevsconor americanninja juijitsu bjj graciejiujitsu ufc mma octagon mixedmartailarts

49 Days ago



Comment from mmaeater:

Travis Browne highlights

50 Days ago



Comment from mmaeater:

Пахом Макгрегор и пояс зеленого слоника

53 Days ago



Comment from mmaeater:

Алистар Оверим закаляет силу воли холодом!

54 Days ago

Johnybravo Oh Yeah


Comment from Johnybravo Oh Yeah:

Lovin'it💯FMD13:Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of 👊🏻💥🔥 Fmd13fullmetaldojo MMAmixedmartailarts fightfighter

58 Days ago

Johnybravo Oh Yeah


Comment from Johnybravo Oh Yeah:

FMD13:Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of 👊🏻💥🔥 Fmd13fullmetaldojo MMAmixedmartailarts fightfighter

58 Days ago

Johnybravo Oh Yeah


Comment from Johnybravo Oh Yeah:

It's Time!!!🎙FMD13:Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of👊🏻💥🔥Fmd13fullmetaldojo MMAmixedmartailarts supportrocky myfirsttime

58 Days ago

brian santay


Comment from brian santay:

I speak softly and carry a big stick, I am not the man that i portray myself as, quietly building an empire while you think I'm fucking off. Even while I sleep I'm plotting and planning my next venture, my dreams are literally where I'm going to go and how I'm going to make my next move. Either get the fuck out of my way or you're gonna get run over. Repost bjjmmafitness with repostapp ・・・ Im coming for E V E R Y T H I N G they said i could not have..... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 - - - - - - - - 🔴🔴🔴FOLLOW🔴🔴🔴 bdwynott bdwynott bdwynott mma fitness strength jiujitsu brazil brazilianjiujitsu mixedmartailarts cagefighting ufc bellator fights rolling jiujitsutechnique bjjmotivation mmamotivation fitnessmotivation motivation awesomeme grappler grappling blackbelt bjjblackbelt dedication choke fatloss fitnesspost loseweight millionaires

70 Days ago

monsta warrior elite training


Comment from monsta warrior elite training:

The only way out (savage style) Row 5000m 1 mile fast KB swings 200 1-55lbs THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED IS TO DESTROY YOUR FEARS!!! mma trainlikeapro trainlikeabeast worldwide kravmaga mixedmartailarts fighter crossfitmen crossfitwomen power endurance crusheveryone crushanything traininsane phukettopteam funkmma lalotactical lalowomen onnit htx sugarland fitmom gym mentaltoughness mentalsweat sealfit sofwod npc competitionprep gymjones

88 Days ago

Victor Lopez


Comment from Victor Lopez:

My first time in the octagon

97 Days ago



Comment from ♯♬~«{¥🕇Blade🕇¥}»~♬♪:

One of my fav fight scenes, the mighty Micheal Jai White is a beast martailarts bloodandbone michaeljaiwhite fit fitness mixedmartailarts 👊💪

105 Days ago



Comment from fightzoned:

boxing handwrap tutorial fightzoned

110 Days ago

Anthony Carvelli


Comment from Anthony Carvelli:

mma👊 mixedmartailarts

111 Days ago



Comment from Keem:

Meisha Tate Quote quotes meishatate mma2016 mma👊 mma ufc mixedmartialarts mixedmartailarts tate meisha

116 Days ago

Tyler Britt


Comment from Tyler Britt:

Dismantle.Destroy.Devour. Thetyrant welterweight mixedmartailarts c4mma

144 Days ago