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Geer Ramirez


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Richard Day - Potentialist


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What are the characteristics of people who follow their star? Courage? Persistence? Passion? How would you rate your star chasing ability? star selfleadership brain mind streetstyle streetart streetstyle graffiti grafittiart graffitiart spraypaintart coach coaching icfa icf iecl aspirations dreams motivation motivateyourself

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M A H M O U D_ F A R R A G


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Jorge Sempertegui


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Lima Orgánica


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IFBB MMagdy (The Flexking)


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Elias Azegagh


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Zach Hanshaw


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•QuMasch• | Quotes by Mascha


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Comment from Michelle:

In the beginning its sacrifice but it is so worth it! businesswoman youngentrepreneur createthelifeyouwant motivation keepgrinding laptoplifestyle entrepreneurship dontgiveup

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Pam Peacock


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Manu Villagran 🇨🇱


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Patience Philips Peters


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Zakaria Jaadi


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💪🏽If you want a group of shoulder exercises to work, try these back to back. The modified reverse incline up right rows should be medium to high weight followed by several semi light Dumbbell exercises. . Workout names and description: 1. Modified reverse incline up right rows with pre-weighted barbell: Lean a little over the top of the chair and as you bring the weight up, have a spot to hit each time, as shown in the video. Keep elbow directly out and NOT IN or you will be contracting your back when you should be focusing on your rear delts. 2. Modified reverse incline Front lateral raises with Dumbbells: Palms down, raise forward, high reps to burn out shoulders. 3. Modified reverse incline rear delt reverse flies (Mouth full😂) with Dumbbells: Focus on rear delt contractions, palms facing to the rear and stay between 90 and 45 degrees out from the body as you raise them up by your side. 4. Sitting lateral raises with Dumbbells: After doing all these workouts, yes form isn't the best so make sure you get a good amount of reps with a little help from jerking. I promise you'll feel it and still maintain a great contraction. . . DM or email to join 💪🏽TeamRGPhysiques alwaysthankthemanabove blessed naturalphysique physiquefreak competitionprep macros protein personaltrainer leaningout fitness motivation tattoo tatted armorofgod ephesians training gymrat menstyle flex pose bodybuilding abs sandiegopersonaltrainer onlinepersonaltrainer

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SNAPCHAT 👻 skrogers24


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"I was modifying the modifier." -me on my Snapchat (👻skrogers24) and IG stories post-workout today. 😁🙈 Insanity: Asylum - Vertical Plyo was hella HARD, but it was a great core/lower body workout for sure! I may not have done it perfectly, but I DID IT. I think often times we avoid doing things because they are hard or seem out of our league. However, I remember when I first started my journey, I literally modified everything in 21 Day Fix. I mean.. it wasn't easy to exercise at over 240lbs. But you know what? I did it anyways and just didn't let it discourage me.. I used it as motivation to be better each time and eventually became stronger, doing more and modifying less! Overtime, those small victories led to my 100+lb weightloss! What's even better is the way I FEEL!! It really helped to have the support from others who knew exactly what I was going through as well! 💕 If you are afraid to get started on your health and fitness journey because you fear you won't be able to complete a workout, dude.. you just have to start and do what YOU can!! I'm a perfect example of how simply getting started, focusing on healthy eating combined with exercise and accountability can jumpstart a complete lifestyle change that I am extremely grateful for!! My July Fit Club is currently in preparation to kick off on Monday, July 3rd!! You won't wanna miss out on this one! 💪😉 If I told you that I can offer you EVERYTHING you need to get real, sustainable results, would you be interested?? If so, please comment below "Interested" and I will be glad to send you more details!! Feel free to message me if you'd prefer.

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Mandie Mutchie 👻:mandelicious1


Comment from Mandie Mutchie 👻:mandelicious1:

Great tips to live by! 💜

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Katy Johnson


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Yes, you! 😃

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