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Brian Hannibal


Comment from Brian Hannibal:

Working at a volunteer clinic once a week. Supporting your community is extremely important, take the skills and passions you are gifted with and give to those in need. navy corpsman veteran volunteer cycling shutuplegs skratchlabs hannibalcycling

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Comment from Beyoncé:

READ CAPTION! I Think that people are so intimidated by the beyhive because no matter who it is Mariah fans , Adele fans , Rihanna fans etc.. We're not afraid to attack. Thats what I love about the beyhive It doesn't matter if who sold more than beyoncé or Anything , we will attack. We're not afraid to attack anyone and thats that. beyonce beyhive navy rihanna nickiminaj barbz Adele beyoncé instagram

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accesorios arrecife plc


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Se realizan a pedido, soy de anzoategui se hacen envíos a nivel nacional e internacional, Make, your orden, Accesorios arrecife para hombres extremos, / accessories reef, nacional and international shipments for extreme men accesorios Plc puertolacruz caracas Valencia maracaibo Margarita Lecheria sandiego lecheriafitness moda México Colombia Chile tokyo náutica barcos accesoriosvenezuela crossfit Navy anzoategui España brazalete talentovenezolano talentonacional offroad_vzla Monagas tipuro lecherias

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Comment from discloseclothing:

新作できました!帆布とデニム織りのコンビです。個人的には鉄板なネイビーとブラウンの色合わせ! 今後も色違いで展開する予定です。 brown navy denim canvas handmade handwoven

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Comment from BlueAirTraining:

Calm before the storm. socom army airforce navy marines

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Thomas O'Brien


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Andrew Milone (Gimli)


Comment from Andrew Milone (Gimli):

Great training day with these members of the blank_label_performance extended family, the Chubby Unicorns, and rhinosgymnc ragin130 docbouts jhwilletts12 Great to meet you in person finally Jess!! Had a great time training legs today, can't wait til tomorrow. Shout out to colbyhuntoon jenniferdodson tarradoll and nicolevargas148 as well!! friends blanklabelfamily teamchubbyunicorns rhinosgymnc murica army navy airforce marines coastguard strongman powerlifting bodybuilding physique community activeduty veterans respect crazy lovethesepeople

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Mike C.


Comment from Mike C.:

So apparently a liberal professor beat up a Trump supporter with a bike lock. About a month later, the police come to his door and lock him up. Funny thing is the professor happened to do a lot work and study of jail and now he's finally going to get a first hand experience of what he used to study all the time-for the rest of his life. The other pics are just some random memes. The last one is very true 😂😂 navy trump trump2020 trumpmemes trumpiscool trumpforpresident meme memes memesfunny memesdaily 2017 america

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Cody Hunt


Comment from Cody Hunt:

Picture of me leaving Guam and headed back stateside. Had to stop in Japan first. navy navylife deployment imcominghome

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Jose Antonio Delgado


Comment from Jose Antonio Delgado:

Ruumbo a Valdivia junto a esta Chiporrita jajaja😛 FrancosMar Navy Coterras reencuentro 😜❤

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Whoof Creations


Comment from Whoof Creations:

Royal navy blue has got to be one of our favorites. The edges come in black and pink, what a perfect match for him and her. ❤😁🐶🚶 . . . whoofcreations bandana premium pet accessories turquoise navy blue black satin petbandana dogsofinsta pinkedge product styling

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Rihanna Queen Fenty


Comment from Rihanna Queen Fenty:

Rihanna Robyn Fenty Navi Navy Amazing Badgalriri Beautiful Beauty Fabulous Flawless Goddess Gorgeous Hot Hottest Incredible Love Perfect Perfection Pretty Queen Rihannanavy Slay Sexiest Sexy She Antiworldtour badgalriri

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Run For The Wall®


Comment from Run For The Wall®:

Southern Route road guards soaking up a little sunshine after four days of torrential down pours. ☔️☔️☔️😎😎😎🏍🏍🏍❤️🇺🇸❤️ runtothewall runforthewall2017

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Comment from rihrihsaves:

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Andrea Cordero


Comment from Andrea Cordero:

👸🏾💁🏾 rasta maryjane kush 420 badgirl riri navy puma latinas

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Salty Squid Tactical


Comment from Salty Squid Tactical:

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Kathy Stecco, M.D.


Comment from Kathy Stecco, M.D.:

Aerial view of the Memorial over the sunken hull of the USSArizona. The resting place to 1,102 sailors & marines killed on December, 7, 1941. The oil (Tears of the Arizona) can be seen leaking out of the sunken battleship. pearlharbor ussarizona military usmc navy somdiers wwii hawaii honolulu ocean honor respect memorialdayweekend memorial usnavy Helicopter ariel water sky

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ℱoʀ ℰ۷eℛʏ ʙʀaɴʗℎ, Տ/ʘ, &ℱamiℓy


Comment from ℱoʀ ℰ۷eℛʏ ʙʀaɴʗℎ, Տ/ʘ, &ℱamiℓy:

Beautiful! ❤️ dakaiphotography Thank you for sharing! milso milsos militarywives airforce army marines navy coastguard favorite airforcegirlfriend airforcewife armygirlfriend armywife marinegirlfriend marinewife navygirlfriend navywife love longdistance milsolove relationship couples romance

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Comment from rysq:

VINTAGE GI JOE 1964 GiJoe hasbro 1964 military army navy clothing actionfigures

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Shaman's Tarot -Toledo, Ohio


Comment from Shaman's Tarot -Toledo, Ohio:

WWI Sailors posing next to the 1776 Liberty Bell. I'm kicking off the 2017 Memorial Day Holiday, to honor those who have served in the USA, in the Military Service. shamanstarot photo photography blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography vintage nostaligic sailor navy miitary uniform sailoruniform 1776 libertybell sailor memorialdayweekend memorialday

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