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Carol Silveira


Comment from Carol Silveira:

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Comment from TimeStone:

I'm so happy on my last visit with my nephew I got to see his eyes open for the first time. This isnt my video but it's just as lovely. Who knew you could love someone so much in just a split second and that someone so small could be so strong. He is doing so well and he's such handsome little man. I can't wait to hold him in my arms and tell him how much I love him. I'm gonna be a kick ass aunty. I'm so proud of my sister and her husband. Thier such an amazing couple and thier even better parents. baby joy openeyes love family iloveyou sister happy forever little tiny strong strength handsome eyes beautiful nephew aunty cantwait imissyou excited new boy preemie preemiebaby littleman children child cuddle illalwaysloveyou

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Hardstyle Kettlebell MTL


Comment from Hardstyle Kettlebell MTL:

Be STRONG - Be RESILIENT Be able to GET-UP everytime you fall. Become the person you were meant to be. The LEADER and the WARRIOR. The person people can COUNT ON. Be ALL YOU CAN and INSPIRE others. montreal montrealfit instafit montrealcoach coach trainer kettlebell montreal514 montrealgym westisland laval movement results fitmontreal longevity vitality kettlebells mtlblog strong trainsmart fitfam girya strength strongwomen restoration rehab prehab fitfamily trainhard trainsmart kettlebells calisthenics

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Nick / Toothpick Tommy


Comment from Nick / Toothpick Tommy:

It's time for me to share this absolute honour. My dear friend published her book and sent me a copy. Little did I know when I opened it that this would be in it. I still can't comprehend it, I had no idea. It was one of the few things in life that left me legitimately speechless and shaking. So honoured. So shocked. So beautiful. Wow. Unreal. Blessed. So blessed and thankful. Thank you, Lex. Go check out her book, guys!! . lexiehancock thewinkmurderer books honoured compassion strength beautiful

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💜💪Invisible Illness Fighter💜💪


Comment from 💜💪Invisible Illness Fighter💜💪:

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Comment from Summit:

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Charly Aguirre • Fitness 🌴☀


Comment from Charly Aguirre • Fitness 🌴☀:

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Joshua Henson™


Comment from Joshua Henson™:

LIÉGE belgium / strength does not rely on complexity. Decrease complexity, increase strength. Great snap by t.arong RP therovels art structure architecture strength beauty simplify streamline audit repeat t.arong photography

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abby majek


Comment from abby majek:

Not joking when I said she will kick your ass at 60 years of age. A little mess up but she has come a long way. beastingat60 thinktwice alphasonly makeyourstory fitness workout martialarts lifestyle bjj redshield gracie graciebarra gb jiujitsu bjjlifestyle health cardio strength conditioning mma judo wrestling boxing kickboxing muaythai

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Comment from 💕Chantelle💕:

After this week I'm Starting to realise how true this is gymlife bikini lift grow bodybuilding muscle gym exercise health fitness nutrition strength instafit motivation squat nevergiveupproteinfitnessmodel lifestyle igfit compprep fitnessmodel bikinicomp youreimportant selfworth fitfam build shred inspiration motivation fitspo

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Jazzercise Orlando Mills 50


Comment from Jazzercise Orlando Mills 50:

Way to go Kathy! 150 classes in 2017! jazzercise jazzmills50 mills50 exercise workout dance dancefitness fitness healthy healthyeating Orlando OrlandoFitness Orlandodoesntsuck strength workout strong getfit fun friends laughter community jazzercisefamily JoinJazzercise spring girlforce thenewjazzercise choosejazzercise

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La' Tour Leon Clothing


Comment from La' Tour Leon Clothing:

A Behind the scenes snap.... La' Tour Leon Clothing Strength Boss Werk Latour Leon LaTourleonclothing Models Photoshoots Onset SetlifeI am her me Thankful Blessed clothing

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Comment from Rahul:

The best project you'll ever work on is You. instafit motivation fit TFLers fitness gymlife pushpullgrind grindout flex instafitness gym trainhard eatclean grow focus dedication strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle shredded squat bigbench cardio sweat grind lifestyle pushpullgrind

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Meghan Dunbar


Comment from Meghan Dunbar:

My right hand man came up to me tonight and asked if he could sit and help me with my homework. I've had a pretty rough week and I'm so lucky to have a constant reminder to keep pushing, striving and chasing my dreams especially on the days I want to give up 💙 mywhy mywholeworld mygreatestgift mummyandJ keepsmegoing strive pushhard dontgiveup onedayatatime reality homework studying work momlife overwhelmed eyeopener failureisnotanoption blessed grateful strength xoxo

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Comment from Christina:

I will handstand in 2017! . . handstand365 handstand365_2017 . . yoga yogaeverydamnday yogi yogachallenge exercise fitness namaste yoga365 bendyyogis igyogafam love strength getfit ayearofyoga inversion handstand fitchick igyoga instafit getfit igyogachallenges strongwomen progress practice

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Entrepreneur Lifestyle 🏆


Comment from Entrepreneur Lifestyle 🏆:

Reminder from primewayoflife Tag & Share 😀👇 - 📷: bryanadamc WorthBillionz

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Comment from Healthcare:

Solid quote from 📷 iceman_hof ・・・ "In my heart I was broken and cynical. But i went into nature anyway because the only way I could find solace or get rid of my grief was going into ice water or climbing without gear on steep rocks, free soloing. Just nature! Nature had the answer to make me silent, to make me in tune again with myself". Wim Hof Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan, podcast episode 204 | 32:16 ------------------------ wimhofmethod innerfire nature health healthcare healthymind mind human mindfulness mentalhealth education thinking therapy physicaltherapy training wimhof quote strength stress stronger

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Jada Blitz Training


Comment from Jada Blitz Training:

We're getting pumped up for our first Blitz Body Bootcamp class to begin at Canalsidebflo on June 7 at 7pm!!

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Grit Gym


Comment from Grit Gym:

I ❤️ EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. Hahaha. These guys are awesome!!! LIFTLIKEAGIRL . . . . captainstefano . . likeagirl lifter strongwoman strongwomen strength GRIT onelife winners winner gym laugh workouts keepgoing weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossprogress weightlossmotivation weightlosstransformation challenge champ champion champions loveyourself discipline fitnessmodel motivation fitness fit fitspiration

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Fused Yogi


Comment from Fused Yogi:

OMG! CAN I TALK TO YOU GUYS ABOUT PRACTICE?! That's what I been doing! I do not care about my little tummy pouch, I don't care that I haven't quite figured out what to do with my legs yet, but do you see me?! Off the wall?! In a headstand?! For multiple seconds?! Who is this girl?! What is this body doing?! A person and things that I didn't even know were possible if it wasn't for having a spinal fusion 11 month ago. WHAT?! Swipe to see it in motion! IMightCry FusedYogi

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