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Cynthia Lindstrom


Comment from Cynthia Lindstrom:

It is so rare to find Tyler smiling. He has to fight daily with this Mitochondrial Disease that brings him down throughout the day and night. He has amazing strength and does not show signs of pain as much as he used to. Here he is SMILING away in his sleep! 😍 loveyoutothemoonandback tylerzian hopeforbabytyler mitowarrior miraclebaby strength

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Comment from Taylor👑:


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▪ K S Y U S H A ▪


Comment from ▪ K S Y U S H A ▪:

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Anonymous Champ .single.God1st


Comment from Anonymous Champ .single.God1st:

Set up and just do it , thousand miles' road start with one step nattymuscle bodybuildingmotivation workout fitness fitnessgear strength instagood instafit instafitteam gymlife gym trainsmart ripped weekend shredded abs health fitfam instagram photooftheday instahealth muscleandfitness core progress instadaily motivation dedication flex aesthetics menphysique

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Matthew Mac Donald


Comment from Matthew Mac Donald:

Push-up, dips, pull ups and ab pump to the max! Me and my buddies metalmachine319 magicrollercoasterride killed our workout! workout pushups crunches dips pullups killedit challenge traininsaiyan nopainnogain GOHARD GOBEASTMODE bodybuilder bodybuilding fitness fitlife muscle strength endurance health physique lifestyle blessed thankful stayhumble happy pumped motivation dedication gymlife leaderoftheonemoreclub

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Sarah Beth Cowan


Comment from Sarah Beth Cowan:

I've watched you grow. I've seen you in pain. I've watched you love and walk away. I've watched you become a beautiful mother. You're independent, strong, intelligent, beautiful. You can conquer whatever you set out to do. Congrats, momma. You are creating the stunning family and life you deserve. strength familyfirst genderreveal itsagirl oklahoma myoklahoma okcphotography okcphotographer oklahomaphotography oklahomaphotographer picoftheday photooftheday instagood oklahome 405 automobilealley beautiful

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Virginia Rios


Comment from Virginia Rios:

Amen!!🙏 blessed bless endurance hardships character solider downforthecrown chosenfew bible teaching wisdom strength love peace instalove christian christians

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Comment from Danny/DomesticDisturbance:

Is it my phone or is there a green tint?😅😅😅

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Fine$$e McARThur™ 🌟JC🌟


Comment from Fine$$e McARThur™ 🌟JC🌟:

One of the last roads my dad kruised on his CanAm Spyder .. never thought I'd find the strength to kome baxk but I'm beyond blessed for today, everyday and my true friends 🙏🏽 Photo kred: 11kamana11 Blessed GoodVibes Strength RiPDad iLoveYou Muholland Live Love Laugh & Learn

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Matthew Willman


Comment from Matthew Willman:

For 20 years i dreamed to one day stand where Morgan Freeman, in the movie Shawshank Redemption, once stood to finally find that oak tree. 20 years later i finally did. Top image is a screen grab from movie and bottom pic is 20 years later. Somethings in life have nothing to do with money... its about hope and a dream worth pursuing! life dream ability creativity hope imagination dreams landscape love respect shawshankredemption believe belief strength power travel journey roadtrip exploretheworld explore positiveattitude adventure ohio onemoment

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Nicole Ferrara


Comment from Nicole Ferrara:

"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames." -Rumi rumi rumiquotes girlonfire yoga hotelyoga lifeispoetry yogi hipopener strength breathe symmetry yogaatnight nighttimeyoga thankgoodnessforairconditioning

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Shariya Taylor


Comment from Shariya Taylor:

Who is this....😍 instafit motivation fit InstaTags4Likes fitness gymlife pushpullgrind grindout flex instafitness appslejandro gym trainhard eatclean grow focus dedication strength ripped swole fitnessgear muscle shredded squat bigbench cardio sweat grind lifestyle pushpullgrind

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☮☮🌹ⓚⓐⓣⓡⓘⓝⓐ ⓔⓛⓐⓘⓝⓔ🌹✝✝


Comment from ☮☮🌹ⓚⓐⓣⓡⓘⓝⓐ ⓔⓛⓐⓘⓝⓔ🌹✝✝:

Gosh I love my best friend to the moon and back! Thank you for coming into my life!!! ❤ Love you! love loveyou bestfriends memories cute adorable strong strength motivation positivetimes positivevibes happy silly gorgeous girlsjustwannahavefun like4follow like4like followforfollow tagsforlikes lasvegas desertlife

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Comment from ☡SAMED☡:

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Arro Apparel


Comment from Arro Apparel:

Day in and day out, we are constantly growing and getting better. This is where we started; in an apartment with used furniture. This is just the beginning and we will continue to advance from here. Our promise to you is to recognize your strength. We want everyone to see your potential and realize that you are important. We want you to use your talents, use your potential, use your strength, to create opportunities that will benefit your life. - Luther Derricks (founder) Check our page and recognize your strength. strengthrecognized

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Comment from David BE-STRONG:

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Dustin Lien


Comment from Dustin Lien:

Big arm day (my fav)! Especially with arms, the risk of dropping a weight on your head or anything risky is pretty low, so work in super sets, drop sets, giant sets and REALLY burn your bis and tris. What's your fav arm exercise?

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Comment from Pablo:

Nikolai and I started training together two years ago during his Junior year in high school. He wanted to be bigger, faster, stronger for his Senior football season and wanted to know "how" to apply principles of strength and conditioning. With all Nick has gone through, he not once complained, quit or whined during our training. He gave and still gives everything in the tank when we hit the gym. The kid is only going to be 20 yrs old and competes in rodeos in Wild Horse Racing ( if you don't know what WHR is, YOU TUBE IT!!) and pretty much has to wrestle a wild horse by the neck, savage! We push and motivate each past our mental barriers because we know what it takes to reach our goals. I plan on stepping onstage this October 2017 at the Phoenix Europa and Nick has the goal of competing in the Strongman Competition at the Phoenix Europa. Thankful for my training partner. Goodnight fam from Arizona 🌵 bodybuilding bodybuilder musclecontest azfitness azfitfam classicphysique npc npcarizona strongman wildhorseracing beastmode swole alphachingon motivate motivation phoenixeuropa dedicated strengthandconditioning strength

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Comment from Sara:

Over 70 degrees F outside today! Practice before work! Grasshopper pose in front of the sunset at Lavallette Bay. So beautiful!! nature outdoors outdooryoga yogadaily yogaeveryday yogiintraining yogaeverydamnday namaste health fitness relax practiceandalliscoming strength park wilmington wilmingtonde de delaware updog upwardfacingdog Urdhvamukhashvanasana

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Emma Hines


Comment from Emma Hines:

Get off early, go to the gym. Come home and make your man take flexin photos of you. What else would I be doing on a Friday night? girlswithtattoos girlswholift flex idgaf swolemate motivation gymlife 💪gym workout thuglife tgif workoutmotivation workoutgear rbx beastmode friday passion albertastrong canada novascotialiftseffyourbeautystandards girlswithink liftlife strength strong

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