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❄the snow is coming❄ ••• A winter storm is coming in this afternoon. We've had a very mild winter so a little white stuff is OK by me. I had Sunday off and worked last night. We did a canter square, but I got tired quick. We've been working so much on the trot that it seems I've lost some of my canter conditioning. Time to fix that! ⏰ Ride your horse, give them treats, be kind & have a wonderful day 😙 🌟Karm #doyouwanttobuildasnowman #karmenelektra #tbmare #unicornpony #goodkarma #thoroughbred #ponyjournal

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Woke up to over 200 subscribers on YouTube and my first view to almost 2,000 views😱?!!?!?!...guys I started only a week ago😭thank you so much!❤️🎉💃🏼link in bio!

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Amazing to see at how much your hard work pays off 😍gone from a sore crippled old man with no weight or condition to a happy healthy lively little character! With the right exercise routine, medication, feed and health care he has gone from dipping his back when you ever so slightly touch him absolutely loving a good gallop around ❤️ absolutely love my beautiful old boy #thoroughbred #happy #hardwork #bay #old #lovehim #equestrian #equestrianstyle #equine #beautiful #healthy

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Wie ich dieses Pferd liebe ❤ Er ist einfach der beste Beweis, dass es sich immer lohnt zu kämpfen ✨💪🏼 Ich freue mich so wahnsinnig, ihn bald wieder bei mir zu haben. Ihn nicht hier zu haben, hat mir einfach wieder einmal klar gemacht, wie sehr er mein Leben Tag für Tag bereichert ❤❤❤ Auch für dieses Foto - Danke @michelle_marie_fotografie 😘 #ilovemyhorse #horselover #onceinalifetimehorse #derbeste #seelenpferd #soulhorse #pferd #pferdeliebe #pferdemädchen #pferde #pferdeschoenheiten #deutschlandspferde #equesterian #equestrianism #equiline #equinelife #ottb #ottbofinstagram #exracehorse #thoroughbredsofinstagram #thoroughbred #horsesofig #horsebackriding #horses_of_instagram

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Here is one of our rounds from a show on Sunday ❤

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I'm always so hesitant to put up videos of me riding but anyway here goes 😂 sorry about the shit quality! here's a bit of my day yesterday. I went down to the coast to visit my friends/Hollys old owners to have a lesson and a ride of their rescue horse Christian. The first clip is me long reigning Holly. In the second clip im doing a horrible sitting trot and asking Holly to be nice and supple and bend through corners by pushing my inside leg to my outside rein while opening my inside rein to ask her to turn her head inward. I'm rewarding and releasing when she bends and softens. The last 2 videos are me riding Christian the rescue TB! Hope you enjoyed that in depth description 😂 anyway you can judge my riding to yourself just don't comment hate or tips, I have a trainer for that 😊💖🦄 #rescuehorse #australianstockhorse #dapplegrey #horsesofinstagram #thoroughbred

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